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  1. Milk & Honey Tours, a Jewish-owned and -operated company facilitating privately-guided Jewish heritage tours throughout Europe and byeond, is currently seeking well-spoken and engaging individuals to conduct tours in Berlin. **Please note: to ensure suitable familiarity with the city, a minimum of 2 years' residence in Berlin is required.**   Successful candidates will possess in-depth knowledge of Jewish Berlin, both past and present (i.e. you don't only know about life for Jews during the NS period, but you also know where it's possible to find kosher food in 2018.) Those with academic backgrounds in Jewish Studies and/or History are especially encouraged to apply.   As our tours take place in English, you must be absolutely fluent — not to mention comfortable conveying complex histories in a sensitive manner to clients for whom a visit to Germany may be an emotional experience.   Please send your CV and a brief letter of motivation to We look forward to hearing from you!
  2. My landlord sent me an eviction notice around mid-November saying I had to vacate the flat in a months time when I was going home for Christmas on the 16th, instead of stay the initially agreed move-out date of 17th Feb 2018. Her reason was that due to some unforeseen circumstances relating to her work she's had to move back to Berlin. I had a hunch this was rubbish and she was lying just to evict me as there was a lot of tension between us due to a constant breach of my privacy on her part. I decided I could check whether she was lying by finding the link that she had emailed me of her flat listing on wg-gesucht to check whether the listing was still up. I found that the listing was indeed up and that the dates had been changed so the tenancy could begin from the 1st of Jan 2018 and potentially end 31st Dec 2018 thus showing that she doesn't need the room for the period of time I was going to be there. I also checked the pictures and the room being advertised was mine.    I decided to do a bit of research and legally you have to give 3 months notice for a tenant to evict the property, unless they haven't been paying the rent for 2 months (which I did) or you need to move back there yourself in which case you can give one months notice. I would normally let this slide because I'm delighted to be out of that awful place but she refused to give me back my entire deposit because of there being a 'scratch on the side table' that is probably only visible under a microscope as both me and my mother who helped me move out both struggled to see anything there, and according to her she now has to get the entire table replaced which will cost her 99 euros. I'm also sick of her trying to take advantage of foreign students who she assumes will have no knowledge of German or of German rental law, and hope that if I take action she will think twice about trying to exploit anybody else. So I was wondering is there any potential fine she could incur for lying (I took screenshots of the ad as evidence showing the tenancy dates, the date the screenshot was taken, her name, address and the photo of the room to be rented) and what kind of action I can take against her and what the procedure for doing so would be?    
  3. In Germany, the Center Holds NYT
  4. So I moved to Berlin in September from the UK and have had nothing short of a nightmarish experience with my landlord since I arrived. There have been several issues where both the landlord and her long-term flatmate have made seemingly non-existent problems into colossal ones which I will list in full below, but first I'll outline the reason she's given me for holding back 50% of my deposit. When I was first about to move to the flat I asked her for her bank details to transfer the deposit into to which she said that the law in Germany requires a completely separate bank account for deposits, and that this account charges really high fees which she can't afford. I didn't think much of it at the time and was just desperate to get things sorted out before I left for Berlin in a few weeks so I gave her the 1000 Euro deposit in cash on arrival. Now here's where it gets strange: 1) About 20 minutes before I was about to leave the flat to catch my flight home (and move out the flat for good), she tells me she can't return 500 Euros of the deposit to me. Her reason being that in October she booked me an Airbnb using her account (which I already paid for) because a week before my boyfriend was about to visit me she said my flatmate (who she was meant to inform about his arrival several weeks prior because she apparently can't stand being around men and would leave the flat for the time he was there) had gotten a week off before he was going to come rather than his actual dates so we couldn't stay there anymore. After we got back from the Airbnb I had gotten a message from my landlord saying the Airbnb host's internet provider contacted the host in regards to someone streaming or downloading a film which me and my boyfriend said we had nothing to do with. Regardless my Landlord thought it was appropriate to give the Airbnb host my full name and address and transfer the fine into my name without my knowing and discloses this to me 20 minutes before I have to leave her flat. She says that fines can be very high so she is going to hang onto my deposit for that reason.   