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  1. Hello,   We came to Germany through the Blue Card program. I am changing jobs after three years on Blue Card. I have a gap of a little over one month between the jobs. We were considering going on a road trip during this one month gap. Currently we are living in a service apartment. The new job would be in a different city, so we do not intend to extend our lease. So my question is, do we have to maintain an address at all times? Can we rent a PO box for one month or maybe 3 weeks while we go on our road trip? Once we are back from our trip, we would definitely be moving into an apartment; temporary furnished one or a permanent one depending on what we find.   Also, do I need to do anything specific with respect to the Blue Card because of the break between jobs?   Thanks, RPC
  2. I being in Berlin, for nearly 44 months with Blue card, and I'm planning to apply for 'Niederlassungserlaubnis' before my blue card renewal. The only document I'm missing is Deutsch A1 certificate. I can introduce my self and my family in Deutsch. Other than that my Deutsch is really bad. Will this be a problem? What kind of interview will I have? What kind of question will they ask? (I'm sorry that I failed to learn proper Deutsch, but I had to work 40 hours every week. This is not an excuse, but just a piece of information). Thank you.
  3. I have signed an employment contract where it's possible for me to work on a mobile basis or in the office. It is been a long time since I spent time with my family, back home (in a non-EU country), and I would like to spend the maximum allowed time with them, while keep working with my current German employer, and then come back again to Germany.   I have a blue card and I am applying for a permanent residency. I read on the website that it's possible to stay up to 12 months (6 months for non-BC) outside Germany without affecting your residency, as long as you're not intending/ or show signs, that you are moving out permanently (for example: starting a job or studies ...etc).   I want to make sure I do everything lawfully. I will pay my taxes of course, and my private insurance, and all the other bills. The only thing that does not make a lot of sense to me is paying for rent for almost a year without being here. and I was thinking if I terminate my tenancy without de-registering, and at the same time rent a PO to receive mails, would be an acceptable thing to do? This way I'm still registered and no need to ask a friend to sublet a room for me or something like that. Otherwise, I would appreciate if you can guide me towards more lawful (less costly) alternatives?   
  4. Hi All,   I am currently living and working in Germany for the past year. I am having a blue card for about 10 months now.    I am planning on leaving my job in three months. I would like to know how long will I be able to stay in Germany after I quit my job? Can I still visit other countries and come back after I leave my job?   I should be able to stay registered in Germany after my job as my apartment lease will still be there. I would really appreciate your help.   Thank you 
  5. I am in a strange situation, and don't know where else to ask.   I came to Germany on a limited 2-year Blue Card with a 2-year employment contract. I have applied for my Niederlassungserlaubnis, and expect to receive it soon. Once I have this permanent residence, I no longer need my employment, but I had to sign an extension of my contract in order to apply for it.   How long should I continue working for my company after receiving my residence permit so that I am not being rude? I am not leaving them for a different employer, but essentially entering retirement (very) early.   If this topic is not appropriate here, please just let me know and I will delete it.
  6. I recently applied for Permanent Residency in Germany as a holder of EU Blue Card (Niederlassungserlaubnis für Inhaber einer Blauen Karte EU). The response arrived surprisingly quickly (10 days after submitting my application via email), inviting me to a meeting this week.   In the invitation, I'm asked to bring several documents, one of which is: > Original des Mietvertrages mit Angabe der Wohnungsgröße in qm und aktueller Nachweis über monatliche Kosten der Miete bzw. des Wohneigentums   The issue is this: I have a contract and Anmeldung for a flat in which I lived for the last three years but not since the last 4 months. During the last 4 months I moved to live with my girlfriend and I've been passing monthly rent payments to her instead of the owner of the flat under which I'm registered. Additionally, I cannot make Anmeldung at my girlfriends place. Other that this 'detail', everything is in perfect order.   I realise it's going to be a problem during the meeting concerning my application and that it was probably a silly move to switch apartments without the possibility to register at the new place... While I have the original contract, Anmeldung and 3 years of bank transfers on one place, during the last 4 months I can only present rent payments I transferred to my girlfriends account. I did however get a document from my previous landlord, stating that I don't owe her anything and that I paid my rent according to contract and on time. I also have a recent Schuffa statement, suggesting that I pose no risk in the financial sense.   My questions are: - How do they expect to receive the proof I've been paying rent? Is it neccessarily a bank statement? - What's the purpose of seeing a proof that I'm paying rent? Is it to make sure that the price of rent is fitting to my salary? - How to best approach the meeting to avoid my application from being rejected? - Are there any additional documents I can come up with in the meanwhile to strengthen my case?    
  7. Dear Ladies/Gents,   My Blue Card extension runs out on the 19th of this month. My German girlfriend and I have decided to get married in Denmark (because it is easier to do so there apparently).   We managed to book a date of marriage on the 19th of February and could not find earlier dates.    1) Is it possible to send an email to the Auslanderbehorde telling them that I will get married soon? Would that suffice, or even be accepted by the authorities =especially that we chose to get married in Denmark, instead of Germany?   2) If step one is fine, and I do get a job offer that would enable me to continue my Blue Card and decide to delay the marriage again, would that raise any suspicion?    Any guidance on this matter would be lovely.   Thank you for your time, and I wish you all a happy new year. Sincerely,    M.N.  
  8. Hello everyone,   Is there anyone who applied for the Blue Card and received it recently? I had the appointment on September 17th (not a renewal, applied for the first time) and I received the letter which includes PIN code last week. Does anyone knows how long it takes to receive the IDs after the receipt of PIN codes?