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  1. Hello!    I need to move to another country temporarily (for an unknown period of time), and I want to sublet my furnished apartment (which I've also rented) to someone else.  I understand that  the new person (untermieter) should have the right to register his/her name officially in the apartment. However, I also need to be able to keep my city registration/anmeldung in the same apartment for various reasons.   Is this possible?  To be precise, is it officially possible that both the renter (mieter) and sub-renter (untermieter) are registered at the same time in the same place?    I'll appreciate it if you share your experience or refer me to the precise act of law in this regard.    I need to be able to make my decision in the next couple of weeks...   Many thanks already! 
  2. I am non EU/EEA citizen, so I have a residence permit.   I currently study in Leipzig and look for a WG. I have this thought of moving to Halle (Saale).   But then I realise, when people move to another city, the files in the government system kind of go with you?   I just extended my residence permit at the Leipzig Auländerbehörde in September for ONE year. So if I move to Halle, I would have to go to Auslaenderrecht there? And there could be a whole bunch of paperwork? Is this correct?