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  1. Does anyone know of any English speaking gynecologists in Nuremberg? Do I need a referral to a gynecologist to get birth control from a family doctor first? The last post about this was years ago at this point. Any help would be great, thanks!
  2. birth control in germany?

    Hello   I have a few questions about BC in germany... 1, I understand BC isn't covered by insurance in germany, so I'm curious how much people have to pay for whichever methods they use. I'm curious what's the most cost effective. 2, Do you need an OBGYN to prescribe BC, or can you get a primary doctor to prescribe it too? 3, are "mini-pills" (aka progestin only) also available in germany? I know fewer options are available here than the US 4, to get a BC prescription, are there any more hoops or obstacles you need to fill? or do you more or less just ask a doctor for a prescription, and you're on your way? (in some parts of the US there are weird things you need to prove before they give you anything)   Thanks!