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  1. I have left my room since December last year and until now I have not received my kaution/deposit back from my landlord. He only replied once saying that he will check my room and after that there was no news. I sent him another email to ask for my deposit back and until now there has not been any reply. Above that, he has been pestering my now ex-housemate to leave the apartment with short notices but by right she should be given 3 months notice in writing that has not occurred yet. What can we do?
  2. Why are landlords so picky?

    So I am going through a seperation and am looking for a flat in Cologne, and because of kids school/kindergarten, proximity to ex, my job etc, it has to be close to where I am living now. Almost every flat I have shown interest in online has turned out to be a fake, scammer or even identity thief.   About a month ago I viewed the perfect flat for me. It's affordable and 5 mins walk from the old place. I would have signed the rent contract in a second.   I just called Immobilienmakler after seeing the flat was still online to ask if the landlord has decided on a renter yet, and was told that nobody who has viewed the property so far is suitable.   WTF??? I have a perfect Schufa rating, earn ok, have no animals, don't smoke and have never in my life paid my rent late.   I just don't understand why they don't think I'm suitable. The Makler wouldn't tell me of course, and I have no way to contact the owner.   Could it be because I'm not a German citizen? (although there were lots of Germans at the viewing that also wanted the flat so can't be that).   Maybe because I have 2 children?   Any ideas or tips, I need to move out soon!   Thanks,   Britgirl
  3. Dear All,   We are searching for 3 room apartment to move on 15.05.2019, with my wife and baby son. Furnished or Unfurnished both will work for us. The maximum budget is 1400 Euro.   The preferred location is between Unterschleissheim to City Centre.    Kindly support by providing us some links, contacts or apartment viewing appointments.
  4. Hello, someone I know (30 years old, Indian citizen on a student visa) is paraplegic, and is currently in a Schoeneweide apartment with a non-functioning elevator, and is about to get evicted because the apartment cannot handle his disability. He is currently learning German before enrolling at the university.   Any suggested options ? Are there any special apartment listings for disabled people ? Thanks !  
  5. Painting when leaving apartment

    Hello,   I am leaving my apartment after five years there at the end of this month. The apartment is in good condition, and the paint on the walls has not changed much since I moved in (the previous renter did not paint the apartment when they left, and instead gave us a kitchen for free).   My landlord told me this - "Mrs. xxx from yyy company visited the apartment because of the renovation work. She has submitted a cost estimate of € 1,795.46 including VAT. I would like it if a painting company could carry out the work professionally after the long rental period from you. I would like to suggest to you that I participate with € 500.00 and you pay only € 1,295.00. Do you agree? "   I seem to remember reading here that something changed about the rules regarding the responsibility of the tenant for painting. What do you think about this ?   Thanks !!
  6. **** reposted as I wanted to change the text and add photos!!*****   Hi   My partner & I are relocating back to the UK, and the lease for our apartment is therefore available to be taken over. The property will be available from the 15th March 2019 onwards.   The apartment is on the first floor of a new complex in Berg am Laim, which was built in 2017, and has the following features:   87m3, first floor in new complex 5 minutes walk to the S-Bahn station Balcony with floor to ceiling doors/windows Fitted kitchen including oven, hob, fridge freezer and dishwasher Parking for one car 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms Utility room Storage in the cellar Unfurnished   It is really easy to travel around. You can be in Marienplatz in 12 minutes, Schwabing in 18 minutes, and the Airport in 37 minutes using the public transport.   The landlord is maintaining the same rental costs per month. The total cost per month is €1.921, which is split €1,630 rent, €80 parking, and €211 nebenkosten. The deposit is €4,890.   Area is very nice - there is an Aldi, Rewe City and DM in close walking distance (2 mins walk), plenty of Car2go and Drivenow's in the area, and within a 10 minute walk is a Netto, Lidl, plus various eating places. There are two tram stops close by too.   We will be prepared to sell the lights fitted to the apartment, hanging racks and washing machine for €250.   If you are interested in knowing more, please DM me and let me know:   What your job is & who working for Whether your job is temporary or permanent Salary How long you are looking to rent for When you can move   The landlord will not rent to students or flatshares.   I will send photos and floor plan etc if interested.   Cheers AW    
  7. We all know how insane it is getting a flat contract in Berlin, especially if you're a foreigner. I have a wonderful place for a great price, that could use some modernizing. I cook everyday, yet the kitchen looks like it's from the 70s. Not a very sexy place to send hours in really. So I would like to replace the floors and install new and modern looking cabinets etc... maybe even remove the wall so it opens up into the dining room which would be lovely.   There's also a weirdly placed closet that comes out from the wall out about half a meter, that totally ruins the dining room. I would rather have an open space unobstructed then an inconveniently placed closet.   My landlord said I could do the renovations myself, out of my own pocket. And that anything I install, would become property of the building owner - my question is - is this a good idea to invest €3 - €5k? I will not be moving for at least another 3/4 years, which at that point I would buy. Curious if anyone has done this before?
