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  1. Hello dear people!   I need your help. Some time ago I asked my employer for the intermediate performance review (Zeugnis). And today I've got it. Could you please clarify - is it good or bad? Even after reading to this website  I couldn't determine it.   Would be extremely grateful! (it is only in English as a company consider itself as multicultural) Also, they wrote "her employees" but I don't have any because I'm not a manager.     XXX possesses extensive expertise, which she uses effectively and successfully in her work. She is able to impart this expertise to her employees. Due to her exact analytical abilities and her quick comprehension she finds good solutions, which she consistently and successfully puts into practice. We would like to emphasise her well-developed ability to work conceptually and constructively, as well as her precise judgement. We are pleased to confirm her high level of economic competence. Her well-developed entrepreneurial and strategic thinking and actions earn her the greatest respect amongst management and her employees.      XXX demonstrates a high degree of initiative and completely identifies with her assignments as well as with the company. She also impresses us with her great motivation. Even under great pressure, she keeps her grasp on the situation, acts thoughtfully and accomplishes all tasks well. XXX always works very prudently, conscientiously and precisely. Her working methods are marked by trustworthiness and dependability. Even for difficult challenges, she finds and implements very effective solutions and always achieves good results.   XXX always completes tasks assigned to her to our complete satisfaction. XXX gets on well with all associates and always meets them in her friendly, open and accommodating way. Her behavior towards superiors, colleagues and customers is always flawless.   XXX receives this interim reference in the occasion of an exchange of her supervisor. We thank XXX for her very good work and are looking forward to a trustworthy and long-lasting collaboration with XXX. We wish this good employee all the best for her professional future and personal well-being as well as further success.
  2. Hello everyone!   I lost my my job recently and unfortunately I didn't separate amicably with my employer. I might have to sue him for money which he refuses to pay. At the moment I am looking for a job and I have to ask him for some kind of recommendation. I understand that in Germany there is Arbeitszeugnis (einfach and qualifiziert) and Arbeitsbestätigung which I can combine with letter of recommendation. I read in some forums that the Arbeitszeugnis is a bit outdated and also complicated to write. I am also afraid that my ex-employer may write something bad or refuse at all to give me a recommendation. Can you please advise me which type of document to ask for. Thank you!
  3. Hello all, I got both version of Arbeitszeugnis from my company. They rejected my request to change qualiziferter Arbeitszeugnis to make it better. It s currently point 3. ("zu unserer vollen zufriedenheit"). which is the possible lowest legal point.  For the future applications which type of this arbeitszeugnis would you add with your resume? or none of them?   Thanks for comments
  4. Hello everyone,   As a result of some discussions I made with my supervisors during probation period, approximately after 6 months They decided not to work with me. (I was right with our discussion thatswhy I was so persistent, I just show the contract prooving that I am right They simply did not want to struggle with me. They knew that also I am right.)   After that I requested one Arbeitszeugnis. I know that in Germany it is not reflecting what it writes. Therefore I want to ask you for help if I should reject this and insist on imrprovement for some parts maybe? Personally I didnt like expecially last 3-4 sentences. Could you check it for me?   Thanks in advance. __________________________________________________ - [When did I work] - [Introduction of Company] - [Tasks]   and then following assessment text below;   Herr XY verfügt über ein vorbildliches Fachwissen, welches er jederzeit sicher und mit sehr guten Resultaten in der Praxis anwandte. Dank seiner Auffassungsgabe und seiner Flexibilität hat er sich in neue Aufgabenstellungen schnell eingearbeitet und fand praxisnahe Lösungen. Auch in Stresssituationen erzielte er in qualitativer und quantitativer Hinsicht voll zufriedenstellende Leistungen. Herr XY überzeugte durch seine zuverlässige und genaue Arbeitsweise. Er hatte eine gute Arbeitsauffassung und zeigte eine große Leistungsmotivation. Auch die Ergebnisse seiner Arbeit waren immer zufriedenstellend. Die ihm übertragenen Aufgaben erfüllte er zu unserer vollen Zufriedenheit. Mit Vorgesetzten und Kollegen hat Herr XY gut zusammengearbeitet. Bei Kunden und Geschäftspartnern war er wegen seines stets guten Engagements und seiner Freundlichkeit sehr beliebt. Herr XY scheidet mit dem heutigen Tage aus. Wir danken ihm für seine Leistungen und die produktive Zusammenarbeit. Wir bedauern es, dass dieser Mitarbeiter uns verlässt und wünschen ihm für seine weitere Arbeit alles Gute.