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  1. Hi,   We are moving to Munich as my husband has a new job at Siemens starting in October. We will be in Munich on Saturday the 21st to Sunday so would be available to view properties then.  We are:  - 2 adults and 2 children (3yo and a baby) - Non smokers - No pets - Search area: south Munich (Trudering/Berg am Laim etc.) -Preferably unfurnished -Max KM would be 2200 per month.  -Moving in date: ASAP due to imminent start of job. - Nationality: German and British.    If you have anything that would fit the bill, we would be most grateful if you could drop us a line.   Many thanks and best regards,     Fleur
  2. Hi Everyone,   We are out of Munich for one month and would like to rent out our place between September 15th and October 17th.   The apartment is located next to Bundesfinanzhof in a quiet building. It's one big room plus large separate kitchen and bathroom. Total around 55 sqaure meters.   Location: About 5 minutes walk to the river, 10 minutes walk to the Chinese Tower and the park. Rewe neaby, Bakeries, all there.   Public Transporation: Tram to Isartor at the door, buses to Ostbahnhof and Giselastr every 5 minutes.   Price: We ask for 1000 Euro, all inclusive plus 500 security deposit.   Looking for quiet, responsible tenants. Pictures available, just send us a message here.
  3. Short term accommodation required

    Hi All,  My partner and I are looking for some short term accommodation (approx 1 month) whilst we settle in Munich. We don’t mind where. I have been looking on Mr Lodge. However, these are usually 6 month rentals.  Does anyone have any tips? Are sublets a thing in Munich? Thanks     
  4. Hello, my husband and I finally made it to Holzkirchen and love it already. So much that it is our number 1 location for finding a permanent place to live (we are temporarily in Snooze Apartments) but there is nothing on the open market for us. We have a relocation agent and they told us that only 30% of properties make it to the open market. The other 70% are rented via word of mouth/local knowledge. So, I am writing to you now to try and tap into that 70%. If anyone knows of a flat/townhouse coming up for rent from now onward please let me know. We are open to looking at anything under 1700 (cold) but would love 3+ rooms, a guest toilette or second bathroom and some good storage space and maybe a hobbyroom/shed/garage. We are just the two of us, no pets or kids, non-smokers.  We like cycling, walking, craft, good food.   Or, if you have tips on how to find a place please share.  Thanks so much.  
  5. Hello everybody,    I am an environmental engineer guy looking for a 1/2 room apartment or a room in a shared apartment (2 cool housemates max.) from middle October or even the beginning of November. It´d be great somewhere centrally located in Munich, I´m open to WG´s or apartments, budget 950 - 1000 euros.  if you hear about anything or anybody let me know!  I´d really appreciate it .   Thanks!   Best,   Daniel D
  6. Hello, I am looking for a single apartment, with the kitchen, not in the basement. I am a 31 years old software developer with unlimited contract and unlimited stay permit, non-smoking, without pets, clean and accurate. All the documents are perfect. Your offers would be very much appreciated. Thank you! Nataliia 017621964240.
  7. Hi  all I am moving out from my apartment  and it is free from July   It is 1 room fully furnished apartment, near olympiapark and ackermanbogen (one of the best locations of Munich) Suitable for one person but 2 also can fit for short time, there is a big double bed available. big bathroom with tub, build in kitchen etc..  bascially all items available to moive in like hotel   you can rent it for 2-4 months or 1 year.     price for 1 person 1000 euro and includes all costs except of internet and GEZ. wifi hotspots ara available in apartment for 25 euro     p.s in case of 2 persons price might increase slightly because of utility costs need to confirm with landlord    
  8. Located in a newly constructed apartment building, this spacious 101 sqm apartment is consist of 1 big living room with open kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 1,5 bathrooms, a terrace and even a small garden! The interior equipment is modern and luxurious. All furniture and appliances needed are included. Within only 10 minutes you can reach city center Hauptwache or Frankfurt Central Station. Suitable for small family or couple.  Supermarket, U-bahn, S-bahn, bakery, schools, post offices, pharmacy, banks, doctors, etc are all within 5 mins walking distance. For more information, please visit the below website or contact me directly.
