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  1. Hey all     background: working in Berlin for 1,5-2years, American citizen- currently a blue card holder, but started out with a work visa    I recently took a new job, and I'm getting signs the company isn't super stable. I'm now worrying about potentially losing my job (and regretting leaving my old one!) and I have a few questions...   As I've been working legally here, I've been paying into the unemployment insurance. If I lose my job, am I entitled to it?    I'm not so sure because I'm American and my blue card/work visa is tied to my employer.    If the answer is no, and I expect it will be, what do I need to do to become eligible? My understanding is that the requirements are: 1. Work 12 months over the last two years (done and check), and 2. Have an unrestricted residence permit.    So I guess my question is, how do I get an unrestricted visa?    Ive also heard about people getting unemployment while on a fiktionpermit (or something similar). Is this possible? What loopholes are available, of any?    Im not in any immediate risk, but I want to be prepared well in advance in case it happens and I can't find a suitable job in time.   thank you!
  2. Hi,   My wife (32y old) is in a coma (Wachkoma) now deemed permanent, after a catastrophic health issue that started 9 months ago. When it happened, she had just finished her studies, had a looking-for-a-job visa, and was unemployed (having done just one freelance job). On the midst of a deeply sad and troubled story full of ups-and-downs (with details I'm sparing you of atm), only now I am minimally stable to look for financial assistance, on the midst of her transfer to a long-term care facility which will require my private payment to a certain extent.   I am her legal Betreuer, and I would like to know if there is any chance I could apply for her to receive Arbeitslosengeld and/or Krankengeld. Problem is, she has never really worked in Germany (except for a freelance job, and an internship of 3 months, and couple of student jobs in the university). We are both non-europeans, living in Germany since 2014. We came for studying, decided to stay a little longer. I have a stable part-time job, and she is insured within my family insurance at AOK. We have no kids.   Meanwhile I'm on a hustle with the Sozialamt at the moment to get a Hilfe zur Pflege with the assistance of a social worker, but that's a different story.   I appreciate any help and advice on the matter.    Thanks.