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  1. We buy some components from Aliexpress and resell them here in Europe. We are German VAT registered as we trade from Germany. As you probably know, from this summer every Chinese seller has to charge recipients country VAT on top of sale price. Although Aliexpress provides invoices/receipts with VAT sum but no VAT number on it. So we contacted tax office here in Germany asking if we can use such invoices when doing VAT returns. And if not why Germany is not investigating Aliexpress as it clearly breaches new rules. We got the answer by email saying it's perfectly fine as parcel was cleared at customs, that means VAT has been paid, and we can use such invoices. I was very skeptical about such answer so we attached such invoices to our VAT return and added a message asking to check if these are good enough. Couple days later we get the call back saying these invoices are incorrect and they cannot be used to claim VAT back as they clearly missing VAT number. We asked this person, why then we got different answer by email from his colleagues. He told he don't know why we got different answer, but such invoices are not good for him and can't be used. We asked if we need to correct our VAT return now due to non acceptable invoices included. He replied, no, you can leave it as it is, but next time don't use such invoices. ???... We tried to contact Aliexpress with no luck. We tried to find their German registered VAT number, again no luck. My question is. How on earth two different people give two different answers when it comes to legal matter? It looks like anyone can make their own rules in this country, as we had similar issues many times already.