2) I went away for a weekend in Dec which I had let my flatmate know about around 2 weeks in advance as there was also a cat in the flat (the landlords) so she would know to feed him the entire weekend. She received my message and said 'ok', not stating that she was going to be away for that weekend too. My landlady then messages me a day or two before I'm meant to leave saying she's paying for a neighbour to come look after and feed the cat - saying that she'll feed him in the morning so I can have a lie-in. I inform her I'm not going to be there and find it odd my flatmate didn't tell me she was not going to be there, but say its ok. I messaged the neighbour the day I left asking her to make sure the cat was out of my room when she came to visit that morning (and only gave her permission to come into my room for that reason alone). My landlady then tells me shortly before I'm about to leave for my flight that my deposit may be affected because of this visit. She said she had to pay the neighbour 400 euros to stay for 3 days, and that the neighbour had taken photos of my room because it was messy and cleaned up some of my room and the flat. All of this was done without my consent or knowledge and left me feeling incredibly violated. My room was messy (clothes on my bed, some food out etc) but not to the extent where as the neighbour or landlady I would be worried about damage to the room and think it was within reason to take and send pictures. Also when I moved out of the room, there was no damage, broken appliances etc so I think it is incredibly out of order to try to take away my deposit purely because my room was messy once. As for her cat, he was not my responsibility (financially or care-wise) as a tenant, therefore I feel that she can't charge me for his care as that was not part of the contract and is solely her responsibility as his owner.   Apart from these 2 main incidences, she was just generally an extremely unpleasant person to have as a landlord: she would often enter my room without my knowing or consent (at times rearrange things and change my sheets which I didn't ask her to do), rearrange my food in the fridge by putting things like my vegetables etc into tiny plastic boxes, she did not make it clear that I would be looking after her cat on a regular basis: she only said I had to feed him every now and then but because of my flatmates schedule this was usually once a day as well as his 'midnight snack', she said I could have visitors with advance notice of a few weeks however made me rent out an Airbnb when it came down to it, my flatmate would often snitch to her if she was confused about something I did e.g. I gave the cat some dry treats to distract him when a male friend came to visit briefly because the cat was afraid of men - instead of asking me why I was giving him treats, she called my landlady and my landlady had a go at me for not communicating well with my flatmate AND to top it all off she gave me an eviction notice saying she had to ask me to vacate the room as she was moving back to Berlin due to unforeseen circumstances to do with her work but I found a ad of the exact same room recently saying that it's available for rent from the 1st of Jan (I was meant to stay on until mid February).    All of this has been a major pain for me and something I'd like to get sorted out and hopefully never have to have contact with her again. Would anyone be able to provide me any legal advice (or any advice really) on my situation and what I can do here?   Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. My plan is to finally get a German driver's license, but the fees are so high.   I often see deals on for driving school discounts.  If I go to a school that offers a discount and complete the written test, but am unhappy with the driving instructor, would it be easy to switch to a different school?   Any info is appreciated.  
  6. The last two weeks around Hermanplatz & Rathaus Neukölln I've seen a lot of fights and shenanigans on the ubahn and on the street .. anybody else experience the same? In addition to the madness I've seen around me recently, just the other day I was pushed to the ground by two jerks across the street from my house for no reason!  And as an arabic speaking women, I'm fully aware of what they've been saying - especially when you happen to look like a Swede, they have no filter - it's really terrifying and gross
  7. Hello everyone!   Dick Salad is a night of alternative stand up comedy for the awkward, unhinged, and adorable. We are a trio of Berlin’s finest nerds, queers, Brad Pitt look-alikes, and dads. Extended sets from Caroline Clifford Comedy (We Are Not Gemüsed, Berlin Retro Game Slam), Daniel Stern (Slingshot! Comedy Open Mic, Radio Spaetkauf), and Marne Litfin (all-around good person). Check us out on Facebook: SHOW TIME: 10:00P THE DOORS WILL OPEN 15 MINUTES BEFORE SHOW TIME. TICKETS: 8.50€ ONLINE / 10€ AT THE DOOR Please enjoy a drink at the bar before and after the show! (It’s how we keep the doors open.) In partnership with Comedy in English Berlin.  
