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  1. Hello everyone    I am working in Berlin for the same employer now for 3 years and I am a holder of Aufenthaltstitel. I recently renewed my Aufenthaltstitel and my employer name isn't mentioned anymore. It was previously.    My question is can I start working for a another company with the same visa? Or do I have to apply again or inform ABH when I change employer?    "Anmerkungen" on the Aufenthaltstitel says "Erwerbstätigkeit gestattet". What does this exactly mean?    Thank you. 
  2. I live in Darmstadt, Hessen but am currently abroad (in my homeland) and cannot travel back to the city at the moment owing to the travel restrictions because of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. My temporary residence permit (Aufenthaltstitel) in principle lapses if I stay abroad continuously for longer than six months (Section 51 (1 No 7) Residency Act). I left Germany on 20th October, 2019 and my 6 months abroad completed on 20th April, 2020. Since February, 2019 I am trying to reach Ausländerbehörde Darmstadt and they did not answer my query and I have also contacted with local German Embassy, who told me first contact with the Ausländerbehörde Darmstadt and later when I told them that they are not replying, the local German Embassy asked to to wait until the situation gets better, which I do not see any sign. I am outside of Germany it is about 8 months now. Please tell me what should I do? It is most important for me to return to work.
  3. Dear Users,   I hold a German Residence Permit (aufenthaltstitel) which is valid until 2022. Unfortunately before starting of COVID-19 pandemic, I came back to my home-origin and after that due to lock-down I could not return Germany within 6 months. My last date or return was 20th April, before that I had wrote to Auslaenderbehoerde describing my situation and asked for their suggestion. They asked me to contact with the local German Embassy, and the local German Embassy asked me to talk with Auslaenderbehoerde. I wrote a lot lot emails to both of the office, but still the situation is same. Nobody actually give me any solution what should I do now to return Germany.   I read that for the foreigners living inside Germany, the government gave  extension period. Now for cases like mine, where I am outside of Germany, is it also possible having an extension of returning Germany? I need to return to my job really. I need your suggestions.   Kind regards, B.M