  8. Flat rental possible scam?

    I have been requesting flats for a time now and got an email from someone offering me a flat, we have been discussing for a bit now and the person told me her daughter moved out so now she rents the apartment. However, she states that she is in Greece and can only come over if I show I have the money to be able to afford the apartment. She sent me this in one of her emails which for me it seems super odd and pretty much like a scam, what do you think?   Dear Juan David,If you're really interested and decided, you can secure the apartment from now on, and I will keep it available for you until we meet.It is unfortunate that my past bitter experience of inviting people to come and view my apartment without any form of confirmation of their financial ability and not keeping up to time as at when scheduled, has brought about great loss to me.I'm sure you are honest person so please don't understand me wrong but some tenants are not really decided or do not have the money to pay the rent and yet they disturb me to arrange a viewing with their friends.My husband and I have decided to carry out a simple test on seriousness and financial ability before coming for viewing.I want to be sure that when we'll meet in Munich, it might be a chance that we'll do the renting papers, sign the renting contract, give you the keys and return to my home if you really like the flat conditions. I will not ask for money in advance before moving in, I don't need any deposit from you or pay me any money at all.  But as a warranty that you really can afford to rent my apartment, I require that you arrange a money transfer, on your name!Because I used this system with my daughter when she lived in Munich, here is what I propose:A family member must find the nearest Western Union office, and send you a money transfer with the cost of the security deposit + first month's rent ( 1000 € + 570 € = 1570 € ) sent to you, and on your name.This transfer will be a warranty, so I can be sure that you will wait for me in Munich when I will arrive.Example of transfer:sender’s name :  family member's namereceiver’s name :    Juan Davidreceiver’s address : Munich, GermanyAfter the transfer is done, you will receive a receipt. You have to take a picture of it and send it to me attached trough e-mail, as evidence. This proof will be enough for me to see that your interest in renting my apartment is real. At my turn, I will book the flight ticket immediately and send you a copy of it. Then, we will set up a place and a time when we should meet in Munich. After we meet, you will inspect the apartment and if you want to keep it, we will go to a notary office and do all the needed paperwork. Then, we’ll go together to a bank branch that has a Western Union office and you will collect your money, and make a bank deposit in my personal account where I want to receive the rent payment monthly.Please note that I will pay for the notary fees when signing the rental contract.Thanks for your time and understanding,Flora
  9. Apartment Deposit

    I've seen a couple of topic related to this but a bit old and maybe now might be a bit different. So I was looking for an apartment and just got a positive answer. The landlord told me to sign the contract in a date we already scheduled and that he would be able to give me the keys immediately if I paid the deposit in money. If it was by transaction, he would only give the keys once the money reaches his account.    I've seen a lot of topics saying that it is needed to create a bank account for the deposit purpose. However, if it's signed by both that I already paid the deposit (when and how much), will this be fine by law? (I am planning to go for the transaction, since it is also a lot of money to give by hand...)    
  10. Hi, I am a 27 years old girl from Italy, and I am looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment for rent in Munich. I´m employed full-time since over 2 years as a designer (my work contract is permanent). I can provide my last pay slips, work contracts, as well as a copy of my SCHUFA. I would rent the flat long-term and only 1 person (me - female, 27) would live in the apartment. My move-in date is flexible. Ideally I would prefer an unlimited time contract, or a flat that´s available for at least 1 year. I do not mind if the apartment is unfurnished, as I already have some furniture from my previous place! Please contact me via provate message or by commenting here below. Thank you!