  9. Hello Toytown,   At the end of April I accepted a job which would lead me to move from Dresden to Rostock. In early June, I asked my landlord what my options are to end my 2-year minimum apartment lease early, including that it was due to a job and that I was still waiting to be approved for my visa, so I wasn't sure if I would move. I was offered (only one) offer: to end the lease on August 31, 2019, and pay 2 months cold rent plus taxes (702 euros total) as damages for ending the lease early (bolded in the email chain below). I was approved for my work visa on July 15 and now plan to move out by the end of July.   Do you believe my landlord is offering me a reasonable offer and are there other options that I should be being offered (such as finding a Nachmieter)?   After looking through topics on similar situations, I think the offer is relatively reasonable. I would still appreciate your opinion and confirmation that I'm not overlooking or unaware of something which might entitle me to a better offer. In case it is relevant, I was let go on good terms from my previous job at the end of 2018 and the Rostock job is the only one I found which is relevant to my previous work experience.   Thank you for reading this far and for your help!   ..   EMAIL CHAIN FOR REFERENCE:   ANSWER:   Nach Rücksprache mit dem Eigentümer können wir Ihnen folgendes vorschlagen:   gegen Zahlung von 2 Kaltmieten, zzgl. MwSt., können Sie mit einer 3-monatigen Kündigungsfrist zum 31.08.2019 aus dem Mietvertrag entlassen werden   Wenn Sie mit diesem Vorschlag einverstanden sind, kann ich Ihnen ein entsprechendes Dokument per Email zum Unterschreiben und Ausdrucken zukommen lassen.   ..   MY ORIGINAL EMAIL:   ich habe kürzlich ein Stellenangebot in Rostock angenommen. Da meine Staatsbürgerschaft die USA ist, muss ich auf die Ausländerbehörde warten, um zu bestätigen, ob ich ein Visum für den Job erhalten kann.   Da mein Visumantrag noch in Bearbeitung ist, weiß ich noch nicht, ob ich ausziehen werde. Wenn mein Visumantrag abgelehnt wird, dann erwarte ich, dass ich in meiner Wohnung bleiben würde. Mein Auszugsdatum hängt davon ab, ob und wann mein Visumantrag genehmigt wird. Wenn mein Visum bald genehmigt wird, dann erwarte ich, dass ich bis zum 15. Juli aus meiner Wohnung in Dresden ausziehe.   Auch wenn ich noch nicht weiß, ob ich ausziehen werde, würde ich gerne wissen, was meine Möglichkeiten sind, meinen Mietvertrag vorzeitig zu beenden. Sind Sie bereit, einen Nachmieter zu akzeptieren? Gibt es noch andere relevante Optionen?  
  10. Hello everyone, my family is in kind of a 'apartment pickle' maybe you guys can help us. We are a family of 3 (myself, wife and a 2 year old boy), moved from USA to Nuremberg few months ago to go to school. Till this day we haven't found any apartment for us. First month and half we stayed in Airbnb and now we're in kind of a shared community place. We tried every website there is, written numerous messages to landlords both in English and German but they deny us based on -> we currently don't have a job or family "too big" etc. Funny thing is we have more than enough money in a German bank account that we transferred from USA which will easily last us close to 2 years and we are about to get our residence permit so we can get jobs. Recently, I transferred school and now moving to Berlin in the last week of September so we desperately need a place for us starting October 1. The school I'm going to, do not have any accommodation options for foreign students just like the one here in Nuremberg.  I am scared for myself and my family that we will have to go through again what we went through when we first arrived, it was a nightmare. Especially now that we are in a completely different city and we will arrive with all our stuff and may not have a place to stay.  What should we do? Can any of you suggest a realtor who can help us? Is that going to be too expensive. Since we don't have a job yet, we don't want to spend way too much upfront. We are looking for preferably 2 bedroom, if not for now 1 bedroom and the place partially furnished.  Please suggest what we should do, all ideas are welcome.  Thank you and God bless.
  11. Problem with sublet

    Hi all, I’m hoping someone here will have some advice. We recently moved into an apartment with our 3-year old. The lease is a sublet. We never noticed anything while viewing the apartment but since sleeping here for the last few days we have noticed a persistent strong smell of smoke that is not coming from inside the apartment. There is a bar downstairs where smoking is allowed inside. We think the smell is coming up through the floorboards. It’s worse in the two bedrooms. Does anyone have any advice about what to do? Is this something the renters were obliged to warn us about? Is the bar downstairs breaking the law by having inadequate smoke ventilation? Should we just cancel the contract and move out? We are naturally very concerned about our health and sleeping with smoke is not an option.  Thanks in advance for any advice.
