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  1. Cost of IUD Removal

    I got a Paragard IUD placed in February 2014 while living in the US. I moved to Saarbrücken in October 2018 and I recently had an annual exam at the gynecologist's.   She noticed that my IUD was improperly located after performing an ultrasound, and told me that it's effectiveness is lessened when it's in this position. She assured me that the current positioning is not unsafe, but simply less effective, and that I should consider having it replaced.   I am nearly 27 so I know my insurance (AOK) will not cover a new IUD. But what about the removal of my current one? Does anyone know if that costs money? Will they cover the removal in the case of me being in danger (like if the IUD is embedded or perforating my uterus)?     I can't find information on the AOK website so I thought I'd ask here.  Thanks