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  1. Hello,   We are an Indian couple looking for an apartment with the following requirements.   Warm Rent - 1700 Euro max Number of people - 2(Married Couple) Size - Minimum 60 sq mts Location - within 6 km of city center. Preferably within 5 minutes of a U Bahn/S Bahn station. Move In date - Immediately/asap Apartment type - Furnished. Dishwasher, Washing Machine & Fridge(with freezer) are needed.  Parking space - not needed   Feel free to contact me on 015237826092 if you need further details or have an offer.
  2. Hello Toytowners, Since I decided to move into a new apartment by myself, I have been actively searching for apartments through ebay-kleinynzeigen or immobilienscout24 etc. I have seen my fair share of scams through these websites for the past few years and they mostly have similar modus operandi and scripts. The owner is out of the city and they use a fake airbnb website to make you believe that it is authentic and they can send you the keys once you have transferred the caution deposit and the rent. I am sure that most people can see through their poorly written scripts and the rip off airbnb website but is there anything more we can do to tackle them? They usually send me the bank account details to which I have to send the money to. Is that something which can be reported to the authorities (not sure if the police would even care about this). I usually bait them for as long as I can and once they ask me for a receipt for the payment, I usually send them a piece of paper saying "Fuck You Scammer" via email. Any creative ideas are welcome. I see this as a win win situation where I usually have fun on their expense and they do not scam someone who is oblivious to these scams.
  3. Hello good folks of TT (and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season so far :-))   Here's a bit of an embarrassing little problem I would like to ask your expert help in:   So I managed to break the lid of the toilet seat the other day, it literally broke into half and although I glued it back in one piece it looks ugly. Still functioning but you can really see where it's mended, there's a large crack across the lid very visible.   The issue is, it's a really expensive make, called Ideal Standard "Tonca", and last time I checked, it is no longer produced so I'd have to mail order, the cost just for the lid and the fixtures is between EUR 120-170. Ridiculous for a piece of plastic really  Also, it's not even easily changeable, first of all the toilet itself has a weird square shape so only this type fits on it, second it's a wall mount make so the whole toilet needs to be taken off the wall to access the screws etc. This would mean additional reparation costs. I'm afraid this will result in a large bill and the question is, who is liable to pay this?   It's stated in the rental agreement that I have to cover small repairs up to 100 EUR per year and I have household insurance (though not personal liability) - but not sure what to do with this damage or even if I should report it to the landlord...   I don't mind living with an ugly toilet seat as one doesn't look at it too often so it doesn't bother me but I do wonder what would happen upon moving out if I just left it this way... Would this be a deductible from the deposit, or does something like this count as "amortization"?   Thanks for your thoughts, appreciated as always!!   Dot             
  4. While handing over the apartment, the apartment owner clearly mentioned in Übergabeprotokoll that 'Wohnung ist in Ordnung'(apartment is ok). Even the Nachmieter (successor tenant) also confirmed, in written, that all is good in apartment. About 6 weeks after when I asked to get the Kaution (Deposit) back then owner wrote the letter that the apartment had the Schimmel (Mold) while leaving. He is claiming that he repaired all the things and now he is asking me all repair cost. Question is  HOW IS CAN CLAIM AND BLAME ME while- 1. he himslef wrote in Übergabeprotokoll that 'Wohnung ist in Ordnung'(apartment is ok). 2. he made the Zählestand Protokoll (Meter and heater reading) on the day of leaving the apartment and at that time also he was not able to find the mold in apartment. 3. Nachmieter (successor tenant) also gae in written that I checked the apartment and all is ok with the apartment, on the day of leaving.   Your advice in this matter is highly appreciated.   Thanks a lot in advance.
  5. Apartment wanted!

    Hello everyone, We(husband, 2.5 yr old son and myself) are looking for an apartment within a 30 minute distance of Eschborn (by public Transportation). We would also need to have kindergartens nearby, preferably Bilingual.    Our requirements for the apartment: - Available February, 2020 or earlier - Minimum 85 sq.mtrs - 3 rooms with/without a fitted kitchen.  - Maximum Warm rent: 1250€. - Kindergarten nearby!!    Any leads would be highly appreciated.   Thank you 
  6. Hello all,   Hope you are doing great on the other side of the screen.   I am having a weird experience now. I have my apartment contract ending June 2018 with one month notice period. I have already dropped a mail(1st May 2018) as well a contract termination letter to landlord registered post. But the post isn't receipt by him.  Below is the status as of now of the post: Status of the shipment Further processing steps XXXXXXXX The recipient has been notified. The consignment is ready to be picked up at the responsible branch of Deutsche Post (XXX).   I tried calling him but he is not accepting my calls and looks like am also blocked on whatsapp. What should be the next course of action from my end? This is my first time in Germany and this experience is really getting into my nerves. Am I done from my end or should I send another letter if he doesnt collect the post from branch office?   Another point to add here is, there was a bit of cut on the couch and I told him the same and he asked me the cost of the same would be 600 Euros, insisted on replacing the couch and when I asked him for the bill receipt he said he don't have one. What should I do now? Since then he isn't responding to my calls.   Looking forward to some support to tackle up this.   best regards, newTraveller.
