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  1. Hey, I would like to get ready for Heilpraktiker exam and am looking for a 2nd hand book: Heilpraktiker-Ausbildungswissen auf dem punkt gebracht by Dagmar Dölcker  or maybe any other materials you have, if you have done the studies.    Thank you 
  2. Telc B2 Book Recommendations

    Hi All,   I have been trying to track books targeting the B2 TELC exam. Mainly interested in books containing several model tests, as I already have other material for preparation (e.g. grammar, etc.). Can someone please recommend the best option here?   Also, has there been a change in the test structure for TELC in 2019? (happened for Goethe B2 this year, and some of my friends were shocked to find that out at the test center.)   Thanks!