  8. How can I get an A1 form?

    Hey all,   I am a freelancer in Berlin (for years now) have been paying taxes, have my tax number. I will need to do some work in France and they have asked for my A1 form. To be honest I have no idea what this form is or how to get one. I cannot find much info about this and was hoping someone could let me know what this is and how to get one?   Thanks!
  9. Plumber looking for work

    Hello internet,  my name is tommy and I'm a Aussie looking for work in Germany.  Im currently still in Australia but looking to move to Germany legally next year. my basic goal is just to get a rough idea if their was labour work for foreigners at the moment and if I would get by at the start not knowing much German, I am currently studying as hard as I can to learn a bit of the language before I go and I can't wait to speak German everyday. Any advice would be awesome  just looking for any physical labour work 😊
  10. Hi Guys! Want to be part of an awesome team?! Expedia is hiring and we are looking for super motivated, out-going people to join our Market Management team (hotel acquisition/ sales)! There are several positions open for varying experience levels (including entry level) in Munich, Berlin & Cologne. German is an absolute MUST HAVE as you will be negotiating with and acquiring new hotel partners in the DACH region. Let me know if you're interested and I'll hook you up with the recruiter!     Here's one of the open positions to give you an idea of what the job is about
  11. First a quick hello from Düsseldorf!   I am starting a new job on January 2nd and I looking to find a place to move into shortly after Christmas!  Ideally I am looking for a place for 6 to 7 months.   About me... I am from New York City.  For thirteen years... I worked in film, television and advertising in NYC.  In 2012, I relocated to Düsseldorf!  Since then I have been working in marketing, public relations and social media... with a sprinkle of content creation mixed in!  My new job deals with marketing and video games... which will be quite exciting as it is big industry!   I am very easy-going, friendly, respectful and clean.  I do not smoke.  I am not loud, thus I will not blare music at full blast so no worries there.   I enjoy meeting up with friends, exploring the city and attending creative events/meetups (in fact, I am hosting an event at Wacom November 17th for creatives here in NRW)!   Ideal roommate... Would be great to find someone similar to me... clean, respectful, friendly and of course fun.  If he or she wants to get out and enjoy the city from time to time... that is also a bonus!    I have visited Berlin several times and already have some friends living there.  So I know the city quite well, granted not every area... but I can get around easily.   If you have a room opening up then email at .
  12. Hygiene Product in Berlin

    Hey Everyone,   So I just moved to Berlin about 2 weeks ago from the US. I came here with a few extra hygene products like Deodorant and Soap. Which I now need to buy. So I went to a DM and I couldn't find any bath soap. Was it just me or do they not sell this here? I was able to find individual packs of small dove soaps, but it still left me wondering what German use to bathe. In the US you can buy 3-8 packs of large soaps(Irish Spring being my favorite).    I also needed to get some deodorant and I usually use Right Guard brand but I found mostly body sprays.   Am I missing something here? What do Germans use for deodorant and soap? Im going to get real stinky soon if I dont figure it out
  13. Drum lessons at Ostkreuz

    Hi!   I'm a Professional drummer giving private lessons at Ostkreuz All ages and skill levels are welcome! Rock, Latin, Funk, Jazz, Hip Hop, Drum‘n‘Bass, Reggae All styles are covered and taught in an adept and authentic manner. All common techniques covered: Free Stroke, Moeller Technique, heel up and down ... Timing, independence, sight reading, transcribing, odd time signatures and ostinatos Lessons always focus on musicality!lessons are 20€ per hour, first lesson is free!more at:
  14. Hey everyone! I am looking for participants for my thesis on european migration. If those of you with european citizenship that live in Berlin (NOT GERMANS) could fill it in, would be awesome!! Thank you 😁😁 Here is the link:
  15. Welcome to Expat FAMILY Berlin. We are a one stop group for any information, events or a place to drop by and say hello to fellow expat families.   Thank you!
