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  1. Has anyone recently applied for einburgerung at Burgeramt Pankow ? How long did it take to get Termin there, and how long did the process take. Currently it shows appointments only until 21. November, (all booked). Can anybody share their experience?
  2. Looking for a tennis coach

    Hi!   I'm looking for an English speaking tennis coach for private lessons in Berlin? I am a total beginner but would love to start playing!     Thanks
  3. Led by Madhvi Ramani, writer and editor (New York times, Penguin Random House), and Mary Kelly, playwright and actor (Nick Hern Books, Stinging-Fly Press). This is not a traditional creative writing workshop. You will use theatre and original writing techniques to connect your physical voice with your voice on the page. You will move, you will write, you will explore and expand your individual voice. For women who want to start to write, continue to write, or want to surprise themselves. Mary and Madhvi have twenty years combined creative coaching experience. Drawing from Madhvi’s background in creative facilitation (BBC) and Mary’s as an acting coach (The Opera Stage, Berlin and The Gaiety School of Acting, Dublin), they have developed a unique approach to creative writing for women. Visit the facebook page for more info:
  4. I'm considering buying an Erholungsgrundstück about an hour's drive north of Berlin. The property market in this city is ridiculous and the country air would do us all good.    The site that I'm looking at is about a 1000sqm, with a decent sized house that should be habitable in all seasons.    I've got a few questions and wondering if anyone can provide some tips:    Do these sites typically hold their value or increase their value over time? After 5-10 years, could I expect any capital appreciation (even if just to cover the initial transaction costs)?    Is it ever possible to apply with the local authorities to use the property as a primary residence? What would they look at if assessing such an application?    The expose mentions that new constructions may be possible after approval. What might this mean in practice? Is it likely there will be a limit on the total square metres that can be on the site? 
  5. Hi. So I have been looking into getting a German passport, and have hit a wall with arranging an appointmente for the einbürgerung. The authorities refuse to engage with you unless you have an appointment, which you are supposed to arrange on the website. Except that all the slots are constantly marked as filled, I have been trying for weeks. Some people said I need to try at 7 ot 7:30 in the morning and be quick, but it doesn't make any difference. This is the page I am using   Has anyone been successful in arranging an appointment, and do you have any tips? Thanks in advance    
  6. Dear all, I bought an apartment that has a huge kitchen and I would like to replann and move the kitchen to living room and made a separate room out of it. Does somebody know if it requires some approval? Do I need to hire an architect for this kind of work? Thank you, Ho
  7. Hi guys,   I got offered a job and for the first 12-18 months I can choose to work/live anywhere in North Germany  I am undecided among Hamburg and Berlin. After these 12-18 months it is fixed that I will have to move to Düsseldorf.   I have already lived 1,5 years in Münster and 1,5 years in Stuttgart. I have been several times to Berlin and have friends there as opossed to Hamburg where I only spent one night and didn't see much of the city.   Besides wanting to know what you think about life in both these cities, I would like to hear differences in mindset among Berliners and Hamburgers   The job I will be doing for these first 12-18 months will be in consultative sales (visiting clients), so I think the mindset of people is also an important factor as well as openness to foreigners.   The company offers solutions for the construction industry, so insights about construction industry growth in these cities (regions) are also welcome     Berlin (+) I know Berlin quite well and have few friends there (+) I like the vibe and electronic music scene (-) Prices (rent) have gone up in the past 10 years (-) I sometimes find the city quite chaotic (long distances)   Hamburg (+) I constantly hear Hamburg is a nice place and Hamburgers are nice - would be an opportunity for a new experience (+) Better standards of living and stronger economy (-) Only been there 1 night and have no friends in Hamburg nor a feel for the city (-) Prices are higher than Berlin? I am not sure anymore because Berlin has got much more expensive   Looking forwards to hear your thoughts. Cheers!
  8. Career / CV advice

    Hello,   I'm looking for a new job in Berlin. I have 5 years of experience in content marketing. I've been applying to jobs and I am not experienced for some and too experience for others is the feedback I've been getting. I'm looking to connect with somebody in the recruitment world to help me define my experience, pinpoint jobs I'd be good for, and help me sell myself. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks!
  9. Halloween Party 2018

