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  1. Hello TTers,   One room apartment is going to be available from Dec 1 (can be rented a bit earlier, negotiable)  It includes: - Separate kitchen  (with fitted kitchen and fridge) - Bathroom with bathtub/shower - Small balcony - Entrance area - Small Keller in the basement - No washing machine (nearest launderette is in Bockenheim) - 3rd floor with lift - Bicycle parking space in  backyard   Size Approx. 24m2. For one person   Location: Westendsud : 5 min walk to U4/Tram16 Festhalle/messe sta, 8 min walk to U6/7 Westend sta Rewe, Bakeries, Cafes, Apotheke within a few minis walk   Warm rent: 550€ (excl. electricity & internet)  Unlimited contract with minimum 1 year  stay   For pics and/ or viewing, Please send a PM.    
  2. I have 2 apartments for renting in Pasing. Both of them are new, just finished the construction.   Description for both apartments: The living room with open kitchen impresses with its spacious and bright living space. The underfloor heating always ensures cozy warmth and a pleasant room climate. The apartment also includes a cellar compartment, an underground parking space and the common use of the storage area for prams and bicycles. The apartment is without a fitted kitchen. Bicycle parking spaces and garbage room / garbage cans above the underground car park.     Apartment 03, ground floor (51 m2 living space): 1 Bedroom, Living Room, American kitchen (without fitted kitchen), 1 Bathroom, Loggia and private garden, and underground parking.  Rent: Apartment 1175 € + Garage 70 € Additional costs (Nebenkosten): 160 € Monthly: 1405 € Deposit = 3 monthly rent from apartment + garage (3735 €)   Apartment 30, second floor (45m2 living space): 1 Bedroom, Living Room, American kitchen (without fitted kitchen), 1 Bathroom, Loggia, and underground parking.  Rent: Apartment 1035 € + Garage 70 € Additional costs (Nebenkosten): 155 € Monthly: 1260 € Deposit = 3 monthly rent from apartment + garage (3315 €)   Email:  
  3. Breaking my apartment contract early.

    Hi TT, need a bit of advice. I currently rent an apartment in Berlin from a company which owns many apartments in Berlin, and I'm looking to move out because I'm moving to a new city from October 1. My apartment's notice is 3 months, but my landlord agreed (in email) to let me go earlier if I supplied them a new tenant. She gave me her colleague's email and asked me to ask the people interested in the apartment to email her directly. So I made a post on FB and I received a lot of interest. Some people came to see the apartment, and when they showed interest, I directed them to the email address given to me.    A few days later, I emailed the colleague myself to ask if she has received emails from tenants, and if there was anything I could do to help with the process. She shot me an angry reply back saying I had no right to put up her work email on FB publicly (which I didn't), and that she had deleted all those emails without reading. And that instead of giving out her email, I should pick three tenants and collect their docs, and send it to her. Also, she added that Oct 1 isn't possible, they can pick a tenant by Oct 16, but they weren't obligated to.    I was a bit taken aback, but I kept my cool and politely explained in the email that I had indeed not posted her email on FB, but instead given it out privately on message. And that I was just doing what was asked. Then I collected the docs of three tenants and sent it to her.    I've been following up and she has just been very uncooperative and rude. She claims she hasn't checked her emails in the past days (which sounds weird to me), and effectively has told me not to call her, not to follow up, she will call when she has questions. Meanwhile, one of my tenants. has found another apartment, and the other two are getting impatient as well.    The problem is, my move out date is pretty close. I'm a bit reluctant to hand over the apartment in case they don't pick a new tenant, since that might mean I have to keep paying rent for another 3 months without actually living in the apartment.    Also, I need to time to sell my stuff, move out, paint the apartment, clean it etc. In case they pick a tenant, then I have to do all this immediately. In case they don't, and I do all of these things, then I am stuck with an empty apartment where I have to sleep and sit on the floor.     I know legally they are well within their rights and I can't do anything. My questions are: 1. Why are people so rude to others who they've never met, and jump to conclusions?  2. Is there anything else I can do - some sort of a gesture that makes them want to help me out?    What would your advice be?