  12. Hallo people,   I'm a 35-years-old railway engineer working for the German Railways. I'm looking for an 1,5-2 room apartment in Munich, preferably in Munich East, from where I could quickly reach Ostbahnhof. Installed kitchen, washing machine installation in the apartment and Garage would be a big plus.   I am a reliable and quiet person, non-smoker and I don't have any pets. Preferable areas would be Altperlach, Neuperlach, Ramersdorf, Giesing, Berg am Laim, Trudering, Harlaching, Haidhausen and Bogenhausen.   Begin of contract isn't that important, but the later the better   Thanks in Advance!
  13. A beautifully designed 4.5 rooms (3 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 dining room, 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 2 balconies) apartment is available to rent from 1st of July.   Usable area in the apartment is approximately 120 sqm. It has 1 underground park place (it is possible to rent a 2nd one) and a large cellar. Other than the kitchen and the furniture at the entrance hallway, the apartment will have no furniture in other rooms. The apartment is available from 1st July without fresh paints in the walls (in such case also the handover after the tenancy period will not require fresh painting). Otherwise it is available from 7th July with fresh paints.   The monthly rent is 3100 € without heating and including garage. The monthly payment for maintenance and heating is 350 €, which shall be adjusted against the actual bill on a yearly basis when available. These are paid within the 3rd working day of the running month for that month.   A deposit of 10000 € is generally needed.   Current pictures are available upon request from serious hopefuls. A visiting appointment can be arranged accordingly.       If interested please contact with your name, address, contact number and a short description about the occupants.   Below please find further details about the apartment:
  14. Looking for 1 room apartment

    Hello! I'm Chelsea and I am moving to Munich in August. I am 21 years old and will be dancing with the Bayerisches Staatsballett. I am looking for a nice 1 room apartment in the areas: Bogenhausen, Berg am Laim, Maxvorstadt, Unterfohring, Schwabing, Au Haidhausen or other areas close to the city centre. Mostly, I want something in a nice location where I can easily walk or bike to work as my hours are long! However, I am willing to be flexible. I am a mature and respectful tenant, and due to my long hours am very calm and just want to relax in my spare time. I am looking for something under 950 euros (warm) for a one year contract with possible extension. I’d love for a furnished kitchen and bathroom, and I am okay with a completely furnished or not furnished apartment. Feel free to contact me at thronsoncd(at) with any offers or if you have any suggestions! Thank you so much, I truly appreciate it! 
  15. Hello, My name is Javier, I am Spanish (25 years old) and since August, I will be living in Munich with my girlfriend (23 years old). I have been offered a job in an electronics company, Infineon. I lived in Munich last summer doing an internship already (no problem with payments or anything). We are interested in the apartments with 1/1.5/2 rooms not too far away fro the city center. Our budget is around 1200€ per month. If you want to know more about us, do not hesitate to ask Thank you so much. Best regards, Javier.
  16. Room mate available!

    Hi all, I have a colleague urgently searching for a place to live! She is from the US, super friendly and available for an apartment share right away! Budget of max 600 pcm. Area not so important but a manageable distance to the city would be great. I would be grateful for any tips and hints and happy to give more information should you need it! Cheers!
  17. Hello everyone and greetings to the whole community ,   I am a working professional and i am currently looking for a 1 Bedroom Apartment in Munich. I would prefer locations inside Zone 1-2 and my budget is around 600 - 700 euros but i would consider  any other offer as well..   Any offer would be much appreciated since i am in an immediate need.   Thanks a lot        
  18. Hi,   I'm a PhD student (male) at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and am at the same time working full-time as a Research Associate at the TUM (main campus Arcisstr. 21) since 2017. My cousin (a male student, who will be starting his study at the TUM in winter term 2019) and I are looking for a 2 or 3-room apartment in Munich. Our range is flexible, but preferably max. €1500 or €1600 warm a month depending on the location, etc. We plan to stay more than 2 years. We are also quite flexible regarding the move-in date (Einzugstermin), preferably in July, September or October 2019, but earlier or later would be OK as well.   We are fluent in German, since my cousin was born and raised in Bavaria and I have been living in Bavaria for more than 8 years (got my Bachelor's and Master's degree also here at the TUM in Munich).   We are quiet people, are not into parties, do not have any pets and do not smoke.   Our hobbies are astronomy, mathematics, computers and learning new languages.   If you have an apartment that meets these conditions or know someone that has such apartment for rent please let us know.   Thank you very much.   Best regards
  19. I have left my room since December last year and until now I have not received my kaution/deposit back from my landlord. He only replied once saying that he will check my room and after that there was no news. I sent him another email to ask for my deposit back and until now there has not been any reply. Above that, he has been pestering my now ex-housemate to leave the apartment with short notices but by right she should be given 3 months notice in writing that has not occurred yet. What can we do?
