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  1. Beautiful and well divided 38 m² 1,5 room apartment in a very quiet location near Olympia-Einkaufszentrum (2 mins to U1/U3, with all shops close-by (incl Aldi, Lidl, Edeka)) Warm rent 850 € pcm Available from 01 Jan but can also be earlier.   Balcony, Keller, Built-in kitchen, bathtub w/ shower.   See the following link for full details and contact info:
  2. Hello TTers,   One room apartment is going to be available from Dec 1 (can be rented a bit earlier, negotiable)  It includes: - Separate kitchen  (with fitted kitchen and fridge) - Bathroom with bathtub/shower - Small balcony - Entrance area - Small Keller in the basement - No washing machine (nearest launderette is in Bockenheim) - 3rd floor with lift - Bicycle parking space in  backyard   Size Approx. 24m2. For one person   Location: Westendsud : 5 min walk to U4/Tram16 Festhalle/messe sta, 8 min walk to U6/7 Westend sta Rewe, Bakeries, Cafes, Apotheke within a few minis walk   Warm rent: 550€ (excl. electricity & internet)  Unlimited contract with minimum 1 year  stay   For pics and/ or viewing, Please send a PM.    
  3. I have 2 apartments for renting in Pasing. Both of them are new, just finished the construction.   Description for both apartments: The living room with open kitchen impresses with its spacious and bright living space. The underfloor heating always ensures cozy warmth and a pleasant room climate. The apartment also includes a cellar compartment, an underground parking space and the common use of the storage area for prams and bicycles. The apartment is without a fitted kitchen. Bicycle parking spaces and garbage room / garbage cans above the underground car park.     Apartment 03, ground floor (51 m2 living space): 1 Bedroom, Living Room, American kitchen (without fitted kitchen), 1 Bathroom, Loggia and private garden, and underground parking.  Rent: Apartment 1175 € + Garage 70 € Additional costs (Nebenkosten): 160 € Monthly: 1405 € Deposit = 3 monthly rent from apartment + garage (3735 €)   Apartment 30, second floor (45m2 living space): 1 Bedroom, Living Room, American kitchen (without fitted kitchen), 1 Bathroom, Loggia, and underground parking.  Rent: Apartment 1035 € + Garage 70 € Additional costs (Nebenkosten): 155 € Monthly: 1260 € Deposit = 3 monthly rent from apartment + garage (3315 €)   Email:  
  4. Breaking my apartment contract early.

    Hi TT, need a bit of advice. I currently rent an apartment in Berlin from a company which owns many apartments in Berlin, and I'm looking to move out because I'm moving to a new city from October 1. My apartment's notice is 3 months, but my landlord agreed (in email) to let me go earlier if I supplied them a new tenant. She gave me her colleague's email and asked me to ask the people interested in the apartment to email her directly. So I made a post on FB and I received a lot of interest. Some people came to see the apartment, and when they showed interest, I directed them to the email address given to me.    A few days later, I emailed the colleague myself to ask if she has received emails from tenants, and if there was anything I could do to help with the process. She shot me an angry reply back saying I had no right to put up her work email on FB publicly (which I didn't), and that she had deleted all those emails without reading. And that instead of giving out her email, I should pick three tenants and collect their docs, and send it to her. Also, she added that Oct 1 isn't possible, they can pick a tenant by Oct 16, but they weren't obligated to.    I was a bit taken aback, but I kept my cool and politely explained in the email that I had indeed not posted her email on FB, but instead given it out privately on message. And that I was just doing what was asked. Then I collected the docs of three tenants and sent it to her.    I've been following up and she has just been very uncooperative and rude. She claims she hasn't checked her emails in the past days (which sounds weird to me), and effectively has told me not to call her, not to follow up, she will call when she has questions. Meanwhile, one of my tenants. has found another apartment, and the other two are getting impatient as well.    The problem is, my move out date is pretty close. I'm a bit reluctant to hand over the apartment in case they don't pick a new tenant, since that might mean I have to keep paying rent for another 3 months without actually living in the apartment.    Also, I need to time to sell my stuff, move out, paint the apartment, clean it etc. In case they pick a tenant, then I have to do all this immediately. In case they don't, and I do all of these things, then I am stuck with an empty apartment where I have to sleep and sit on the floor.     I know legally they are well within their rights and I can't do anything. My questions are: 1. Why are people so rude to others who they've never met, and jump to conclusions?  2. Is there anything else I can do - some sort of a gesture that makes them want to help me out?    What would your advice be?