  4. We would like to rent out our 3 Bedroom Apartment in Pasing, Munich, starting from November.   This ground-floor apartment is nice and bright: with an approximately 100 m² south-west Garden. An 20 m² Terrasse is spacious enough for the whole family, even in rainy days. The Apartment has a good floorplan and is well-equipped. The three bedrooms and the living room are with hardwood floorings. They are filled with natural light with big floor-to-ceiling Windows. The main bathroom is equipped with a bathtub, WC, sink and washing machine/dryer connection. Meanwhile, there is shower cabinet, WC and sink in the guest bathroom. A spacious and family friendly kitchen is equipped with branded electrical appliances, eg. Küppersbuch and Neff, etc. Walking distance to Pasing Main Station, Pasing Shopping Center, Pasinger Citypark, various grocery shopping options, and doctor's practices. Cold Rent: 1650 Euro Garage : 100 euro Nebenkosten : 250 Euro   If you are interested, please contact via email:
  5. Hello, everyone. My husband and I are searching for a 3 room apartment in Düsseldorf. We have a 15 months old son. We have a positive Schufa and own income. I am a PhD student and my husband (policeman by profession but has worked other jobs in Germany) will be on Elternzeit for the next 6 months so that I can concentrate on my studies. Our monthly income will be about 2100 Euro/month. I know this is low for German standards but actually it is more than enough for us because we are minimalists. We are not too demanding about the location and would prefer a fitted kitchen. If anyone has any rental offer which matches what I wrote here please contact me.
  6. Hello All,   I'm looking for a new flatemate to share a lovely apartment with. The apartment and room are fully furnished. However, if you’d prefer an unfurnished room then that is also possible.   Ideally you are: - relaxed - uncomplicated / drama free - employed - clean & organized - have a good sense of humour   Here's some info about me: - 38 - open-minded and relaxed - employed - Hobbies: cooking (good food & drink), traveling, fitness, books, films, music, cultural events, spending time with friends.   The fully furnished room is newly renovated. Here are a few details: - Bed: 160x200 with new comfortable mattress  - Wardrobe - Desk with lamp and chair - Bedding & towels - Bright & quiet   The flat: - Large shared living room & kitchen with everything that you need - Wood floor - Nicely furnished    Neighbourhood: Au / close to the Isar (river). Arguably the best location in Munich. - 50 metres to the park - 200 metres from the Isar - 100 metres from the metro station (Kolumbusplatz) + other transportation options (bus + team) - very centrally located apartment - 15 minutes walk to Viktualienmarkt & Marienplatz  - quiet side street - bars, cafes and a variety of shopping options all within walking distance    Some details about the building: - Altbau  - beautiful courtyard perfect for bbq or drinks - friendly neighbours - inside parking space for bicycles   Price: 850 Euros (all utilities included)   Please feel free to contact me if you’re interested. Tel: 0157 8502 1605 E-Mail:            
  7. Hello all! I got a job in Ottobrunn starting from June, and will be moving during May. Consequently, I am looking for a 1-room (or 1.5-room) apartment in the area between München center and Ottobrunn itself (both endpoints included). I am primarily looking for a place that is no more than 1h away from my workplace by public transport, is already furnished, and has a kitchen. An oven and a washing machine are huge pluses.   I am male, 36, single, quiet, non-smoker, without pets, would live alone, and have full-time employment. Previous to this I spent 7 years in Freiburg until I finished my PhD. If you have an offer please send me a PM, and we can discuss details. :-)   Best, Marko
  8. Hello, I'm recently moving out Germany so I'm looking for a new tenant from August 1st. My apartment located in Mannheim Quadrat, it is in a city center but it has a great view.   If anyone interested in it, please check the following link and photos.   Thanks!
