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  1. Has anyone recently applied for einburgerung at Burgeramt Pankow ? How long did it take to get Termin there, and how long did the process take. Currently it shows appointments only until 21. November, (all booked). Can anybody share their experience?
  2. I've gone through the internet and the forums extensively, but I can't find the right combination of circumstances in any of the questions. Currently I live in Germany for the past 5 years, but I will soon become cross-border, travelling to Berlin for 3 days a week. I'm looking for a small apartment to stay. The conditions state the notice waiver of 3 years (longer than the normal 1-2 years, but still legal as far as I searched), but with the following "Möglichkeit" Es wird eine Staffelmiete mit einer Steigerung um 2,5% jährlich vereinbart, ferner ein wechselseitiger Kündigungsverzicht für die ersten drei Jahre mit der Möglichkeit einen Nachmieter zu finden.   I've read about the Nachmieterklausel, and I assume that's what it refers to. Does that clause create an obligation of the Vermieter to accept a Nachmieter (assuming he accepts the lease as-is and has similar characteristics as me), or is the standard "can, but doesn't have to accept the Nachmieter" setup kick in?   Meanwhile I'm waiting for the draft contract, I would share if I know the exact wording.
  3. For anyone interested in trying Aikido, the Japanese martial art of self-defense, we are holding two demonstrations on Sunday 2 June and an introductory seminar on Saturday 8 June. Here are some links so you can RSVP: 2 June Demo 12:00–12:30: 2 June Demo 16:30–17:00: 8 June Saturday Seminar: We also have a new website you can check out: See you on the mat!
  4. Hallo alle! I wanted to get everyone's opinion regarding this; I've been recently interviewing at several startups in Berlin (I live abroad and I'd like to move to Berlin). All goes well until they invite me to an in-person interview, knowing my current location, they offer to pay for the flights and accommodation. My first response is to ask for an exception of being interviewed via video call instead, and that's when they turn me down. My question is do you think it's normal or fair to throw someone off the process altogether because of their geographical circumstance? It doesn't make sense to me to fly to Berlin (which means applying for and receiving a visitor's visa ON THE INTERVIEW'S SPECIFIED TIME) and interviewing with no guarantee of an offer. Also I can't do it for every company I'm in contact with, it just makes no practical sense to me. What do you think?
  5. From August all kids studying in Berlin (primary and secondary school) will have access to public transportation for free in the AB area:   You can apply here (starting tomorrow):       Thank you Red-Red-Green Coalition.
  6. Looking for a tennis coach

    Hi!   I'm looking for an English speaking tennis coach for private lessons in Berlin? I am a total beginner but would love to start playing!     Thanks
  7. Motorcycle stunt riding around berlin

    Hello!  Do you know any places in/around Berlin when I can train some motorcycle stunt riding? Just so I can come and ride back and forth keeping balance on wheelie etc.    Or even better - find a group I can train with? Way better and safer.    Dead end road with no traffic, always empty parking lot in non-rrsidential area would be great.   I don't want to be dangerous for others (endangering myself is ok-ish) and don't like to be an "icehole" annoying residents with wrrrrrum-sounds.
  8. Can you BBQ on the street on May Day?

    I've seen it done before in front os spätis .. could I get away with it in front of my building in xberg or am I just asking for trouble?
  9. Adoption in Berlin

