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  1. Moin Moin Toytowners,   I have a Niederlassungserlaubnis under §18b (Settlement permit for graduates of German university) which was issues last year in the month of January.    Now, as I checked the lawbook of Aufenthaltsgesetz, I discovered that they have revised it and §18b is now something completely different.    My question: Do I need to contact my ABH and ask if my Niederlassungserlaubnis is still valid? (my card explicitly mentions "§18b") As of now, my residence permit card says 18b, which is certainly wrong as per the newly revised lawbook.   What I am trying to ask is, perhaps, if I am still a valid Niederlassungserlaubnis holder or not. I cannot find any law that is equivalent to the old §18b anymore.   Regards,  H. Bee