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  1. EU Blue Card after 2 years

    With the Blue Card I got a green paper stating:   "Beschäftigung nicht gestattet mit ausnahme der tätigkeit als software engineer. Selbstandige tatigkeit gestattet. Nach 2 jahr. versicherungspflichtige beschäftigung ist beschaftig. Jeder art gestattet."   How I understand this, is that after 2 years I can have for example an extra job unrelated to SE, or completely abandon that field and start a job/business in a different area? And, after 2 years, I do not have to notify immigration office that I got an extra non-SE job, or changed job to another SE job, or switched to another area? Also, I know that you cannot be jobless for more than 3 months while on Blue Card. Is that applicable only for the first 2 years, or throughout the whole validity period of Blue Card? If you in the meantime obtain permanent residency, or NE, I assume this rule is not applicable anymore?   Thanks in advance for any help.  
  2. Hi everyone,   I am from India. I came as a Masters student to Germany last summer. I started working in a firm as workstudent in software development and they offered me a full time job. I took the offer and changed my visa to EU Blue Card two months ago. I also have permission from my university to continue my Masters along with the job. So far so good.    But now I have realized that I am very unhappy in the job and want to resign in probation period (my bad I know). The main reason is that I am looking for a career change to a different field from what I have done so far. (Software development to technical management.)   My two options are to go back to student visa and start from the scratch or find an employer who will give me a chance for a career change on the existing visa. (Is there a third option?) Long story short I would like to get some info on the following.   1. What are the first steps to be taken if I decide to resign? 2. Is it difficult to go back to student visa from Blue card? 3. Since I am already enrolled for Masters do I need to go back to India first if the visa is changed?    Thanks for reading this post. I am really in a dilemma. I would appreciate your thoughts on it. 
  3. Hello all,   First off I want to thank everyone for reading this fairly long post. I will try to be brief as I've read many threads before here and people arent always super patient.   Last year I moved to Berlin with a blue card visa. I worked at a company for two months and I was terminated. After that I notified the auslanderbehorde who told me to simply get another appointment as I had 6 months to find another job. In April I found a new job and I sent all my documents to the auslanderbehorde for approval. After two months or so the offer was terminated from this 2nd job. The auslanderbehorde took to long and asked me for additional paperwork to validate my american degree. The first time they didnt ask for anything.   So I kept asking the auslanderbehorde what my visa status was and they said that as long as I have an appointment I can be in the country legally. I took another appointment for september 30. I wasnt able to find another job by then so I change it again and I got an appointment for March. My aufenhaltstitle expires in February.   The biggest problem has been finding jobs in berlin for IT System Administrator. I have literally applied everywhere and constantly send out hundreds of applications a week. There are few Sys admin jobs for low level German speakers. Im at about A2 early B1 right now.   The other thing is I need money. Desperately, I have been getting help from my parents for the last two months but they are out of money and rightfully so. I suppose I can legally stay until march but without money and the mounting costs of the health insurance and rent I dont know what to do.   I have legitimately started to think about suicide as a way of not getting deported. I will never go back to the US. I have been on the hunt for psychotherapists for many months now as well with no luck.   Finally, It seems in theory I could still apply to work as a freelancer from the finanzamt as technically the visa allows that possibility. However, I just found out about that the last week and apparently there are two different kinds of freelancers and I'm not sure which one I am.   Please be gentle with me. This forum has a lot of smart people but also a reputation for being rather savage.    TL;DR Blue card has made life difficult. Need money desperately. Terrible Mental health state.   Thanks!
  4. Hello, I think I am in tricky situation here, I have type-D visa and recently I have applied for the Blue Card in the Ausländerbehörde referencing my residence address, it is small Kreis near Frankfurt. But my Immigration File or documents are in the Frankfurt Ausländerbehörde. The small Ausländerbehörde had requested my immigration file from Frankfurt but it had not yet arrived. It have been a month or more since the date of my application and I am starting to be very worry. Is it normal that it is requiring so much time or do you think that it should be a problem with that ?   I have contacted many times my Ausländerbehörde and they are saying that they are just waiting for the immigration file to be arrived and every thing else is fine.   What should I do , is it a good idea to go to the Frankfurt Ausländerbehörde and to request them in person to send my immigration file to the other Ausländerbehörde ?   Marry Christmas to all!   Thanks
  5. Trying to clarify the situation with requirements between holding BC and acquisition of NE. Assuming BC allows you to get NE, after 21 (33) month that are proven by looking at the social insurance payments. At ( it also says that "previous periods of holding BC count towards the goal" I've never clearly seen a case whether or not this time period can be interrupted or not. 1. Do these 21 (33) months only counted when person holds a BC continuously? Or is it only total contribution to social insurance (under specific conditions – salary, higher education) that matters? 2. If I were to move out or change to another residence title (e.g. student) and then for example get BC again after few years, would this past periods still count? 3. In case it doen't count – does this mean that essentially if I were to move out of Germany, I can try to get tax return on my social payments and other taxes? (Assuming they won't count towards anything anyway and I'll have to start from scratch) Thank you for help!