    Hi all,    *Another question from friends without an account* -    They are willing to adopt in Germany (they are married) but can't find an agency for that. Both of them are Brazilian with Permanent visa, A2 & B2 German and wants to adopt 2-3 years old child.  They got a decline from one agency because they don't speak German. Has anyone have experience with that and can share?    Thanks! 
  10. Hi everyone, i would be so grateful if i could get a legal opinion on the following matter. Well, first of you need to know that i came in Berlin as an Erasmus student from Italy (though i am semi-originated from a non-EU country, so i had a student visa) and i never did the Abmeldung since January 2014 when i left Berlin. I was not renting the apartment i was staying because i was hosted by friends. My original plan was to go back to Italy and obtain my degree and EU citizenship and return to Berlin searching for a job so this is why i was so stupid and did not do it. Though life happened and i never returned. And i kept being stupid procrastinating dealing with it. I recently have come to realization i may have to pay a fine for that. Anyhow, my dilemma here is the date i should write on the deregistration form i will send to Bürgeramt is better to be a current one or the one from 2014? Because my visa had been expired you if i put a current date i may have to explain or pay another fine for supposedly staying in the country without a permission. However, since November 2014 i own EU citizenship. So i don't know, i guess from a point on, my staying in the country wouldn't be illegal. Another thing i wanted to ask is whether or not i should include in the deregistration process some document form from the person who was hosting me (who was also the owner of the apartment). Thank you so much in advance for anyone who would bother to try to help me. Have a nice week and a great April.  
  11. --CREATIVE AND SIMPLE STORAGE and KITCHEN SOLUTIONS: floor-to-ceiling book cases and cabinets, shelves, loft-beds, hallway storage lofts, clothes closets, KITCHEN INSTALL (IKEA and other various types), tiling, etc...--QUICK AND CLEAN FULL-FLAT PAINT-JOBS FOR MOVING OUT OR MOVING IN. Make your transition more affordable and less stressful.--MAKE YOUR FLAT MORE BEAUTIFUL. REMOVAL OF TAPETE (textured and/or old wallpaper) AND RE-PLASTERING/PAINTING ON ALL WALLSOR If you have other repairs or new projects hire Eli the Handyman. He's been repairing and improving properties for 25 years. Affordable and quick. Carpentry, painting, remodels of any kind, as well as LIGHT plumbing and electrical. He is an expert problem-solver and is very clean and fast. NO MAJOR APPLIANCE (including boilers) OR ELECTRONICS REPAIR11 years of excellent Berlin references. Ask Eli's clients about the joys of hiring him!    Please CALL ELI, rather than messaging him here: 0049 176 7705 2999    
  12. Led by Madhvi Ramani, writer and editor (New York times, Penguin Random House), and Mary Kelly, playwright and actor (Nick Hern Books, Stinging-Fly Press). This is not a traditional creative writing workshop. You will use theatre and original writing techniques to connect your physical voice with your voice on the page. You will move, you will write, you will explore and expand your individual voice. For women who want to start to write, continue to write, or want to surprise themselves. Mary and Madhvi have twenty years combined creative coaching experience. Drawing from Madhvi’s background in creative facilitation (BBC) and Mary’s as an acting coach (The Opera Stage, Berlin and The Gaiety School of Acting, Dublin), they have developed a unique approach to creative writing for women. Visit the facebook page for more info:
  13. I'm considering buying an Erholungsgrundstück about an hour's drive north of Berlin. The property market in this city is ridiculous and the country air would do us all good.    The site that I'm looking at is about a 1000sqm, with a decent sized house that should be habitable in all seasons.    I've got a few questions and wondering if anyone can provide some tips:    Do these sites typically hold their value or increase their value over time? After 5-10 years, could I expect any capital appreciation (even if just to cover the initial transaction costs)?    Is it ever possible to apply with the local authorities to use the property as a primary residence? What would they look at if assessing such an application?    The expose mentions that new constructions may be possible after approval. What might this mean in practice? Is it likely there will be a limit on the total square metres that can be on the site? 
  14. Hi. So I have been looking into getting a German passport, and have hit a wall with arranging an appointmente for the einbürgerung. The authorities refuse to engage with you unless you have an appointment, which you are supposed to arrange on the website. Except that all the slots are constantly marked as filled, I have been trying for weeks. Some people said I need to try at 7 ot 7:30 in the morning and be quick, but it doesn't make any difference. This is the page I am using   Has anyone been successful in arranging an appointment, and do you have any tips? Thanks in advance    
  15. Dear all, I bought an apartment that has a huge kitchen and I would like to replann and move the kitchen to living room and made a separate room out of it. Does somebody know if it requires some approval? Do I need to hire an architect for this kind of work? Thank you, Ho
  16. Hi guys,   I got offered a job and for the first 12-18 months I can choose to work/live anywhere in North Germany  I am undecided among Hamburg and Berlin. After these 12-18 months it is fixed that I will have to move to Düsseldorf.   I have already lived 1,5 years in Münster and 1,5 years in Stuttgart. I have been several times to Berlin and have friends there as opossed to Hamburg where I only spent one night and didn't see much of the city.   Besides wanting to know what you think about life in both these cities, I would like to hear differences in mindset among Berliners and Hamburgers   The job I will be doing for these first 12-18 months will be in consultative sales (visiting clients), so I think the mindset of people is also an important factor as well as openness to foreigners.   The company offers solutions for the construction industry, so insights about construction industry growth in these cities (regions) are also welcome     Berlin (+) I know Berlin quite well and have few friends there (+) I like the vibe and electronic music scene (-) Prices (rent) have gone up in the past 10 years (-) I sometimes find the city quite chaotic (long distances)   Hamburg (+) I constantly hear Hamburg is a nice place and Hamburgers are nice - would be an opportunity for a new experience (+) Better standards of living and stronger economy (-) Only been there 1 night and have no friends in Hamburg nor a feel for the city (-) Prices are higher than Berlin? I am not sure anymore because Berlin has got much more expensive   Looking forwards to hear your thoughts. Cheers!