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  1. bike seat 10€ römer jockey   pick up next to suedbad 
  2. I am selling a Children's bike with 20 inch wheels (suitable for 5-8 year old). Great bike in great condition, only a slight damage to the handlebar grip.   I am hoping for 150€
  3. Bike locked up

    Hi I've been living here in Germany for 7 months now and been a long time lurker here in the forums. On 01.05. my roommate and I went to Offenburg to meet some friends. Since we don't have a car yet, we went to the train station by bike and parked them at the Fahrradparkplatz. Later that night, as we arrived at the station and ready to get the bikes, I realized I left the keys at my friend's flat! I didn't get the keys back until more than 2 weeks later. Yesterday, when I was ready to get the bikes back, I noticed that the rear wheels were locked. Since it was already late there were no more Bahnhof employees around to ask. Now I'm not sure what to do. Do i need to pay some fine for leaving the bikes there for a long time?
  4. Pick-up in Munich by Hauptbahnhof. Brand new bike rack and holder for 2 bikes. 350 EUR   Original Audi parts - unopened and packed in original packaging. Item# 8V4071151   For the following Audi models: A3 Sportback 2017 A3 Sportback 2013-2016 A3 Sportback e-tron 2017 A3 Sportback e-tron 2015-2016 A3 Sportback g-tron 2017 A3 Sportback g-tron 2014-2016 S3 Sportback 2017 S3 Sportback 2014-2016 RS 3 Sportback 2017 RS 3 Sportback 2015-2016  
  5. Balance Bike Tadpole Frog Bike UK

    Hi Guys,   This great Balance Bike from Frog Bike is now to small for my daughter. Good condition - see pictures in my Google Photos by following this link :   Happy to let it go for 49 euros ( New 100£ )   Cheers   Julien