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  1. Dear all, I would really appreciate some advice in my situation: - I've worked in Frankfurt on a blue card since September 2018 and quit with the last date 31.12.2019, so less than two years. - At the very last moment I found an interesting job in Berlin and signed the contract. - Unfortunately, the contract arrived after the Ausländerbehörde in Frankfurt closed shop for this year. - My new job starts on the 1st of February 2020 and I was planning to spend the period from 28.12.2019 to 1.2.2020 in my home country. I gave up my apartment in Frankfurt and even deregistered myself (stupid I know).   What I managed to do is get all the documents for employer change and send scans to the email of Ausländerbehörde in Frankfurt and also leave copies in the document drop box next to the entrance. My new employer has a relocation agency and they are members of the Business Immigration Service in Berlin. They are on a holiday too now and I am a little worried about my situation.   Will my blue card still be valid, even though I deregistered myself (it was issued until October 2022 and is tied to the employer for the first two years)? Should I be now getting myself registered in Berlin as soon as possible and going for employer approval there?
  2. Hi all, I am a non-EU citizen and I was in Blue card tied up with my employer and the employer terminated my contract on April 30th, and that was during my probation. And the HR asked me to register in Agentur für Arbeit within days which I did but did not ask me to go to "Ausländerbehörde München". Also the staff in Agentur für Arbeit told me that I could stay as long as I want in the country to search a new job but later I realised that this was a wrong information. Also I did not go to "Ausländerbehörde München" yet as I was busy with interviews and finally got a new job offer on May 24th.   Now I have to go to "Ausländerbehörde München" with my new job contract to amend my blue card.    Will there be a problem as I did not inform them for 20+ days? As I had back to back interviews, calls and in-person interviews, and I thought getting a job was the priority.   Also what are the documents that I need to submit along with the job contract for my case?   Please help me out. Thank you.    
  3. Hi,   I am from Pakistan and have been in Germany since November 2018 on a Blue Card. Currently I am living in a shared apartment of 60qm with one other girl. I recently got married in Pakistan. My husband can not permanently join me immediately as he will be studying and living in UK from January 2020 for a degree for 2-4 years. But we would like to visit each other frequently.   Question is which visa should he apply for this?   1) spouse reunification of 3 months and getting a residence permit once he is here? For this he would need anmeldung but that doesn't make sense to me as he will not actually live here but would only be visiting during semester break and weekends. Also for this I would need to move to a different flat as landlord is not permitting a couples registration. 2) Visit visa but they are not usually multiple entry and only valid for few months. But he needs to be able to freely visit me from UK to Germany whenever he has a break. Is there any thing like spouse visa without residence permit? Multiple entry visit visa for a longer duration(years) based on our marriage registration would be ideal but i don't know if this possible or what are the steps or requirements.   I can go with the first option but have been told this is misleading and can cause us legal trouble later even if he keeps visiting every other month. Also you cant be registered in two places within different EU countries as your primary residence (not sure if true).   Really confused on what to do. I can provide more details if needed. Thanks in advance!