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  1. Looking for a tennis coach

    Hi!   I'm looking for an English speaking tennis coach for private lessons in Berlin? I am a total beginner but would love to start playing!     Thanks
  2. So I'm slowly warming to the idea of buying property. The thing is, I don't want an apartment in Berlin - I have always wanted to live in the countryside. But I work in the city, and my partner wouldn't thrive if we were totally isolated and far from city life. I met someone once who lives in Lübars, and what he described sounded pretty idyllic (forest at the end of his backyard), and do-able in terms of allowing my partner and I to still have some connection to Berlin city life. My job is in Mitte, close to the S2, so for example, something in Buch would be mean a manageable commute. Any ideas on nice little villages where I should be looking? Also, how should I search? Just the usual Ebay-Kleinanzeigen / Immobilienscout24 / Immowelt? Whenever I look there, it's all pretty residential (e.g. neighbours right next door) - is there a search term I should be using in German, e.g. "rural" ? Sorry this isn't very specific - I'm at the really beginning stages of thinking about this. So if any of you have already made this kind of move, or know someone who has, any info would be much appreciated!
  3. English Speaking Secretary

    We are an international Intellectual Property law firm with offices in Munich, Berlin and Cologne. For our Berlin office, we are looking for a native English Speaker as     English Speaking Secretary in full-time 39 hours     with German language skills for assisting our patent attorneys and patent engineers in English correspondence with clients, foreign associates and foreign Intellectual Property offices. This includes audio typing, word processing, preparing forms, monitoring due dates, file management and email correspondence. Computer skills are a must, an ability to still work accurately if deadlines are pressing is of advantage.   Experience in Intellectual Property is not required. We offer an amicable working atmosphere with a 39 hour week, a 13th month salary and refund of commuting costs with public transportation. The position is open immediately.   If you are interested in becoming part of our team, please send your application and CV quoting the reference number ENSPE to   Grünecker Patent- und Rechtsanwälte PartG mbB z.H. Personalabteilung Leopoldstr. 4, 80802 München

    NFL SUNDAYS ARE BACK!   Get ready for another huge season of America's National Football League (NFL) at Belushi's, Berlin! NFL Sundays return on September 9th and will be showing LIVE every week on our HD TVs and massive projector screen.   Our fridges will be stocked with US, International and local beers. Happy Hour runs every day from 5pm - 9pm and the kitchen will be serving up wings, burgers and bar snacks ‘til late.   The season will come to a spectacular end on February 3rd 2019 with the Super Bowl LIII streaming live at Belushi's from Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta. It's one of the biggest nights of the year!   Selected games will not be available due to the time of night that they air, so send us a message closer to the date of your requested game for more info.   For more info on this and other events, please visit   Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 39-41  
  5. DSL Speeds b/t competitors

