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  1. I am working in Germany since June 2017. I have Aufenthaltserlaubnis tied to my company. When I came to Germany, I applied for the Blue card because I was meeting salary requirements and my job is in IT area. But I couldn't get Blue card instead they gave me Aufenthaltserlaubnis. Frankly speaking, I didn't even know that I was not approved for Blue card because nobody told me that. I was assuming that I got the blue card because I didn't know the difference between Aufenthaltserlaubnis and blue card. Now I have completed 21 months of my stay in Germany so I went to Mirationsamt for asking about applying for Niederlassungserlaubnis. But there, I came to know that I don't have a Blue card and I have Aufenthaltserlaubnis. And the reason for not getting Blue Card was that I didn't do Anerkennung of my foreign university degrees while applying for Blue Card. So they gave me Aufenthatlserlaubnis. So I can't apply for Niederlassungserlaubnis now.   My Aufenthaltserlaubnis is valid until June 2019 (until the next 2 months).  The lady at Migrationsamt told me that I have 2 options now. 1) I can apply to extend Aufenthaltserlaubnis 2) I can apply for Blue card with Anerkennung of my degrees. - I am not sure what are the benefits of Blue card over Aufenthaltserlaubnis. Are there any? - If I apply for Blue card and get it, can I apply immediately to Niederlassungserlaubnis because I was eligible for the blue card for the whole 21 months till now? Or I have to wait another 21 months after I get the Blue card?
  2. Hiiii so as a defeated housing seeker in Berlin I'm planning on taking up housing in Cottbus and commuting into Berlin for work. Two questions: - Any problems when I go to the Bürgeramt in Cottbus? Do they want to see my work contract, and possible problems that it's in Berlin? - My work visa (Arbeitserlaubnis / Aufenthaltstitel) was issued in Berlin, stamped with the Berlin office seal. Any issues there as well?
  3. Hi everyone,   My current Aufenthaltstitel (Paragraph 18) is valid until 31.12.2018. I requested an online appointment from Auslanderbehörde in Hannover and I received an E-mail stating that they will check my condition and send another E-mail with waiting number for the appointment. The appointment is in March 2019 and i didn't get the second E-mail.   My questions are: 1- Can i still work at my current company until March 2019? 2- What should i do so that i can fly outside/inside Germany without any problem at the passport check.   I checked online and it says that my Aufenthaltstitel is valid until Auslanderbehörde makes a decision according to Paragraph 81 at Immigration Act. Does anyone have similar experience before?   Thanks in advance.
  4. Hey guys,   I am currently a student at PFH Hansecampus Stade with my residence permit registered in the town Stade which is valid till October 2019. Since this is a paid course, I decided to move to a public university with no tuition fees which is TU Bergakademie Freiberg in order to reduce my financial burden, having received an admission letter. The official in charge of admission to TU Freiberg had requested me all the required documents to enroll me for the course, based on which I duly obliged. But for them there seems to be an issue with my residence permit and that needs to be changed, since I would be exmatriculated from the present University on March 31,2019. The course at TU Freiberg starts from April 1. I am confused with what course of action I should undertake. The enrollment deadline is March 31, 2019. I tried booking an appointment at the foreigners authority office (Auslaenderbehoerde). But unfortunately I received an information from them that scheduling an appointment is not possible until I register myself at Einwohnermeldeamt. I have heard from my friends saying that in order to change the residence permit in Freiberg, a Meldebescheinigung and Immatriculationsbescheinigung is absolutely necessary.    The following are my queries 1. Can I simply move to Freiberg and make the city registration, having a valid rental contract? I haven't still found an apartment. But I would look for someone who could sublet me. I would like to know if there are any steps required to be done at Auslaenderbehoerde in Stade, because my address is registered here. 2. The official in charge of my admission to TU Freiberg has informed  me that providing an enrollment certificate (Immatrikulationsbescheingung)  is not possible unless my residence permit is changed. Will the authorities from Auslaenderbehoerde refuse to change my residence perrmit because I could not get an Immatrikaltionsbescheinigung from TU Freiberg.  3. Will I lose my admission at TU Freiberg, because I could not show the official in charge my changed residence permit before 31 March? To make mattes worse, the appointments are available only from the second of April.    I am a lot worried and also don't want to be put in a situation where I am not even a student because I got ex-matriculated from the present University.    Could anyone please hep me to solve the issue?   Many thanks in advance!
  5. Good day,   I have spent the morning looking through TT, hoping this topic has been handled before and found nothing related to my question.   I am planning on visiting South Africa next year for two weeks. My aufenthaltstitel will be valid until 2021 so that is not a problem. My question is which documentation do I need to carry with me and do I need to translate it? Or will other countries accept my residence permit card without question?   I guess I am just scared they don't let me leave South Africa  That would be a nightmare!   Any experience with regards to traveling back to birth countries would be greatly appreciated.   Thank you