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  1. Hi, Does anyone know a manual therapist office that accepts walk in patients? I don't mean "sign up for weekly appointments forever and when in need call me and there's a good chance I'll find a free slot that day". I mean, I call in only when in pain, wait reasonable time and get treated and it's how they work, not that they make an exception for me because I am long standing patient. Of course paid privately. Note, I don't mean "Umfal Chirurge". I mean the likes of physiotherapist, osteopath or french chiropractor. Thanks in advance
  2. Student bullying

    Hi, a serious issue has come up, i don´t know where to find help so no wise cracks please. My son is attending Berlin university and shares a small flat with another student. Rooms are really hard to find and the frat house is full. My sons flat mate is a narcassistic bully and my son´s mental health is being seriously affected. The flat mate comes from a very wealthy family whereas my son earns his money. My son was in the flat before the other student.  Bullying includes bursting into my sons room, constantly having a go, kicking doors down, throwing tantrums when he can´t get his own way.  At the moment my son is taking refuge in the gym, with friends, anywhere but at his home. He is doing his masters degree and needs to study. He also needs to sleep without having his flat mate burst into his room. The flat mate spends most of his time playing computer games and constantly failing exams etc. Daddy pays all. My son was warned that this lad acts like a spoilt brat but gave him a chance because that is the way i brought him up.  Question. Is there anywhere my son can get any help? My son has tried talking to him and recieved verbal abuse. Writing a short letter but the flat mate replied that he was the victim because he was tired etc. My fear is that the next kick won´t be a door but my sons head,      
  3. Hello,  I am looking for a dermatologist providing chemical peelings or laser treatment for acne scars and wrinkles. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello people   A year ago I was caught by police for buying weed(20 euros) in Berlin.I remember the police saying that I might have to come to court to testify against the person who sold me weed since he was caught as well. A month later I received a letter saying that the case against me is dropped. I had to get my criminal record for work purposes and it was clean and no mention of any case.    However now I received a letter asking me to appear in court as a witness. I'm kind of worried now and not sure what I am supposed to do.   Has anyone been in a similar situation? Will I need a lawyer?    Thank you.   
  5. Hello everybody!   I would like to say thank you in advance to who's gonna read my post and spend some time giving me advices.   I live in Berlin for no almost a year now, and at the beginning of January I had to look for a new flat; I was really desperate and a guy approached me on Ebay Kleinanzeigen saying that he had a flat he could rent me for 1 year (sublet).   I visited the palace, and yes, it was already not looking great and felt a bit cold (Has no gas heating) but he assured me that with all the devices he supplied it was possible to heat the whole place.   After a couple days I moved in I realized the place was way way worst than I thought, the water wouldn't go down in the sinks, the entire place is extremely humid and cold even with all the heating systems on, and the hot water would be available for only 5 minutes so for me it was not even possible to wash my hair when showering (I was my hair only at the gym LOL). Those were unfortunately all things I could not know only visiting the flat the first time. So I decided to send him a long detailed email mentioning all the problems I was having in the flat, plus videos and pictures of each broken/non-functioning thing asking him to low the rent because it would've been impossible for me to heat the place and so on; he said no, so we agreed that I will move out after only 1,5 month.   In the firs place he told me he is a "Makler" and asked me 300 euro commission, plus I paid a deposit. Talking to my neighbor I found out that the person who rented me the flat is not a Makler at all and that everybody in the building is paying a way way lower rent while having bigger and better flats, so I suppose this person renting me this awful place is just tricking me. I've been an idiot but in that moment I was homeless and I had urgency to find a place.   I am honestly starting to be worried that I will never get my deposit back  since this person sounds now a bit sketchy to me; is there any way I can make sure that he's paying me back?   I thought I could invite him over on the day I'm moving out and prepare a paper for him to sign, in which he agrees that the flat is in the same condition as he left it and he will give me back my deposit.   Is there anybody who knows if this could be a solution or knows any other way I could make sure I can have these money back?   (Yes I have a sublet contract, but I do believe this would not be enough to be sure I will see my money again).   Thank you again!    
  6. Hello   I'm about to start a job, 51,000 a year. I'm single (not married), i'm athiest, i'm 27 years old.   I also have another invoice coming up around 60,000 euros. I do not understand too much German finance as I am originally from the UK.   If i'm in full-time employment (and all of my taxes, insurances and surcharges are covered by my job), how much would I be taxed on the 60,000 after my full-time employement salary of 51,000 a year? I will be full time employed but would I also need to announce that I am freelance here? Are they any smart moves like savings accounts or tax breaks that I should know about to save myself getting hugely taxed or is it simply, that I would have earned 111,000 in the 17-18 tax yer?   Thanks in advance for your help and advice! J