    I'm signing up for DSL at my new flat.  Telekom claims that 50MB/s is available, however 1und1 claims 100MB/s is available.     I was under the impression that Telekom generally owns the cables Germany-wide, and that no one is going to be able to offer speeds faster than them.  (I'm in Berlin).   Is 1und1 offering the same speed and advertising higher so that I'll sign up with them?  Has anyone heard of that or was my premise incorrect? Whether or not that's the case, how would I even call them out on it if (after I sign up) the speeds are not up to par?    For the 100MB/s they both claim a minimum of 54MB/s btw.  And if anyone cares to explain what the "Rückfalloptionen" (fallback options) are, I would love to hear it.  Makes little sense to me.     ex from 1und1: and from telekom
  6. Hello people   A year ago I was caught by police for buying weed(20 euros) in Berlin.I remember the police saying that I might have to come to court to testify against the person who sold me weed since he was caught as well. A month later I received a letter saying that the case against me is dropped. I had to get my criminal record for work purposes and it was clean and no mention of any case.    However now I received a letter asking me to appear in court as a witness. I'm kind of worried now and not sure what I am supposed to do.   Has anyone been in a similar situation? Will I need a lawyer?    Thank you.   
  7. Berliners! Want to get fit and make friends at the same time without being tied into a pesky gym contract? Urban Sports Club is the largest, most flexible and diverse sports offer in your city. We have over 50 types of sports and over 2000 partner venues in 20+ cities across Germany.    Visit your local yoga studio, go swimming, bouldering, have a gym session, take a dance class or make new friends in our team sport communities. All of this in one membership at a fixed cost that you can cancel at any time.   Maybe you want to get into the best shape of your life with CrossFit? Try one of our many CrossFit boxes in Berlin and you’re guaranteed to make tons of new friends (trust us, it’s impossible not to bond when you’re faced with that many burpees).   Take a look at the Urban Sports Club site to see what sports are on offer in Berlin.  
  8. Dear all,   I am new to Berlin and am currently looking for new opportunities; I am currently learning German but can speak 3 languages fluently. In case you can help please email me on   Please see my experiance listed below:   Education A1 German Fast Track at International House of London Accounting Level 2 C & G Certificate in Book Keeping L1 and Accounts (First Class Pass) ECDL (IT User L1 and L2) Certificate of Quality through Safety and Hygiene-Compass Group, UK and Ireland Diploma in Airlines and Travel Studies-Greenwich School of Management •             Virgin Atlantic Level 1 and Level 2 Fares and Ticketing •             Global Distributions Systems (Using Galileo CRS) •             Travel Agency Practice (Retail and Business) Text Production Skills-Pitman Qualifications Diploma of Upper Intermediate in English Language     Key Skills Health & Safety Certified Highly professional approach to working life Excellent attention to detail Able to work under high pressure and in a busy environment Relationships builder with diverse group of customers and colleagues Computer and IT literate with excellent typing skills Proven communication and management skills Proven multitasking and prioritising   Languages: Lithuanian (native) Russian (native) English (fluent C1+) German (A1 Beginner)   Employment History 20 years of experience working in customer Service 10 years of experience in working in management 5 years of experience working in administration     Hospitality Chef /Administrator                                               Compass Group (Imbedded at  American Express) 04.2014- Current   ·      Maintaining profit margins by monitoring portion and waste control ·      Providing the highest level customer service on a daily basis until 1pm followed by administration duties. ·      Taking care of invoicing (using in-house software application) AmEx clients for provided services. ·      Entering orders and services into a computerized database. ·      Ensuring the till float is accurate at all times ·      Filing in daily log sheets along with client receipts and invoices ·      Stock management, stock checks and completing new orders ·      Getting sales reports ready for the accounts department, incl. VAT forms management.     Chef de Party                                                                    Compass Group (Imbedded at Baxter Store Ltd ) 04.2012- 03.2014 ·      Running the Deli Bar ·      Training and supervising other members of team. ·      Creating the daily menu (including highly demanded ‘super healthy salads’).   PA to Executive Head Chef                                         Compass Group (Imbedded at RBS Bankside) 01.2012 – 06.2012                                                  ·      Cashing up (2 coffee shop tills, 2 deli bar tills and 5 restaurant tills) ·      Assisting the Head Chef with placement of orders and menu planning. ·      Making sure that the temperature records and monitoring is done daily, kitchen areas cleaned as per the cleaning schedule. ·      Ensuring that the kitchen stores and other potential areas of loss are secured always per the instructions laid down by the management. ·       Undertaking project work & training to develop skills in food production, customer service, calculating food costs and managing food costs to achieve budgeted food production GP’s. ·      Pre and post costing for dishes served. Unit Finance Officer                                                       Compass Group (Imbedded at RBS Bankside) 01.2012 – 02.2012 ·      Daily entering invoices (three units - Coffee shop, Deli bar and Restaurant) using Compass NEXUS system. ·      Cashing up (2 coffee shop tills, 2 deli bar tills and 5 restaurant tills) Banking and safe management. ·      Transferring data from the stock sheets, invoices and daily takings into NEXUS system. ·      Banking duties, daily safe check.   Breakfast Chef                                                                  Compass Group (Imbedded at RBS Bankside) 02.2010 – 12.2012 ·      Preparing and cooking full English breakfast for up to 400 – 500 customers. ·      Manning the breakfast buffet, assisting work collages with daily workload.  