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  1. Betriebskosten issue

    Hi Everyone, I am in need of some advice regarding the Betriebskostenabrechnung I just received from my landlord. I moved to this flat in September 2019 and pay monthly 150 euros nebenkosten (90 for Heizung and 60 for the rest). This is a 60m2  flat with just 1 person and i live in a small town ( 50 K) in a rural area. The Betriebsabrechnung I received for 2019 says I have to pay extra 400 euros ( note that this is just for 4 months).   The costs include: - expenses with 2 lifts that are not in my part of the building ( I cannot use them to get to my flat). One of them is behind a locked door that i have no key for. Can the landlord include this? - my rental contract says that "muellbeseitigung" and "Anlagen zur be- und Entlueftung"  are to be calculated by area, but the betriebskosten use nr of flats to calculate "wartung zu-u.Abluftanlagen", "muellabfuhr" and "bereitstellung mullbehalter". Are those equivalent? - the worst part is an estimated bill for heizung and wasser of 400 euros for the 4 months. I have a meter that they did not come to read ever and i checked my daily m3 consumed, per month it will be about 1 m3. But the estimation they sent is 20m3 for the 4 months. Can anyone explain how they estimate this (3 pages uploaded), specially the Ihre einheiten in page 1 and content in pages 2 and 3?     I have called the company managing the flat for the landlord and they were evasive and did not really answer my questions. What is the approach I should take, send them some sort of complain letter or go directly to a lawyer? I appreciate any advice   Additionally there are 3 unknown abbreviations for me in the Betriebskostenabrechnung:  NE, WE, Gew. What is the meaning of these?