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  1. Hi, Berlin Ausländerbehorde had changed my plastic Aufenthaltstitel from Munich to a sticker on my passport this year when i had gone after the expiry of my passport. Its an unbefristet Niederlassungserlaubnis.   Today i was checked by Police in Bremen and when i showed them a copy of my passport with this sticker, they asked for the 2nd page of this Aufenthaltstitel. But i donot have a second page. I came back and checked my passport page by page, if i had made a mistake and there was nothing else. Just a one page sticker. Earlier too when i wanted to register for DHL delivery in Berlin, the website asked for the 2nd page.   Is it possible that the foreigner's office made a mistake and i need to go back and get the 2nd page?   Thanks.
  2. Hello everyone    I am working in Berlin for the same employer now for 3 years and I am a holder of Aufenthaltstitel. I recently renewed my Aufenthaltstitel and my employer name isn't mentioned anymore. It was previously.    My question is can I start working for a another company with the same visa? Or do I have to apply again or inform ABH when I change employer?    "Anmerkungen" on the Aufenthaltstitel says "Erwerbstätigkeit gestattet". What does this exactly mean?    Thank you.