Deli Bar Supervisor                                                         Compass Group (Imbedded at RBS Bankside)     08.2009 – 02.2010 ·      Controlling and organizing the work of the catering team to provide good quality food and beverages within budgeted costs. ·      Training staff, monitoring and evaluating the service provided. Budgeting and ensuring maximum profitability of the operation. ·      Accurately recording and maintaining all financial and administrative documentation on site. ·      Ordering and controlling stock. ·      Ensure that food preparation, production and service is of a high standard and meets with health and safety rules. Catering Assistant                                                           Compass Group (Imbedded at RBS Bankside) 10.2007 – 08.2009 ·      Opening and closing the restaurant. ·      Food preparation, operating the tills and providing customer service   Manager                                                                              Fab Food Patisserie Ltd 04.2003 – 04.2007 ·      Responsible for estimating food needs, placing orders with distributors, and schedule the delivery of fresh food and supplies. ·      Ensuring that all financial (invoices, reporting) and personnel/payroll related administrative duties are completed accurately, on time and in accordance with company policies. ·      Daily banking duties including safe check. ·      Recruitment and training of new staff members. ·      Opening and closing premises. ·      Additional responsibilities of advertising and organizing catering for office and private events.   Assistant Manager                                                          Fab Food Patisserie Ltd 06.2002 – 02.2003 ·      Assisting the Manager to adhere company standards and service levels to increase sales and minimize costs, including food, beverage, supply, utility and labor costs. ·      Opening and closing the premises. ·      Training new staff members. ·      Administration duties including banking. ·      Placing orders and liaising with suppliers.   Waitress                                                                              Angus Steak House 03.2000 – 06.2002 ·         Setting tables with clean linen, cutlery, crockery and glassware. ·         Taking down food and drink orders and passing them onto the kitchen and bar ·         Serving food and drink to the customers and presenting them with the bill before accepting payment and issuing receipts.  
  9. Hi. So I have been looking into getting a German passport, and have hit a wall with arranging an appointmente for the einbürgerung. The authorities refuse to engage with you unless you have an appointment, which you are supposed to arrange on the website. Except that all the slots are constantly marked as filled, I have been trying for weeks. Some people said I need to try at 7 ot 7:30 in the morning and be quick, but it doesn't make any difference. This is the page I am using   Has anyone been successful in arranging an appointment, and do you have any tips? Thanks in advance    
  10. Hello   I am looking to go fishing in and around Berlin but I do not have a german fishing license. Would it be okay to use a UK fishing license?    I want to do catch and release carp fishing but have never been sure if my UK license is okay.   Thanks in advance   
  11. I live in Berlin since November and really want to start developing my hobbies. Are there any art/drawing/painting evening courses in English in Berlin? Thank you for your help!
  12. Hi Everyone,   I'm in the market to buy an apartment in Berlin. It seems that in almost all cases the real-estate agent charges a 7.14% commission (provision). Does anyone have any experience with negotiating a lower commission? What offer should I make? Is it likely that I can negotiate this down? If so, to what?   Thanks.
  13. In brief: I am a Brit, living in Sweden, and gradually moving to Berlin.   To this end, my wife (Swedish) and I have an apartment in Berlin from 1st May 2018. She works in Berlin, but I’m still working in Sweden due to some projects I need to finish with work and am contractually obliged to do so. I don’t want to move to Berlin (yet) because of this. I plan to move in July 2018 though.   So right now I spend 80% of my time in Sweden, renting an apartment there, and around 20% of my time (weekends mainly) in Berlin to see my wife..   But now, to get this apartment in Berlin, I had to co-sign / become the other tenant so there is enough financial ‘security’ to get the apartment. The landlord put down my Swedish address and job, and this seemed fine on the apartment contract.   But then, we read in the contract we should register our new German address as soon as possible.   However, this presumes I moved to Berlin when the rental contract began (1st May 2018), which I have not. As explained, I'm not moving here yet.   Therefore, I now technically now have two addresses: one in Sweden where I'm residing, and an extra one in Germany.   As I have not technically ‘moved to Berlin’ yet, I wondered if it is necessary to go through the whole anmeldung loop. If I registered in Berlin, perhaps it would cause me some problems in Sweden regarding split-residence?   But on the other hand, if I don’t register now in Berlin, I’m technically breaking the contract with the landlord (as I should do it ASAP), and it could seem weird if come July I turn up and say ‘oh yeah, well I had this apartment in Berlin from 1st May, but am only registering now because before now I lived in Sweden.' Would they then think 'yeah, but you're on the rental contract as living here from 1st May, so...?'   I feel stuck either way, really. Do I need to now register my residence in Germany too? Is this even legal or possible to be in both Sweden and Germany?   And how would this impact my taxes? I earn all my money in Sweden, and still spend most of my time there, so I cannot see how it would impact it really.   It’s all very complicated and I really cannot find a straight answer anywhere. It's beginning to worry me and my wife, who is fluent in German and has spent much time here before, is equally lost still.   Any advice appreciated for this Berlin newbie.
  14. Motorcycle questions