  11. So my situation is a layer cake of weirdness and detail, so there is a lot that I will have to leave out, but may need to bring up and fill in depending on feedback and questions.   BACKGROUND:   A friend of mine was moving to the U.S., so I decided to rent her apartment that she owned and lived in. Per our agreement, she would leave the furniture—which was not in the contract—and her things in the attic. Essentially when she left all she took was cloths.   Since she live in the U.S. her father, who lives in Greece, took care of things. (Skipping over a lot of issues we had between 2015 - 2018) I gave my notice last year and move out at the end of October. Her father came to Hamburg to do the Handover, and the final protocol was ok across the board.   He and his wife stayed for an additional week to prep the apartment for “normal” renting conditions. 2 days after the handover he called to inform me that I forgotten something in the attic. When picking it up he showed me damage to the back of the (IKEA) sofa. The damage was, in my opinion, easily fixable, and I asked to take care of it as I knew that I could (square piece of wood with four screws, easy). I heard nothing.   After Christmas I wrote and email asking about the deposit and specifically asked if there was anything that we needed to discuss, expecting the sofa to still be an issue. What was sent to me was a 300€ cost estimate from the direct repair service provider of IKEA located in Dusseldorf, which included travel costs and allowance. The repairs has already been done. Come to find out that the company who sent the cost estimate was not able to do the repairs, and they found a carpenter “who agreed to repair it for the same price”, which leads me to believe there was no negotiation but rather “we need this done fast, will you do it for X amount?   I wrote and email saying that I did not agree with the way the repair was communicated and handled, expecting that he would/should have first put the responsibility on me, or at least sourced multiple offers. I purposely wrote this email as kindly and respectfully as I could—I mean, I genuinely like the guy, I just do not agree with something and would like to discuss and come to a compromise. “Within this email I gave examples of how the costs were unnecessarily high, even finding the same sofa on eBay-Kleinanzeigen for 50€, from which we could have replaced the broken piece.   I am aware that since I have a protocol I could say “tough, send me my money”, but I am interested in not burning the bridge with my friend. Anyways he replied to the email and was obviously enrage; talking about everything except the sofa: costs for repairs during the rental that they could have passed on to me, but decided not to; their accommodating nature—basically how awesome they are and how thankful we should be; and a whole bunch of other things that I do not agree 100% on his POV.   QUESTIONS:   Not taking the protocol into consideration, is he required to inform me of any repairs before they are done? Should I have had the opportunity to make the repair? Is there any laws stating such, or is this more about etiquette? The guy is uber German, and I am pretty confident that if I showed him some law or something he would back down. Does he have to request more than one offer/estimate for the repair? From what I have seen it seams that a landlord can hire who he wants. If that is the case, I find that a bit strange because if we had a falling out he could, in theory, purposely find the most expensive option simply out of spite.
  12. Hello, I'm a university student from Atlanta, Georgia, USA and I am doing my spring term abroad in England. Over the summer, I will likely be volunteering as an undergraduate research assistant in a geomicrobiology lab at Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, and I'm looking for accommodations for the eight weeks I will be in Germany. I have some funding from my home university, but it doesn't cover all the costs, so ideally my accommodations will be as cheap as possible. I also won't have a car, so I will need to be in walking/tram distance to the university. I am willing to babysit/do some housekeeping to reduce the cost of my stay. However, I do not speak German. Does anyone know of a way I can find cheap accommodations for my stay? I've checked Airbnb. Thank you so much in advance!