  20. Why are landlords so picky?

    So I am going through a seperation and am looking for a flat in Cologne, and because of kids school/kindergarten, proximity to ex, my job etc, it has to be close to where I am living now. Almost every flat I have shown interest in online has turned out to be a fake, scammer or even identity thief.   About a month ago I viewed the perfect flat for me. It's affordable and 5 mins walk from the old place. I would have signed the rent contract in a second.   I just called Immobilienmakler after seeing the flat was still online to ask if the landlord has decided on a renter yet, and was told that nobody who has viewed the property so far is suitable.   WTF??? I have a perfect Schufa rating, earn ok, have no animals, don't smoke and have never in my life paid my rent late.   I just don't understand why they don't think I'm suitable. The Makler wouldn't tell me of course, and I have no way to contact the owner.   Could it be because I'm not a German citizen? (although there were lots of Germans at the viewing that also wanted the flat so can't be that).   Maybe because I have 2 children?   Any ideas or tips, I need to move out soon!   Thanks,   Britgirl
  21. Dear All,   We are searching for 3 room apartment to move on 15.05.2019, with my wife and baby son. Furnished or Unfurnished both will work for us. The maximum budget is 1400 Euro.   The preferred location is between Unterschleissheim to City Centre.    Kindly support by providing us some links, contacts or apartment viewing appointments.
  22. Hello, someone I know (30 years old, Indian citizen on a student visa) is paraplegic, and is currently in a Schoeneweide apartment with a non-functioning elevator, and is about to get evicted because the apartment cannot handle his disability. He is currently learning German before enrolling at the university.   Any suggested options ? Are there any special apartment listings for disabled people ? Thanks !  
  23. Painting when leaving apartment

    Hello,   I am leaving my apartment after five years there at the end of this month. The apartment is in good condition, and the paint on the walls has not changed much since I moved in (the previous renter did not paint the apartment when they left, and instead gave us a kitchen for free).   My landlord told me this - "Mrs. xxx from yyy company visited the apartment because of the renovation work. She has submitted a cost estimate of € 1,795.46 including VAT. I would like it if a painting company could carry out the work professionally after the long rental period from you. I would like to suggest to you that I participate with € 500.00 and you pay only € 1,295.00. Do you agree? "   I seem to remember reading here that something changed about the rules regarding the responsibility of the tenant for painting. What do you think about this ?   Thanks !!
  24. **** reposted as I wanted to change the text and add photos!!*****   Hi   My partner & I are relocating back to the UK, and the lease for our apartment is therefore available to be taken over. The property will be available from the 15th March 2019 onwards.   The apartment is on the first floor of a new complex in Berg am Laim, which was built in 2017, and has the following features:   87m3, first floor in new complex 5 minutes walk to the S-Bahn station Balcony with floor to ceiling doors/windows Fitted kitchen including oven, hob, fridge freezer and dishwasher Parking for one car 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms Utility room Storage in the cellar Unfurnished   It is really easy to travel around. You can be in Marienplatz in 12 minutes, Schwabing in 18 minutes, and the Airport in 37 minutes using the public transport.   The landlord is maintaining the same rental costs per month. The total cost per month is €1.921, which is split €1,630 rent, €80 parking, and €211 nebenkosten. The deposit is €4,890.   Area is very nice - there is an Aldi, Rewe City and DM in close walking distance (2 mins walk), plenty of Car2go and Drivenow's in the area, and within a 10 minute walk is a Netto, Lidl, plus various eating places. There are two tram stops close by too.   We will be prepared to sell the lights fitted to the apartment, hanging racks and washing machine for €250.   If you are interested in knowing more, please DM me and let me know:   What your job is & who working for Whether your job is temporary or permanent Salary How long you are looking to rent for When you can move   The landlord will not rent to students or flatshares.   I will send photos and floor plan etc if interested.   Cheers AW