    Hi, I'll be moving to Berlin from Moscow in a few weeks and will have a bunch of questions...     First, some questions about motorcycle stuff; sorry if this stuff is addressed elsewhere, I did a search and didn't find anything, at least nothing recent.   1)  Not sure where I'll be living yet, but I expect somewhere in Mitte/Prenzlauer Berg; is it generally safe to park a motorcycle on the street there?  If not, where to park them?   2)  When out and about town, how does motorcycle parking work?  Are there designated moto parking spots?  In Moscow I can park pretty much anywhere, including sidewalks, etc., but I'm guessing that won't fly in Berlin...   3)  I think I've read somewhere that lane-splitting is not allowed in Germany, is that correct?  How is riding in traffic in Berlin?   4)  Anybody know a good/cheap moto mechanic (BMW)?   5)  Are there any good ride-outs from Berlin?  One or two-dayers?     6)  I'll be bringing one or two bikes with US plates to Berlin--should it be a problem to re-register them for German plates?  The bikes are US-spec if that matters (one a 2005, one a 2007).   That's it for now, thanks in advance for any tips you can provide.
  15. I have recently changed my signature, so now the signature in my new passport doesn't match my driving license as well as my blue card, just wondering if I should ask for a reissue in this case? if so, where is the right place to get these done ? Thanks
  16. Airbnb legal issues experience

    Hey all!   I was reading some posts about Berlin Airbnb ban but I couldn't find much personal experience regarding this new laws. Has anybody been caught, charged or fined on this matter since the law came out? if so, How did you got caught, what was the procedure, how high was the fine?     I actually just started renting and didn't know it's a big issue. As I travel a lot lately, I rent my place or do house exchange on weekends sometimes. It seems to me that the law is aiming more at people who make a business out of it and don't even life in the apartment (if the aim is actually making more apartments available..)   I'd really appreciate your experience with this issue! p.s please no rumors hearsay and scares as I am interested in reality.    
  17. IUD Contraception

    Just wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a Frauenarzt in Berlin where I could get the copper IUD inserted. Also any ideas of what the cost is (approx). I have Health Insurance, but it doesn't cover contraception. And if anyone has any really bad side effects after getting the copper coil - I've read about some pain with insertion, and heavy bleeding and cramps afterwards for 3-6 months, but anything else? English speaking gyneco would be good, but I also can stumble through with German (I'm at B2) Thanks ladies!