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  1. Baliff Property Statement

    I have a question for anyone who’s submitted a property statement to a baliff. I find myself deep in debt, I earn minimum wage and was in a road accident, without third party insurance. I had to pay about €6000 in various fees, fines and lawyer costs and received a letter a year ago from the court asking for another 1800€, my lawyer told me to disregard it as it was no longer relevant, however I recently received a baliffs letter demanding payment and when I returned to my lawyer with it he admitted he had made a mistake and it has to be paid. I’m broke as hell from paying the previously mentioned costs in installments and he’s demanding monthly installments that would leave me with €20 to live on every month, and when I attempted to renegotiate the installments he said I could not, and that I could come to his office and submit a Property Statement. Does anyone know what this is and what happens afterwards? My German is currently B1 and any Schuldnerberatung I’ve emailed has said they can’t help me at my level, and I’m unable to find someone to come with me to the appointment. Will my debt be written off? Or will I face punishment? I would have no problem paying it if the payments could even be delayed a few months till I have cleared my other debts, but this is not an option according to the baliff. Any experiences or advice would be much appreciated!