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  1. Need help with "Freelance" visa

    Hi people,   I'm writing on behalf of my wife who'd like to join me in Munich (I have a permanent job here). She's a photographer (and a very successful one) so she's going for the "freelance" visa... But, anywhere I look on the web there is simply NO official information about this type of visa (it's like it doesn't exist), and yet there are so many testimonies and instructions (which wildly differ from each other) about this type of visa and the processes involved in obtaining it.   Did anyone here obtained this type of visa recently? If so, I'd like to know about the process and all those little details that people usually forget to mention. If you need any info on our background, here's a quick rundown:   Myself: - I've been here for almost 4 months and I have a residence permit valid for 2 years (it will be extended) - I have a permanent job (with health insurance in TK) - I have an apartment that I'm renting (but it's small for both of us, it's 22 m2) - I don't have a blue card since I never graduated   My wife: - She's a non-EU citizen (so am I, we're both from Bosnia & Herzegovina) - She has a bachelor diploma recognized in Germany - She has no knowledge of a german language (neither do I, unfortunately) - She has a respectable CV and portfolio, including the international clientele (   If anyone has any useful information about this type of visa, or at least some official websites, please share them.   Thank you very much!     Best regards, Goran
  2. Hello,   I have recently moved to Berlin from Australia and am here for the long haul working as a freelance artist/illustrator. I would like to offer my services as such and am available for commissions! I do traditional art and illustration, watercolours, portraits, life drawing, life modelling, calligraphy, illumination, teaching and running workshops, canvas stretching, tattoo designs, murals and am open to any other creative challenges you might want to throw my way. A google search of "Travis D. Hendrix" will show up with a lot of my stuff, but for a more direct link to work check out the following: I thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you,   Travis D. Hendrix