  13. Hi, This spacious, renovated 3-room apartment is located on the 8th floor of a high-rise built in 1972. The highlight of this apartment is certainly the dreamlike view over the city to the mountains. The entrance area includes a small hallway, a guest toilet and a practical storage room. Due to the large windows on the south side falls a lot of daylight in the over 32m2 large living / dining area. The bedrooms, which are also bright, offer optimal space thanks to the square cut and the size (14.56m2 & 13.67m2). The sleeping area is rounded off by a common hall area with built-in cupboard and a bathroom, equipped with bathtub and washing machine connection. In the basement area you will find a 5m2 cellar and various common areas available. Location MOOSACH... due to the proximity to the center and the very good transport links a popular residential area! Press city at the Olympia shopping center: - just a 6-minute walk to the subway station Olympia-Einkaufszentrum, subway lines U1 / U3 / U7 - 2 minutes’ walk to the bus stop Olympia-Einkaufszentrum Ost (bus line 175) - 2 minutes’ walk to 'OEZ' (Olympia shopping center) - Access to the Olympic Park without having to cross a street - Olympic facility: mecca for sports, leisure and events domestic equipment’s Facts: + 8th floor with lift + two balconies (south & north orientation) + View into the mountains and over Munich + large windows, thus light flooded apartment + Plastic windows double glazed (new 2008) + new bathroom & guest toilet - modern tiled in gray / white + Bathroom with bathtub and washing machine connection + Corridor area with built-in wardrobe and vinyl floor in tile look + Living room and children's room partly with wooden cladding and vinyl floor in wood look + kitchen with upper cabinets and vinyl floor in tile look + Repaint walls and doors + approx. 5m2 cellar compartment + Cable connection + District heating + fitted kitchen Rent: 1850€ (1550€ cold + 300€ neben kosten)   Kaution: 4650€ (3*KaltMiete) Available: 01.04.2019 till 31.12.2020 KVR is possible (standard rental contract)    Please contact for viewing appointment @0176-27793239 or email @
  14. anybody going away from 2nd or 3rd of January want to sublet their apartment for 1 or 2 weeks?
  15. Hello dears!   Leaving my lovely sunny apartment in Trudering.   3 rooms, 82 sq. m., terrace 12 sq. m., small garden with rose arc. Paying 1470 warm. Payslips close to 3x warm required.    Furniture to go in set for really affordable asking price.   See GP shared album -   Please PM if interested.   MfG.
  16. 2 bedroom apartment with patio and private garden in lovely neighborhood, adjacent to a park, walking distance to U-Bahn and S-Bahn. 70 m2, large living/dining area. Open plan brand new kitchen, fully equipped. Renovated bathroom.   The address is Niemöllerallee 10 in 81739 München.   You can see the photos of the apartment here:   The monthly rent is 1.980,-EUR all inclusive heating, water, electricity, internet, parking (underground). Available for rent from December 2018 for max. period of 3 years or less.   Please contact for viewing appointment 0177.4572140
  17. Hi, I'm Mélanie, I'm a French student studying in a French Business School. I am coming to Munich in January for a 6-months internship next to Wettersteinplatz.  Therefore, I'm looking for an apartment, preferably furnished (at least the kitchen as well as a wash machine) in the center on Munich (2nd ring max).     I am 21 years old and do not smoke, I am also very serious and quiet and never hosts any parties, so there should not be any problem with neighbors. I currently live alone in an apartment I rent, so I am used to having my own place and abiding by the rules.  I like reading a lot and watching films or TV Shows, I love doing makeup as well ! I am curious and excited to live on my own in a foreign country. I'd de delighted to live in a WG with people from other nationalities ! I also like cooking a lot. I currently live with a cat that I would love to bring with me to Munich so it would be even better if I could find a place where I could take my cat but I also understand it if pets are not allowed.    I will be paid during my internship and my parents will help with the rent as well as they already help me with my current rent.  I can also you provide you the paperworks showing I pay my current monthly rent if necessary.    You can contact me through mail or skype as well!    With my best regards, Staying at your disposal for any further questions Mélanie
  18. Hallo! We are the young married couple without children.  We are looking for a 1 or 2 room flat in Munich for a long period (preferably in Schwabing-Freimann) from November 2018 or later. My name is Pavel, I'm 28 years old. My area of expertise is robotics software engineering. This year I've finished my Ph.D. in Electronics and Communications. Recently I signed my contract with the employer in Munich and now preparing for relocation.  My wife's name is Olga, she is 28 too. She has two Master's: Journalism and Sociology.  We're a responsible intelligent couple interested in science, art, and self-development. We practice a healthy lifestyle and don't smoke.  We have a budgie and we hope it's not a problem because it's very small and absolutely harmless to flat and neighbors. We are ready to consider any offer, so feel free to contact us. Thanks!