  6. Hello,   I am new here, but I am happy to have found such great forum discussing life in Germany and help foreigners understand the system.   Background: I am located in Munich and I obtained my master's degree in computer sience from TUM in 2017. I have been working since then with blue card for 22 months.   Questions/Doubts: As far as I understood from several websites(e.g., I can apply for Niederlassungserlaubnis after 2 additional months(since I am a garduate with 24 months of work experience in the same field). However, I am not sure what the required german proficiency level is. Is it A2 or B1?    With that being said, I know very well my German is pretty bad and would never meet the B1 level (given this is the case). I am planning to continue German courses soon, but it will take me some time. In that case, can I apply after 33 months with A1 level? And do I need to stay with the same company till the 33 months are over or can I relocate to another city with different company and still the 33 months get counted?   Thank you in advance and I apologize if some of the questions are redundant to other posts.  
  7. Hello All   I am really in a mess right now with lot of things going on my mind of what options do I have. I have read lots of posts in Toytown but failing to get answers, and hence, creating this new topic. I will be having lot of questions, and I will try to be as structured as possible to my post.   So, I am from India and I am residing in Berlin since July, 2016 and I came here for work with a normal Work Permit (not a Blue Card). I switched my job in July, 2018 and I got a Blue Card associated with the company with unlimited contract. My Blue Card validity is from 22nd May, 2018 till my Passport expiry date, i.e. Jan, 2021.   I got married in February, 2019 and then my wife applied for Family Reunion Visa to join me here. She applied for the Visa in March and the visiting verification has been done in India by the consular and now I am waiting for the letter here in Berlin from ABH or any German authority for my verification.   Now, the twist is that I unexpectedly got terminated on April 10th, 2019 (after 9 months) with a very stupid reason and they offered me Mutual Termination Agreement. They were offering me the compensation till end of July, 2019 with severance payment. With some negotiations from my side, reading a lot in forums and knowing the lawyer fees to be very high to deal with them in the court (Wasn't a subscriber of Verdi), I signed the Mutual Termination Agreement on April 18th, 2019 and they are now ready to pay me till 30th September, 2019, but without severance payment. They have already released me from all the company's duties, and they will provide me a reference letter too. I also asked them to help me with my wife's visa as well since I have to get a work certificate from them where they should just mention that I still work in this company and do not mention anything about my contract which has now officially from unlimited to 30th September, 2019. (very unlikely they will help me out). It will all depend what exactly is asked in the letter.   What HR told me is in order to get the unemployment benefits, I should inform Arbeitsamt 3 months before the end date of termination (so basically before June 30th) and also to ABH immediately to seek a new visa as my current Blue Card is associated with the company and will get redundant after the termination date.   Now, I researched a lot but I am still seeking answers on what options or possibilities do I have in terms of Blue Card, finding a new job, unemployment benefits and the affect on Family Reunion Visa of my wife.   I know finding a new job and getting a new employment contract as soon as possible seems to be the most ideal situation for now, but it is not in my control that when I will get a job that meets the Blue Card requirements as well.   My first priority is to get my wife here without her application to be rejected. (This seems to be unlikely, but I want to try)   Some immediate questions:   a. Should I go to ABH immediately and tell my situation or should I wait for the letter from ABH regarding Family Reunion Visa and provide my proofs, so that visa is granted to my wife?   b. Should I inform Arbeitsamt as soon as possible or should I just wait till June 30th and kind of inform them around that time as I need to inform them before 3 months?   c. Is it possible to get a settlement permit since I have already completed 33 months in Berlin, but not entirely with Blue Card (11 months). That doesn't work, right? Or have you heard of any case that it worked because of some reason?   d. If I get a job in 1 or 2 months time, do I need to change the employer associated with my Blue Card? There are some exceptions. You can see that in the note here. Or should I just request them to make it a Normal Blue Card and not associate it with any company?   Family Reunion Visa:   e. Let's suppose I play the waiting game till May 31st, and wait for the letter from ABH, where I need to give proofs within 4 weeks. I have talked to some people, and they usually require employment contract, pay slips, certificate employment and house proof. If I provide them this without mentioning Mutual Termination Agreement, is it fine? Or with Mutual Termination Agreement, then there seems to be high chance of rejection, right?   f. About the house proof, I wanted to know whether I can give the same address as I am living in a shared apartment at the moment. Or do I need to give them the proof of our individual house where we both will live? The house is big in square meters to accommodate 4 people, and maybe I will get that letter of proof from the owner as well.   g. If I have got the job and send them a proof with new employment contract, will ABH reject the application, since she got her verification done according to my previous company? Or simply telling my situation can work?   