  16. For those of you looking for jobs in Berlin, today and tomorrow (Monday September 11 and Tuesday September 12), there is a fair where you can meet over 40 employers as well as attend workshops and obtain Information regarding having foreign qualifications evaluated.   For more Information:  
  17. Hi there.  I'm beginning an internship in Berlin in October and am currently looking for accommodation. However, I have a few more pressing concerns of safety than the average Joe, given that I wear a headscarf (Hijab). According to my research I should avoid Marzahn, Lichtenberg and Hellersdorf. Given that, I have 2 questions:   1. Are there any other areas I should avoid looking into for accommodation? 2. What areas would be best for me to live in, as an independent woman who is also very apparently Muslim? Somewhere where I could walk home alone at night too, safely.    I have been living in Germany for the past 2.5 years and have thankfully had no unpleasant encounters. However, it has always been university towns and I'm a little anxious about the factors that come into play in a big city.  I'd appreciate any help
  18. Are you an expat newly settled in Berlin? Are you new in Berlin? Are you moving to Berlin? Are you thinking about moving to Berlin?   If that is the case, the Landing Pad Berlin is just the place you need. The Landing Pad Berlin is a place for new comers and people thinking about or planning to make the move. You will meet the experts on life in Berlin as an expat and receive answers to essential questions from experts in various fields.   Bring your questions about any of the following topics:   Relocation and Real Estate Family and Children Pregnancy, Babies and Infants Schools and Kindergartens German Bureaucracy Health Insurance - Private and Public Personal Insurance Translation Services Accounting and Taxes Learning German Cultural Differences Career Come and join us on 15th July 2017 at 10 am at the Juggle Hub in PrenzlBerg. Go to our Facebook and/or Eventbrite Site to find out more.        
  19. Berlin plumber required

    I am in need of a licensed plumber here in Berlin (Prenzlauberg/Pankow border) to repair  the cold water shut off into my apartment so that the water counter can be replaced by ISTA "da wohnungsabsperrung defekt sein soll. Da die Zahler gemass Eichgesetz regalmassig getauscht werden mussen, bitte wir Sie dafur Sorge zu tragen, dass ein Fachunternehmen das Absperrventil repariet bzw. erneuert, so dass der Zahler durch ista Deutschland getauscht werden kann. "   I dont want to use the recommended plumber by the house meister as I used them for another task that did so badly and cost so much I dont trust then to use again!  So I really hope someone has a good recommendation - thanks in advance!
  20. Hello,   We are searching for a family photographer in Berlin for a family photo shoot on Sunday, 20 August. We are celebrating our daughters Einschulung and want to take photos around Berlin landmarks. Our photographer for our oldest daughter's Einschulung photos was excellent but now is not available. We took photos around the Lustgarten/Berliner Dom and she removed all the people in the background, relaxed posing for camera, etc. Please let me know. I know this is short notice, but we want to include Grandma (who is visiting from the States) in the pictures.   Kind regards.
  21. Hello TTers! I've been lurking around this thread for a while and I think it's about time I ask for some advice/help, even if that means being skewered alive lol.   I'm a mid 20's American, still currently in the middle of pursuing a bachelor's in Physics, possibly moving to Berlin with my boyfriend, an Irish citizen with an American Visa. He's an established freelance graphic designer and we've already locked down a sublet for the first three months of our move. Financially we aren't worried about being able to afford to live in Berlin while I secure a job but I'd appreciate any/all advice/help on how to gain a job that could provide me with a letter in order to obtain a residence/work permit. I speak essentially no German (and am currently learning) and I understand what a disadvantage I'm at already. I'd just like any advice on any routes that would allow me to legally stay within the country.   Just a little about myself;   I've worked as a Paraprofessional with the NYC Department of Education for 3+ years; a job that required me to take several workshops and learn to work with special needs children across a wide spectrum. I've also worked for a nonprofit organization 4+ years that provides young people with employment year round as well as several after-school programs for middle school children. I've been pursuing my bachelor's in Physics in order to hopefully teach high school physics in the future. Is there any hope of turning these job experiences into a vocational qualification (even a partial qualification)?   I understand that as an American I need to pass the Vorrangprüfung, I'm taking this very seriously and hoping that there is anything I can do while still in NYC in order to hit the ground running when I reach Berlin.