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  1. Because of Trump's policies against China, Google has banned Huawei from using Google's Android.   This is pretty bad for the world, independent of if Huawei is really spying or not.    A single country can't decide who can and who can't provide smartphones to the whole world.   If they had banned Huawei in the USA it would be a different thing.   This just proved that the current Android state is pretty bad and the whole world depend on the actions of a single person.  This was not the spirit of Android and definitely not the spirit of Open Source which is where Android comes from.   I don't like Huawei in particular, but I really hope they can come back stronger from this.   If they want to continue using Android they will have to go back to the Open Source version of Android and start from there.    But Android without Google Services would be a big limitation at the moment, at least outside of China.   Maybe it is time things change, we can't continue depending on a single company.   Maybe things need to escalate, China banning American smartphones on their territory could be a good start.