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  1. Good evening everyone,   Just wondering if you are able to give a few pointers on my situation:   - I have a permanent employment with a German company since 01.10.2016 - Since May 2017, my employer only paid my salary partially - Due to the company breaching the contract, I gave the company a termination notice on 10.07.2017 to terminate my employment on 30.09.2017 (minimum 1.5 month notice period, and termination at every quarter) - For July 2017, suddenly I was paid at Kurzarbeit rate (I thought I should not be sent to Kurzarbeit if I have terminated my employment?). - I consulted with a lawyer on 01.08.2017 regarding my salary situation and on 10.08.2017, I received a letter from the court for a hearing. - On 16.08.2017, my employer sent me an email saying that he changed my workplace from Frankfurt to Pforzheim, and I needed to come to Pforzheim starting from the next day. Otherwise he would consider it as a "refusal to work". I told him he needed to give me a three-week notice as per the contract. The three-week period should end on 07.09.2017. However since I have 22 days of holiday remaining, I could use them for the whole September and did not have to come to Pforzheim at all. - On 23.08.2017, I registered as Arbeitsuchen and Arbeitslos at Arbeitsagentur, and also applied for Arbeitslosengeld. - My salary for August and September were then not paid at all because my employer said that I "did not come to work". - I already notified my health insurance about my employment situation and they said they would wait for three months, or until the approval of Arbeitslosengeld, whichever comes first, before they ask for payment at the minimum rate. - On 16.10.2017, I found a new job and I will start on 01.11.2017. - On 20.10.2017, I found out that my previous company is going bust and I'm entitled to Insolvenzgeld.   My questions are:   1) I have not received any Arbeitslosengeld. Since I already found a job starting in November, am I still in entitled to Arbeitslosengeld for October?   2) My understanding is that I could receive the Insolvenzgeld for three months prior to termination if my salary was not paid (or partially paid). Therefore I could claim for July, August and September. When I apply for Insolvenzgeld, will my previous employer be notified of my application? I'm just afraid my previous employer will make some stuff up and mess up my application.   3) Since my salary for August and September were not paid, the unemployment insurance was also not paid for these months. Will this be a problem for my application on Arbeitslosengeld? If yes, how do I go about paying my unemployment insurance? Thank you in advance for your help!  
  2. Hey all     background: working in Berlin for 1,5-2years, American citizen- currently a blue card holder, but started out with a work visa    I recently took a new job, and I'm getting signs the company isn't super stable. I'm now worrying about potentially losing my job (and regretting leaving my old one!) and I have a few questions...   As I've been working legally here, I've been paying into the unemployment insurance. If I lose my job, am I entitled to it?    I'm not so sure because I'm American and my blue card/work visa is tied to my employer.    If the answer is no, and I expect it will be, what do I need to do to become eligible? My understanding is that the requirements are: 1. Work 12 months over the last two years (done and check), and 2. Have an unrestricted residence permit.    So I guess my question is, how do I get an unrestricted visa?    Ive also heard about people getting unemployment while on a fiktionpermit (or something similar). Is this possible? What loopholes are available, of any?    Im not in any immediate risk, but I want to be prepared well in advance in case it happens and I can't find a suitable job in time.   thank you!