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  1. Expired Au pair Aufenthaltstitel

    Hello everyone, I have been an aupair for a duration of 3 months. The family conditions and behavior were very bad and they seemed not normal. So, I had to find a job. We had to cut the aupair contract afterwards. The family went to the Auslanderbehorde at the day of my aupair Aufenthaltstitel appointment and asked them to not grant me the residence permit and probably they told them wrong stories about me to prevent me from starting my new job. However, I've got the aupair Aufenthaltstitel but normally it is considered as expired since I left the family immediately after getting my Aufenthaltstitel.  Now, the job starts in one month and I do not know if my stay in Germany is legal since I'm no longer aupair and I signed the job contract. The waiting time between the end of my aupair stay and the job starting date is 2 months. The Auslanderbehorde is aware of that and I'm still waiting for an appointment. They only asked me to register for an insurance different from Dr walter aupair insurance which I could not do because only Dr. Walter accepted my registration. Did someone had the same situation before ? I do not know what will happen now or what will be the next steps ? Will I get an appointment to get the job residence permit ? Or a FiktionsBecheinigung which I can use temporarily ? Or maybe they can ask me to come back to my country ?... Is it normal that I still did not register for an insurance because I'm really confused since Dr. Walter is the only possibility and I do not know if the Auslanderbehorde will accept it. I really appreciate your answers and thank you so much for your help. With best regards.