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  1. If I booked a one month place on Airbnb (under the assumption that I will be looking for a more permanent apartment upon arrival), but the airbnb renter refuses to sign the form, should I tell the auslaenderbehoerde this? 
  2. I de-registered from my Berlin flat and moved into a new flat with my girlfriend some years ago. I never told the landlord that I was moving out and a friend moved into my old flat and registered there, also without the landlord's knowledge, but the landlord either never noticed or never cared about the new second name on the doorbell.   My girlfriend and I are splitting (amicably, as it goes) and my friend moved out of my old flat. I now need to re-register the flat in my name at the Bürgeramt and move back into it.   If I ask the housing management company for the consent form (Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung), they will ask why I need one for a flat I never officially left, and the new housing management has been going crazy with (illegal) rent raises, kicking people out of their basement storage spaces because they didn't have the basement box checked on their rental contracts etc. I'm really afraid they will harass me even though in the end they couldn't kick me out. Any advice? I was too used to the old days when there was no consent form and didn't handle this very wisely, I guess.