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  1. Hello,   My flatmate moved out and my wife is applying for a family reunion visa. Since there is a defined minimum area for the apartment so she would be able to get the visa, he cannot be registered to the house i am living in anymore.   I am afraid that he moved out (after his rental period was over) and the apartment is still showing that he is living with me. I think he never registered in his new address and the wohnungsgeberbestaegtigung form in Aachen doesn't show the end of his renting period.   so is there a way to tell if i am on the safe side or not ?   thanks for your help !  
  2. Here is a helpful tip to get an earlier appointment for the Anmeldung in Berlin.   There can be a lot of frustration in finding an appointment for an Anmeldung (registration) in the Berlin area.  I recently moved to Berlin and went online to make an appointment.  You can do a search online and either select a specific Burgeramt in Berlin or select Berlinweit (Berlin wide) to search all locations.  When I called the number and went to one Burgeramt In doing my search, the earliest appointment was six weeks out.  You are supposed to register within 14 days, but it is widely understood that this isn't possible due to scheduling. This isn't really a problem if you don't need it to get a monthly bill cell phone or open a bank account, etc., but it is also required if you plan to go to immigration to apply for a visa to do things like language study, etc. (the Anmeldung is required prior to your visa appointment).  You can still get a pre-paid cellphone at various locations (e.g. Lidl, etc.), but if you really need to register quickly for any reason, here is what I did and found an appointment the next day - please note, it does take patience - this process took me about an hour - but as you can't just show up to a Burgeramt and wait anymore according to the person I called and the person I spoke to at one of the Burgeramts.  I went to the following web page:   1.  Once on this page, click on the first available date in the blue box (even if it is later than you need). 2.  This will take you to the page where it lists all of the locations that have appointments on the day selected. 3.  You will see Datum (date) next to box 2.  To the right you will see a pencil to edit the date.  Click the pencil.  This will refresh the screen for the dates available.  It took me about an hour of constantly refreshing, but more blue boxes appeared for earlier dates.  The first two times I clicked an open blue box, it gave me an error saying someone beat me to it...but after a few more repeated tries I was able to find an appointment for the next day.  Print out your confirmation sheet with the date and number you get.  Show up on time with this in hand (and your required documents and passport) and look for the number to be presented on the screen.  Go into the office number that the screen displays.  There is no fee to register.    Please let me know and others if you find success with this method...and good luck.  
  3. If I booked a one month place on Airbnb (under the assumption that I will be looking for a more permanent apartment upon arrival), but the airbnb renter refuses to sign the form, should I tell the auslaenderbehoerde this? 
  4. After having gone apartment hunting for a while I've finally possibly landed a sublet. The only problem is that the person I'm renting from is allowing an Anmeldung only after a trial period of 1 to 2 months, the reasoning being that if either of us isn't feeling it and terminates it after a few months, it isn't worth doing the Anmeldung. So, if I do stay on and I get to register, I'll be going to the Bürgeramt one to two months after moving in - and the Beamter will see the rental contract with a start date of two months earlier. I understand there might be hefty fines involved. So - is this possibly a big problem? Should I insist to the renter that I be able to register immediately after moving in?