    Belushi's Halloween Party 31/10/2018   If you’re looking for somewhere to celebrate Halloween 2018 in Berlin, join us for some freaky fun at Belushi’s Bar on Wednesday, October 31st!   The fridges will be stocked full of the Devil’s nectar and our kitchen will be open late, serving up bloody delicious burgers and snacks.   The theme is open, meaning you can dress up as whatever the hell you like for your chance to win a €50 bar tab on the night for best-dressed! There will be a photographer there to capture all of your darkest sides.   We’ll have ice-cold Jäger on tap and your favourite spirits, including 2 for 1 vodka, gin or rum + mixer, as well as 2 for 1 bottles of Carlsberg between 5pm and 9pm. Be sure to get in early to take full advantage of all the scary-good prices!   DJ K!NG KVNG will be keeping things devilish on the dance floor ‘til late, so start preppin’ to join us in your scariest garb and let’s get bat-shit crazy. We’re all going to hell, anyway!! For more information on this and other events, be sure to visit
  10. I'm getting a new apartment sorted, which means adult things like signing up for bills. I know is good for comparing the market and choosing a supplier, but I have no idea what to put down for my estimated consumption to get things rolling? Does anyone have any tips on guessing a ballpark figure? has a 1 person household as 2,000kwh per year (seems pretty high) mentions "only consuming 600 kwh per year" (which seems ambitious and quite low)   I'm moving into a 1 room flat/studio (about 32 square metres if I recall). Water is heated centrally. I'll have a washing machine and likely a TV/PS4 eventually... other than that I shouldn't have any massive consumption (I rarely work from home)... The guy who is moving out never had massive bills   Would it be appropriate to sign up for between 1,000 kwh and 1,500 kwh? Can I keep the electricity company updated with my own meter readings throughout the year or is the only option to overpay and hope to get a refund a year down the line (and ideally not underpay)?   Is it worth signing up for electricity and gas (for cooking) from the same provider in order to make a saving?   Sorry for so many questions   I'm also paying attention to the info here, about taking photos of the meter
  11. Hi all,   I'm still new to the German bureaucratic game.    I have one simple question, but I don't want to bungle it so I'm asking you guys because I'm sure someone knows.    I need my marriage license translated and certified for the spousal visa appointment. My husband is German, I am American, and we got married in the States. (Husband is also American, duel citizenship).    The license is already apostilled.    I found Straker Translations, and they seem very professional. They can translate our marriage license very quickly. However, they say although they offer a certified translation, it sounds like more of a general European certified translation. They say it is ISO 17100 quality certified. Does Germany recognize this type of translation?   I'd prefer not to risk it, as we all know how much fun the process is to get a visa with the paperwork.    So, is it safe or should I try to get a more local translation?   Thanks for your help!    
  12. Hello, I’m a newbie here although I’ve read quite a lot of useful info on the forum before now.  Am hoping for some kind advice so I can avoid making any great boo-boos. When my mum died I used the sale of her home to buy a small flat in an uncool but comfortable part of Berlin.  Unfortunately the money didn’t stretch to getting all the jobs done that were needed in the place, e.g. kitchen, but it was a start.  The plan was and still is to live there part of the year and let it “auf Zeit” the rest, in order to offset some of the bills; I’m not after making a profit.  It’s been slow progress but I am now hoping to get the place finally ready for next year. Have any of you done something similar and if so what tips would you give me, please?  What potholes do I need to avoid?  Can you recommend any letting agencies?  I’d rather have the business side overseen by professionals who are on the spot, since I will be elsewhere.  I am only interested in medium-term lets, minimum 2 months and preferably 4-6. I’ve been trying to work out what expenses need to be covered, and have come up with Hausgeld, land tax, 2nd home tax, utilities/Internet/TV, insurance, agent’s fees and German income tax (maybe UK too); have I overlooked anything? Thanks for any advice! Sadie O