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  1. Hi, I am an artistrator recently moved to Berlin from Australia and am available for commissions! I am working as a freelancer and offering my services for hire. I am an experienced art instructor, painter and illustrator. My work includes portraits, tattoo designs and pop surrealism/low brow art and design.  Check out my work on facebook and instagram under the name 'Travis D. Hendrix'   Look forward to hearing from you,   Travis D. Hendrix        
  2. We are two artists who are currently one week in to a 8 week stay in Wedding. We are participating in an art residency at Institut für Alles Mögliche, where we are completing a project called ‘News From Home’. In this project we are exploring the area of Wedding - it’s places, people and their stories. This will be done through documentary art processes - video and photography - as well as recording interviews and personal observations. The ultimate aim of this project is to complete various ‘postcard objects’ which act as anti-iconic postcards. Rather than Reichstag building, Brandenburg Gate or the TV tower being on the front, we want those people, stories and objects that are usually hidden. As part of this process we are searching for local participants who can offer some help in finding these stories, objects, places and people. We don’t just want this work to be ‘outsider observation’, but also driven by those who live here. This is what we are hoping the Toytown community can help with. In our home towns, when we walk the streets we see the place in a totally different way. Layers of history and stories combine to create a narrative around a place that is much richer than any tourist will ever access. We hope that you yourself can provide some insight in to such narratives, or know people in this community that might be willing to help us out. It could be the story of a now abandoned shop, the reasons behind a certain graffitti statement, or the reason there are so many old TVs on the street! Any stories big or small, personal or historical that help build a story of this area. We hope to hear from you soon with any possible meetups, written suggestions or feedback! Thanks,  Luke and Anne