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  1. Hey People.I hope you are doing all good I am writing this in Englisch as I didnt see any post in German and I dont know if that is allowed.I want to make an Ausbildung in Germany.I did a language kurs there and I just Love that country and people.But as far as am searching on the internet,I am not finding any info on how do I recognize my high school diploma there so it would be equivalent to a Realschule or Hauptschule.I tried in another forums and people give me info about how to recognize my uni diploma,but I mean HIGH SCHOOL (Gymnasium) not uni.The land where I can make an Ausbildung is Rheinland-Plafz,I dont have money to go in others.And I am also nonEU bürger.Please help me as I dont want to loose another year,am desperate. Thank you for your time and help Donald     Ps:I dont live in Italy,but my country wasnt listed there so...
  2. Hello everyone,   I have been trying to research this myself but it seems a little difficult to find straight answers. I am a Scotsman, born and raised, but have lived in Germany for 5 years now. I am currently doing an Ausbildung as a Mechatroniker with a large energy company. This particular ausbildung comprises various qualifications, for example "elektrofachkraft", which is an electrician, along with qualifications in metalwork and IT, for example. The one I am mostly interested in is the electrician aspect and if I could have this recognised in the UK. From my understanding, the level of training in Germany is well regarded and respected, but I can't seem to find any obvious sources of information on wether or not German-trained Electricians (or better, Mechatronikers), can have their qualifications recognised and register as fully licensed electricians etc in the UK, specifically Scotland. I would be very grateful for any help in this direction, as currently there are no plans to return to Scotland but it is always in my thoughts. I live here in Germany because of my wife and children, my wife was born here and we moved here to secure a better future and then I quickly realised that without an ausbildung it is difficult to find good work. So here I am. 33 years old, doing an ausbildung in Germany :).
  3. Hi all,    My wife is currently working at a company that is dramatically cutting their headcount. She is, therefore, going to be made Arbietslos. I thought this might be an opportunity for her to re-train. She is a Gold and Silversmith, which quite honestly is a lovely hobby but at terrible way to feed a family. She is German and has managed a lot of businesses over the year, however, she does not have any qualifications.  My question would be if it would be possible to go from Arbeitlos into some form of management training? My wife is 47 years old and will have a year of Arbeitlosigkeits Geld. Initial enquires at the Arbeitsamt were not that fruitful. I thought I would give the forum here a try! Any advice anyone has would be most gratefully received!    Thanks    Mark