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  1. Hello people! I know the subject ALG1 for foreigners has been discussed several times but can´t find an exact reply to my situation, hopefully someone could help me?   I live in Berlin since more than 5 years, currently hold a AUFENTHALTSERLAUBNIS § 21 Abs.5 + Erwebstätigkeit gestattet (anmerkungen) valid till 2022. I imagine this is a visa that allows me to work in any field without being tied to a specific employer. I´ll be leaving the Company that I worked for more than 2 years. Do I have to inform the Ausländerbehörde (foreigners office) if I ask for ALG1? I´ve been contributing monthly so I could ask ALG1 but I´m scared that if I have to inform the foreigners office they could shorten my Visa. When having a visa tied to a specific employer it is a must to inform LABO but also for other cases?   As I still have 3 years of visa, after some months or a year I would look for a new job anyways so for my new extension in 2022 I would be working of course. Thanks to all in advance!