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Year of birth

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  1. Birth Certificate for Child

    Hello Everyone, I have a problem in getting the birth certificate "Geburtsurkunde" for my baby, she is born on 12th May 2021. I filled out a form "Geburtsanzeige" birth announcement in the hospital, which hospital guys have shared with the "Standesamt" I called "Standesamt" and they asked me to bring "Passport", "Marriage Certificate". I went there and they told me that they need to verify my marriage because they don't accept this marriage certificate from India (although I have a german translation for that also). They gave me a three-page letter, and in that, it is written that they need some documents like Birth Certificate, 10th or 12th class mark sheet, etc, and they will ship these documents to India (German Embassy-not sure) for verification. Links to those letters   The problem is I have all my original documents in India except my marriage certificate, and getting those documents to Germany will take a lot of time because nobody is at home where these documents are, and they told me that once they receive the documents, they will ask for some fees not sure how much and will send all these documents to India (New Delhi) for verification purpose, which can take up to three months of time. I found a few posts similar to this marriage verification, but they are mostly related to the finance office not accepting the marriage, and hence this process is needed. --> links at the bottom. My question is, can someone help me what should I do in this case? any suggestions? Because delay in the birth certificate will delay in getting a health insurance card, which is not a problem as of now but if it takes months then it can be a problem. (Also there are few other things like KinderGeld, and ElternGeld, which I don't bother as of now, priority is getting health insurance for my baby and then passport and then residence permit, so that we can travel to India when needed) Some other information: I am here in Germany with my wife since June 2019 No plans for permanent settlement in Germany, want to go back to India in the next 1 to 1,5 years, permanently. My Tax class is already changed, which means that Finance Office has accepted my Marriage Certificate (there was no discussion at all if there was some problem with my marriage certificate or not). My wife is not working, she is a housewife, and her health insurance is linked with mine. Please suggest some solution, because getting documents from India will take a lot of time, and will delay everything. Let me know if someone needs some more information.