  7. Who needs a beautiful apartment in Neuhausen for two months? In December and January ours would be available: Two furnished rooms, 75 sqm, a really great kitchen with bar, two balconies, which are nice in winter if you want to catch some sunbeams , and really important: a nice bathtub. In addition, super located, in a quiet backyard, supermarkets and local traffic are around the corner, and the center of Munich is only 15 minutes away. The apartment is very suitable for a couple. Costs with everything (additional costs, Internet, GEZ ..) 1.360, - per month. We will spend the winter in the southern hemisphere and would like to give our comfortable home in good hands. Exact dates would be between the 08.12.19 and the 03.02.20, but we are relatively flexible. Photos or visit on request to    
  8. Hi,   We are moving to Munich as my husband has a new job at Siemens starting in October. We will be in Munich on Saturday the 21st to Sunday so would be available to view properties then.  We are:  - 2 adults and 2 children (3yo and a baby) - Non smokers - No pets - Search area: south Munich (Trudering/Berg am Laim etc.) -Preferably unfurnished -Max KM would be 2200 per month.  -Moving in date: ASAP due to imminent start of job. - Nationality: German and British.    If you have anything that would fit the bill, we would be most grateful if you could drop us a line.   Many thanks and best regards,     Fleur
  9. Furnished 3 room apartment in the Perlach area of Munich. All the details are here:   Please write to me or directly via the website.
  10. Hi everyone!   I have been living in Berlin for two years already and I have been renting so far.  During the last month I have been thinking about buying my own apartment. I have very clear that I will stay quite long in Berlin since I like the city and it provides me a lot of work. For this reason and seeing that the rental prices don't stop skyrocketing I was wondering if it is right now a good moment to buy. Also, taking into account that all the news are talking about a new economical recession and that nobody knows how all the Brexit stuff will affect.   I am basically scared of buying an apartment and seeing that prices will decrease during the next 1-2 years. What do you think ?
  11. Short term accommodation required

    Hi All,  My partner and I are looking for some short term accommodation (approx 1 month) whilst we settle in Munich. We don’t mind where. I have been looking on Mr Lodge. However, these are usually 6 month rentals.  Does anyone have any tips? Are sublets a thing in Munich? Thanks     
  12. The apartment is located in an absolute top location in the heart of Schwabing. Supermarkets, bakeries, cafes, restaurants, doctors, pharmacies, etc. at your doorstep. Public transports (U-Bahn , Bus and Tram) are just 150m away - you can reach every destination fast and uncomplicated from the Hohenzollernplatz.   The sunny apartment on the top floor is very quiet and all windows are to the backyard. It is fully equiped and has wood parquet in every room as well as a heated floor. The facilitie is very modern and was built in 2011.    70qm - 2 rooms 6th floor (rooftop - non elevator) 1 bedroom 1 bathroom gallery 8qm roof top terrace open kitchen big open living and dining room  fully furnished with high quality products   Amenities Washing machine including dryer Dish washer coffee machine stove fridge  toaster Cutlery crockery cookware Bathtube with shower  Iron Ironing board Vacuum cleaner Bed clothes Pillow Blankets TV WiFi   Just move in and enjoy the wonderful city of Munich!   Rent excluding heating and additional cost 1795€ per month   additional costs  155€ per month   security guarantee 3900€     Available from 1st of November 2019   You can rent it from 4 month up to an unlimited period. Please understand, that It's not allowed to smoke in the apartment.  
  13. Hi Everyone,   We are out of Munich for one month and would like to rent out our place between September 15th and October 17th.   The apartment is located next to Bundesfinanzhof in a quiet building. It's one big room plus large separate kitchen and bathroom. Total around 55 sqaure meters.   Location: About 5 minutes walk to the river, 10 minutes walk to the Chinese Tower and the park. Rewe neaby, Bakeries, all there.   Public Transporation: Tram to Isartor at the door, buses to Ostbahnhof and Giselastr every 5 minutes.   Price: We ask for 1000 Euro, all inclusive plus 500 security deposit.   Looking for quiet, responsible tenants. Pictures available, just send us a message here.
  14. Hello, my husband and I finally made it to Holzkirchen and love it already. So much that it is our number 1 location for finding a permanent place to live (we are temporarily in Snooze Apartments) but there is nothing on the open market for us. We have a relocation agent and they told us that only 30% of properties make it to the open market. The other 70% are rented via word of mouth/local knowledge. So, I am writing to you now to try and tap into that 70%. If anyone knows of a flat/townhouse coming up for rent from now onward please let me know. We are open to looking at anything under 1700 (cold) but would love 3+ rooms, a guest toilette or second bathroom and some good storage space and maybe a hobbyroom/shed/garage. We are just the two of us, no pets or kids, non-smokers.  We like cycling, walking, craft, good food.   Or, if you have tips on how to find a place please share.  Thanks so much.