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  1. Hello!    I am currently researching the process of buying an apartment in Berlin. I am debating between buying a 2 or 3 zimmer one. I'd like to use the extra room as a guest room for visiting family or office, or rent it out part time to students/Airbnb/etc. I've read through the threads on the income taxation, and still need to see if the math makes sense. I'd still only get a mortgage I could afford on my own, but saving some money could be nice. Ultimately though, I want to know if this is even legal to do with a German working visa. I can also imagine in a few years having a freelancer visa (I'd like to work independently for a while). Would having some income from a rental property that I live at be allowed?
  2. Two Part Podcast Series About Berlin

    Hallo Berlin! We’re Geoff and Alex, the co-hosts of the expat podcast "Americans in Germany Drinking Whiskey." We've both lived in Berlin, Germany for a combined 15 years and the city has become a second home to us. Most of our episodes focus on Germany as a whole, however we are so happy to finally have several episodes dedicated completely to the city that is, “poor, but sexy.” We weren’t able to cover Germany’s capital city with just one episode, so today we are releasing a sequel.   Did you know “Berlin” is based off of a slavic word for swamp? Did you know over 777,000 non-Germans are currently living in the city? If you’re interested in hearing more, please do so with the links below:   Podcast Website  |  Berlin Episode Part 1  |  Berlin Episode Part 2 & Special Episode: Best and Worst About Berlin
  3. Hi, I want to know if I am eligible to do some side business on Amazon by opening an Amazon store, whilst holding a work visa in Berlin. I am non-EU. My contract expires in a year and I wanted to start a side earning now so that it gains some momentum by the time my contract ends next year. Thanks.
  4. Breaking my apartment contract early.

    Hi TT, need a bit of advice. I currently rent an apartment in Berlin from a company which owns many apartments in Berlin, and I'm looking to move out because I'm moving to a new city from October 1. My apartment's notice is 3 months, but my landlord agreed (in email) to let me go earlier if I supplied them a new tenant. She gave me her colleague's email and asked me to ask the people interested in the apartment to email her directly. So I made a post on FB and I received a lot of interest. Some people came to see the apartment, and when they showed interest, I directed them to the email address given to me.    A few days later, I emailed the colleague myself to ask if she has received emails from tenants, and if there was anything I could do to help with the process. She shot me an angry reply back saying I had no right to put up her work email on FB publicly (which I didn't), and that she had deleted all those emails without reading. And that instead of giving out her email, I should pick three tenants and collect their docs, and send it to her. Also, she added that Oct 1 isn't possible, they can pick a tenant by Oct 16, but they weren't obligated to.    I was a bit taken aback, but I kept my cool and politely explained in the email that I had indeed not posted her email on FB, but instead given it out privately on message. And that I was just doing what was asked. Then I collected the docs of three tenants and sent it to her.    I've been following up and she has just been very uncooperative and rude. She claims she hasn't checked her emails in the past days (which sounds weird to me), and effectively has told me not to call her, not to follow up, she will call when she has questions. Meanwhile, one of my tenants. has found another apartment, and the other two are getting impatient as well.    The problem is, my move out date is pretty close. I'm a bit reluctant to hand over the apartment in case they don't pick a new tenant, since that might mean I have to keep paying rent for another 3 months without actually living in the apartment.    Also, I need to time to sell my stuff, move out, paint the apartment, clean it etc. In case they pick a tenant, then I have to do all this immediately. In case they don't, and I do all of these things, then I am stuck with an empty apartment where I have to sleep and sit on the floor.     I know legally they are well within their rights and I can't do anything. My questions are: 1. Why are people so rude to others who they've never met, and jump to conclusions?  2. Is there anything else I can do - some sort of a gesture that makes them want to help me out?    What would your advice be?
  5. Has anyone recently applied for einburgerung at Burgeramt Pankow ? How long did it take to get Termin there, and how long did the process take. Currently it shows appointments only until 21. November, (all booked). Can anybody share their experience?
  6. I'm looking to get a tattoo while here in Berlin and since my German is not good I was wondering if there were any English speaking tattoo places in Berlin. Best if they were good and not crazy overpriced.
  7. Hi there!!  Hope you all are doing well in this hard time.  I am in a bit of confused state at the moment. I would really appreciate if anyone can alleviate me from this confusion.  I have been offered work which is 16 hours a week and I will be paid 400 for the month.  But the company has told me that I would have to issue an invoice.  I have not applied for a freelancer ID yet and at the moment, my husband and I do the taxes together and I am also insured with him as family.  I was wondering if I should be applying for freelancer ID for such small project. (Or could I still do the project and put the amount as an additional income when we do our taxes?) I plan to apply for freelancer in future as I have plans for it but right now I only have one project not more.  Do you have any suggestions for me?  I thank you so so much!!!! 😊😊
  8. Hi all   I am the landlord of an apartment in Berlin. It's a 4 room apartment in West Berlin. Unfortunately, we currently have a situation developing where I may never gain access to this apartment. I have owned this apartment since 2008. The apartment was already occupied by an older couple. At the time, I was unaware of the tenancy laws in Berlin and how it could impact my future. I would love to hear some advice from you if any of you have any experience in this regard. For the record, there was a couple living there since 1995 I think.    I went to visit Berlin last year and went to check the apartment block. When I arrived, I noticed that there was a new name stickered below the current tenant's name on the doorbell. I was concerned as I thought the apartment was being sublet. I was angry and spoke to my property manager. She informed me that the wife has died last year and the husband has a new girlfriend living there.    I immediately hired a lawyer to investigate the legalities of this. It turns out that its legal and they are entitled to do this. My lawyer then mentioned that if this new girlfriend marries the widowed husband, she will be entitled to live there with strict laws after he dies. This is very frustrating to me as I had hoped to let my children live here soon as they'll be finishing their studies.    Is there any way to reduce the possibility of my fears occurring? If I wanted to get these people to move out how would you suggest going about it? I have waited a long time now and would really like to gain access to my property.   Thanks
  9. 1. FC Union Berlin

