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  1. *only for the ladies*   Hello ladies,   I would like to have some recommendations for an excellent lip enhancement doctor in Berlin. The result that I want is a natural enhancement (no Russian lips). I have had experiences with two 5 star rated certified plastic surgeons in Berlin who ruined my face and I had to use Hylenex twice to remove their bad work.  I am not in a mood to have another lab rat moment, where I have to remove the product again for a third time. It is also not possible to get recommendations through word of mouth, because beauty enhancements are such a taboo topic here (even though many women my age have had some enhancement done, but they keep it to themselves).   I usually do my lips in my country with an excellent doctor whose work is undetectable and perfect and has been consistent throughout the years, but unfortunately due to Corona restrictions, I can't go there soon. The technique German doctors use is really bad, they all inject excessive product above the whole lip or just on both sides (greek mask drama face), and the result almost always creates a fold on both sides of the mouth, which makes my face look older. The last doctor injected me once right in the middle of the lower lip, but asymmetrically  with more product on the right side (asymmetric ninja-turtle smile, here I come). How bad can one be?    Anyhow, does anyone know an excellent doctor who can actually enhance lips by making them look natural and that one can rely on? A certain Dr. Raphael Weiland comes to mind (check out his instagram account, he creates lovely subtle results) but he's located in Frankfurt!   Is there a clone of doctor Weiland in Berlin? Suggestions appreciated.   PAm   #Beauty #BestLipsDoctorBerlin #LipDoctor #Lips #Berlin #LipsBerlin #PlasticSurgery