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  1. Hi all, yesterday I was in my car. I stopped on the side of the street on a parking lot and all of a sudden a car crashed my right mirror. I jumped out of the car screaming heeeeeeeeey the car stopped for a moment and decided to continue on its way. Luckily I remembered the car nummber and I called the police. They came, they made photos and everything. They are not giving me any info about the people that caused the incident. Suddenly I received a SMS in which they said that they are sorry and if I send them the car service bill they will pay it asap. What would you do in my place? Should I provide my bank details and hopefully they transfer the money or should I contact their insurance and go the offical way, even contacting a lawyer or what? Thank you in advanced for the fast replies!
  2. Hello everyone, I am looking for your expert advise before buying my first car in Germany. I live in Baden Württemberg and find out the Autohaus here are more expensive than other parts of country. Can you please advise me the region to have a better price deal? I only want to buy from dealer as they seem more reliable with 1 year warranty. My colleagues advised me not to go for German car, better to choose a Japanese and Korean autos. But I was always fascinated for Audi. What's your opinion as a native. Thank you in advance for your advice.