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  1. Moving outside EU

    Hello everyone,   I'm actually living in Germany for 8+ years and I already got the German citizenship few days ago. The next steps are that we would like to move to Uruguay, maybe temporarily, maybe permanently.. we don't know yet.. My idea is to keep my actual job but as a freelancer but I'm not yet sure if that is even possible from my company to work from Uruguay, I work 100% remotely but here in Germany, but outside EU is another story.. so I'm thinking in the following options:   - Try to arrange with my boss to work as freelancer remotely from Uruguay so I don't have anything attached to the company or the country (taxes, Krankenkasse, etc) - Do the Anmeldung in a friend's home and remain my contract like it is and work from Uruguay (not really sure if that is even possible due to the Steuerklärung, Krankenkasse, etc)   By the way, do you have a clue what is the impact is being Angemeldet in a friend's house while living abroad? (regardless if I have a job contract in Germany or not) Can I impact her while she does the Steuerklärung for having another person registered in her home or something like that and vice versa?   Any hint is very much appreciated!   Cheers.