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  1. Hi Everyone,   Do any bank branches still have coin counting machines? This was asked a while ago, and apparently some Sparkasse and Commerzbank branches had them, but that was quite a while ago.   I know that some supermarkets have them, but they charge 10%, which I'm not willing to pay.   Please, if you know of a machine, give me the specific branch location.   Thanks!
  2. Up to now I've been using N26 Spaces to try and build up some savings, but it occurs to me that it's just sitting there. Given low interest rates all around, are there any interesting options available in Germany?   I saw a sponsored FB post for the Tagesgeldkonto by Openbank. Apparently it pays 2% up to €5k. Better than a kick in the arse   Are there any other similar products in Germany? Or elsewhere in the Eurozone?   I've a UK/US citizen. Back when 5% savings accounts still existed in the UK, I considered opening one up. But given the volatile political situation in the UK, I didn't want to risk any of my 'gains' being wiped out (and thensome) by currency fluctuations.    My US citizenship may affect which German banks are willing to open an account for me. But are there any savings products in the US worth considering? A friend of mine mentioned the AmEx Personal Savings account   Cheers!