    Cult club Union Berlin promoted to Bundesliga for 1st time  
  10. Hey,    I haven't been in Berlin for a long time, so I can't really remember the city that well. Going to visit it for 4 days in March. What would you recommend to do? Besides the touristic attractions, I'm also looking for some tips to get the typical vibe etc. Clubs to go party are also welcome (Looking for something like techno, edm and similar).    Danke
  11. Motorcycle stunt riding around berlin

    Hello!  Do you know any places in/around Berlin when I can train some motorcycle stunt riding? Just so I can come and ride back and forth keeping balance on wheelie etc.    Or even better - find a group I can train with? Way better and safer.    Dead end road with no traffic, always empty parking lot in non-rrsidential area would be great.   I don't want to be dangerous for others (endangering myself is ok-ish) and don't like to be an "icehole" annoying residents with wrrrrrum-sounds.
  12. Hi Everyone,   I am moving to Berlin in the summer. I will continue to work for my current employer. I will be moving there indefinitely. The first 3 months of work will be on a trial basis and I will still be getting paid in UK and paying UK taxes. If the trail is successful I will be moved onto the German branches payroll, and everything will be straight forward.   Am I OK to register for Anmeldung in this case and continue to pay UK taxes for the 3 months. As I will be being paid by a UK company that will not pay German healthcare, is my EHIC card sufficient for this initial 3 months as I will technically be a posted worker(will Anmeldung affect this status)   Thanks in advance, any information you have that could help would be great.   Tom
  13. Hello   I'm about to start a job, 51,000 a year. I'm single (not married), i'm athiest, i'm 27 years old.   I also have another invoice coming up around 60,000 euros. I do not understand too much German finance as I am originally from the UK.   If i'm in full-time employment (and all of my taxes, insurances and surcharges are covered by my job), how much would I be taxed on the 60,000 after my full-time employement salary of 51,000 a year? I will be full time employed but would I also need to announce that I am freelance here? Are they any smart moves like savings accounts or tax breaks that I should know about to save myself getting hugely taxed or is it simply, that I would have earned 111,000 in the 17-18 tax yer?   Thanks in advance for your help and advice! J
  14. Real estate purchase

    I am in need of a lawyer with English (or Italian) in Berlin. I am purchasing an estate and I need some professional help to get some advice on this matter. Possibly someone that you directly know or had information on. Not just a name from a directory.   My apologies if this has been submitted for the thousandth time. Please merge this request to a thread if it needs be.   Thank you!