Blue Card:   h. If I don't get a job untiI 30th September (which is unlikely), I will get 3 months more to find a job, since I am a Blue Card Holder. Is that correct and will ABH modify or grant me some other visa or that same Blue Card will still be valid and I can continue searching?   Unemployment Benefits:   i. Which benefit will I get AGL I or AGL II and is there any link between Arbeitsamt and ABH? If I register myself in Arbeitsamt about my termination as soon as possible, will that information would flow to ABH?   j. I also read something about job centre in some threads. What exactly is that?   Finding a new job:   k. Let's suppose I found a job and starting from July, am I still entitled to get the compensation from the previous company until September 30th? Because there is some clause of Premature Termination Date.   I can think of all these questions at the moment, but there must be lot more. It will be really appreciated if someone can guide me through in the right direction. I may consider Red Tape Translation services as well or any immigrant lawyer. Let's see.   I know the answer can become very complicated as everything seems to be so interconnected. Do try your level best, thanks  
  8. Type D Visa to Blue Card

    Hi there,   I am a Non EU national (New Zealander).   I have been living in Munich for 5 months, on a type D visa that I applied for at the German Embassy in New Zealand.   When I applied, I thought I was applying for a Blue Card at the embassy.   My visa finishes on the 27th of July, and I wish to extend it so I can continue my job in Munich.   Is it possible to extend this type D visa or convert it into a Blue card?   I have one issue, my university degree was lost in my luggage on my way here (I had already applied for my visa) and my university will not send me another copy. Is this physical copy of the degree a must have? From what I can tell online it is.   Any help on this would be fantastic.   Cheers,   Chris 
  9. I am a citizen of India and currently in Germany on ICT type of residence permit and it is valid till 2021 also tied with my present employer. However I have got a new job offer and I want to apply for an EU blue card.   1. Do I need to go back to India and start afresh? or can I start the process here? 2. Do I need to cancel my ICT first? 3. Is it even possible to convert ICT to Blue card? (Not converting, what I mean is start a blue card with a new employer and end ICT with my present employer).
  10. Hi everyone ,   First of all, apologies if this is in the wrong section or not tagged appropriately.   I would appreciate it if anyone can give me some honest feedback or pointers regarding my goals and questions :   I currently work in the US in the financial services industry. I'm not a US citizen and am on a shitty work visa which expires in 2 years. Independent of that, I've been considering making the move to Germany for personal reasons for a while now (>5 years). So I figure with the visa expiring anyway, I may as well make the move. I am targeting a move date of February 2021.   My background : I work in fixed income technology for a big bank - ie pricing derivatives, risk analysis with an engineering/mathematics background (Master's degree). My skills include things like probability, statistics, option pricing theory & stochastic calculus. I also know a small amount of Python, SQL and Excel/VBA, which I aim to get more practical exposure to in the next 1-2 years. I have around 5 years of experience.   I speak decent German, fully self-taught. I estimate it to be around B2 but I will get it confirmed from a Goethe Institut here by maybe taking a test. I can put in some hard work over the next 6 months to a year and maybe even get a C1 certificate, if it makes any difference from B2 in terms of job prospects.   My questions : 1) What is the likelihood of me getting even interviews or call-backs when I apply remotely to quantitative finance/analyst jobs in Frankfurt from the US? Basically will recruiters in general show any interest at all in my profile, when I'm applying cold?  2) What about the odds of me getting a job & blue card just from here, ie purely through Skype interviews? It might be hard for me to visit Germany at the drop of a hat because I need a visa to even visit (passport from a 3rd world dump) 3) If both 1 and 2 don't sound like likely propositions, my only option would be to get a job seeker visa and actually move there first. I would not prefer to do this, but I imagine my job prospects would go up drastically when I am actually in Germany? 4) Any other suggestions or tips, especially from people on this forum with a finance/fintech background, would help me a lot.   Thanks!
  11. Hello,   We came to Germany through the Blue Card program. I am changing jobs after three years on Blue Card. I have a gap of a little over one month between the jobs. We were considering going on a road trip during this one month gap. Currently we are living in a service apartment. The new job would be in a different city, so we do not intend to extend our lease. So my question is, do we have to maintain an address at all times? Can we rent a PO box for one month or maybe 3 weeks while we go on our road trip? Once we are back from our trip, we would definitely be moving into an apartment; temporary furnished one or a permanent one depending on what we find.   Also, do I need to do anything specific with respect to the Blue Card because of the break between jobs?   Thanks, RPC