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  1. Has anyone recently applied for einburgerung at Burgeramt Pankow ? How long did it take to get Termin there, and how long did the process take. Currently it shows appointments only until 21. November, (all booked). Can anybody share their experience?
  2. Hello,    I know this question has been done in the past, but things might have changed in the years. I am looking for a Steuerberater in Berlin who does not require a high amount of money since last year has been very hard already economy-wise. Is there any you suggest? English-speaking is a plus, but not a must.   Thank you in advance! 
  3. Hello,    I am going to relocate to Berlin together with my family. We don't know anybody in town and before we actually find a place we'd like to rent, we'll need to have a short-term accommodation. I suppose that the short-term rental would be for at least 1 month and if we are not successful, then possibly longer. We have 2 little children (aged 1 and 4). I found a website called wunderflats that seems to specialize in short-term lettings. Would you please be able to suggest where else can I search? We don't need anything very central and would be especially happy to explore Falkensee and the area around.
  4. 1. FC Union Berlin

    Cult club Union Berlin promoted to Bundesliga for 1st time  
  5. I have heard on more than one occasion that especially for young children, school in Bavaria usually ends in the early afternoon and it's parents' responsibility to take care of them for the rest of the day. This makes it difficult for working parents to have full time jobs. Is this true? Are parents working full time frowned upon? What options do those who want to work full time have? In your experience, is this usually a difficult issue to solve? And also, how does this (especially in Munich) compare to the situation in Berlin?
  6. Tax for double employment

    Hello,   I'm currently working in Berlin for the last 2 years. My current company is closing it Berlin operations by 30th June 2021. They have already sent us the termination letter and have agreed to pay us the salary till 30th June 2021.    I have to work mostly for April to transition the knowledge to folks in another country. And then in May and June, I'll be on garden leave (i.e. I will get a salary but I need not need to work). My question is: if I find a new and start a new full-time job before June, how much tax I would be paying? Does anyone have any idea as technically I'm getting two salaries for certain months? My company has already agreed that even if I find a new job they will continue paying me the salary till 30 June 2021 but they will only not pay the employer contribution to the govt.   Salary for example: current: 60K/year new one: 65K/year so for May/June (if I found a job) i will get double salary of [60K/12 + 65K/12]   Personal info: Married, in tax class 3, public insurance     Has anyone has an idea? please share. Let me know if you need any more details. 
  7. In Germany, the Center Holds NYT
  8. Hi, Berlin Ausländerbehorde had changed my plastic Aufenthaltstitel from Munich to a sticker on my passport this year when i had gone after the expiry of my passport. Its an unbefristet Niederlassungserlaubnis.   Today i was checked by Police in Bremen and when i showed them a copy of my passport with this sticker, they asked for the 2nd page of this Aufenthaltstitel. But i donot have a second page. I came back and checked my passport page by page, if i had made a mistake and there was nothing else. Just a one page sticker. Earlier too when i wanted to register for DHL delivery in Berlin, the website asked for the 2nd page.   Is it possible that the foreigner's office made a mistake and i need to go back and get the 2nd page?   Thanks.