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  1. Bildungsgutschein

    Hallo all,   I from New Zealand living in Berlin. I have been receiving ALG1 from the Arbeitsagentur for the last few months, and for this time have been requesting a Bildungsgutschein from the Arbeitsagentur in order to begin a 2 year Umschulung. They have just told me that they are prepared to give me the bildungsgutschein except for one reason: My Aufenthaltstitel is not for Bildung (I have a Erwerbstätigkeit gestättet Aufenthaltstitel that is not linked to a specific job).    I will fulfil all the requirements for a Bildung visa as soon as I get the contract from the Umschulung school (who are happy to accept me), but I can only get the contract from them once I present the bildungsgutschein. And the Arbeitsagentur don’t want to give me the bildungsgutschein „on the promise“ of me receiving the right Aufenthaltstitel once I have it.    has anyone faced this situation? Or received a bildungsgutschein prior to applying for the Bildung Aufenthaltstitel?    I find it hard to believe that no non-EU people ever receive a bildungsgutschein before getting a Bildung visa, because there’s no other way to get a Bildung visa for the type of course that required a Gutschein.    any advice is appreciated.   Marika