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  1. Hello everybody,   I have a question regarding the concept of "alleinerziehend" (single parent). I've always thought that a single parent is a person that has no partner and that is raising the child alone. But yesterday, after a talk with a person that was trying to explain me how the kita score works, told me that I can be considered as a "single parent". I'll try to explain my current situation, so maybe you can help me. I am married and waiting for my first child, but I am currently living alone, because my husband is living and working in another country. He visits me regularly, and he will do the same once the baby is born, so I don't know if, for this reason, I can be considered a single parent or not. This is very important for me, because I could get an higher score with the kitas, and maybe have the chance to enter in a public one. But I want to be sure to be compliant with the law before I tick the option "Frau XXX ist alleinerziehend für das Kind." in the kitafinder. Can someone give me an hint, or tell me where I can find more info regarding this topic? Many thanks!