  9. Preface:   I heard there's a new rent cap going on in Berlin (no idea if this applies to other areas of Brandenburg, too and/or Germany). Basically there seems to be a maximum amount of euros per square meter that is considered legal for a landlord to ask as rent.   Since I am probably going to be on the look for a new apartment or single house for rent, I thought I'd formulate some scenarios in order to see if I got the whole thing right.   Suppose I am looking for an apartment for rent. I look online, I find one. I book an appointment with the landlord. The asking price is WAY over the rent cap, as I currently see it 95% of the units I browsed do not even feel the breeze of this supposed-law.   Scenario 1: I visit the unit, I like it. I tell the landlord "well, according to the new rent cap law, this apartment should cost X amount and not Y amount. Would you agree on that amount? The landlord says "no". - I am out.   Scenario 1b: Identical to 1, but I vaguely refer to some laws related to rent. The landlord says "I am not discriminating against you just because you mentioned some rent cap laws.. I am simply not feeling a good vibe with you and I have the right to choose who rents my place or not. So I say no." - I am out.   Scenario 2: I visit the unit, I like it. I tell the landlord "I take it". We continue some paperwork etc. fast-forward to when the whole thing is done and I move in. After a while I write my landlord saying "hey, I am paying more than I should. I read that it's also a retro-active law, meaning you have to lower the rent to the rent cap AND refund me of the difference I paid so far" (this is what a lot of people told me, too.. that the law is retro-active in some way). The landlord says "F" and then some kind of dispute begins. I might or might not get the money back but I like with a pissed landlord next door. - I am in but .. with a crosshair on my forehead (or not, maybe).   Scenario 3: Like 2 but I tell the landlord half-way before signing. He then reacts like "you know what, I don't feel a great positive energy in this room. I have the right to change my mind, I decide you are not the right person to rent this." I do not get the unit. - I am out.   Scenario 4: I call the authorities and report that there is a unit being rented over cap. I have no idea if these people can be punished just by letting the authorities know. I don't get to rent that apartment but maybe I bring justice to this world. Yay.       The above kinda serve me right as a different way of asking you the following: 1) How does the rent cap work in Berlin? How is the maximum per square meter calculated? 2) Is there really anything a person can use to put this rent cap to use or will the landlords simply say "no" to people who mention that before renting their unit? 3) Is the law retro-active for sure? Meaning: can I calculate the excess rent I am paying and demand a refund? Can this be applied to units on rent even before the law passed? 4) In the end, is this really of any help for someone looking for an apartment for rent or will the sharks of this city still have the upper hand? Did they ever have it, though (maybe I am biased against speculators?)   Thanks!
  10. Hello Toytowners, Since I decided to move into a new apartment by myself, I have been actively searching for apartments through ebay-kleinynzeigen or immobilienscout24 etc. I have seen my fair share of scams through these websites for the past few years and they mostly have similar modus operandi and scripts. The owner is out of the city and they use a fake airbnb website to make you believe that it is authentic and they can send you the keys once you have transferred the caution deposit and the rent. I am sure that most people can see through their poorly written scripts and the rip off airbnb website but is there anything more we can do to tackle them? They usually send me the bank account details to which I have to send the money to. Is that something which can be reported to the authorities (not sure if the police would even care about this). I usually bait them for as long as I can and once they ask me for a receipt for the payment, I usually send them a piece of paper saying "Fuck You Scammer" via email. Any creative ideas are welcome. I see this as a win win situation where I usually have fun on their expense and they do not scam someone who is oblivious to these scams.
  11. 1.5 room apartment with all facilities available in Ramersdorf area of Munich. Size is 41.5 sqm and fully modern apartment. Big kitchen, Sofa cum bad, one double bed, Refrigerator, dinning table, TV, Washing machine, a nice balcony with movable wooden shade and all utensils and daily needs things are available. Bus stop is 2 mins walk and general grocery shops and restaurant are easily approachable. Would be suitable for 2 peoples and those who are working in Neubiberg, Ottobrun area. If interested, please reach out to me on my email ID:  
  12. I have to move for a job and sadly must give up my beautiful apartment, which I have only been in since December. Its perfect! Large rooms, open layout, huge balcony built in storage closets. Best location in the city, close to all modes of transportation, less than 5 minute walk to Vikltualienmarkt. Flexible on move date, furniture is brand new and if you want to take it furnished, we can negotiate. Parking is available under building. Tons of storage space. Perfect for single person or couple with small child or 2 roommates.  Link: