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  1. So after living in Germany since 2010 we will be returning permanently to the US in July due to family reasons.  Even though our kids speak fluent German we are an English speaking household, and thankfully my kids get top marks in "Englisch" will should help them in this transition.   My question has to do with placing the children in the correct school year coming from the German school system and switching into the US system.   My children are; 16 years old in Gymnasium --10th grade, 14 years old in Gemeinschaftschule Realschule Level -- 8th grade, 12 years old in Gemeinschaftschule Realschule Level -- 7th grade, and 8 years old in Grundschule 2nd grade.    In regards to the children switching schools I thought it would be pretty clear cut like my 10th grade son would be a Sophomore in Highschool, etc.  The two schools we have contacted that are in our area (Cedarville, OH) have given confusing information and also voiced their own confusion in knowing in which grade to place my children. For example, they cited that the children will not be on par with US history as they would have focused more on German and European history and would need to catch up on those topics. Is US history such a deal breaker? Also, mathematics are not on the same level, etc.   They are unsure how to compare the 2 school systems and how to place the children in their corresponding grades.  They require that I send them the school curriculum ( what's the German for that) from the last 4 years for my 3 eldest, I assume the German schools are able to provide me with that, although it will be in German. They also want the students' school transcripts, all I have from the school is the children's Zeugnis (report card?).  Where do I find their school transcripts, would that be at the school? Do the German schools have that, if so what's the German word for it.   Is there a website or an agency from the department of education in the US that already has guidelines for this?  Or is this up to the discretion of the schools and parents involved?   If any of you parents or educators have had experience with this sort of thing and can point me in the right direction, your assistance would be most appreciated.