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  1. we live in a village two hours from berlin and like to travel there from time to time to enjoy concerts and other events. i am a pro musician from los angeles who misses the club and theater scene there. we would appreciate communicating with people who go to live music clubs, art galleries, small theaters, poetry readings, comedy clubs, etc. for tips on where to go. we are open to meeting up to go out on the town when we are there, we have a place to stay. my german wife and i are over 50 and do a radio show on-air in marburg and leipzig playing mostly experimental, triphop, psychedelic rock and avant-classical music. we aren't political but abhor cancel culture and big tech censorship, so wokeists would probably not be simpatico. my favorite club is the mojo in hamburg. i like the berlin philharmonic when they play modern stuff. there is no culture in our village so awake, aware people are appreciated.