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  1. So I've been in germany now for three years. I've worked full time at two different international schools, one for one year and the other for two years. Quite soon my contract will finish and i have been unsuccessful at getting another. I have three questions:   1. I have had a residence card/sticker that was dependent on my job. Will i be allowed to stay for a longer period whilst i look for another job? 2. I have applied for ALG1 (online), am i likely to get it? i was hoping to use the time on ALG1 to boost my german language skills by completing intensive courses, will that be allowed or dare i say it paid for? 3. I do have a joint bachelor degree in Education and Mathematical Sciences from Australia and am a registered fully qualified teacher there, what is the anerkennung process like? and am i likely to be able to complete it without and more study or observations?   My girlfriend is a teacher here, having finished her referendariat and nearly her finished herprobezeit, so i dont really want to be forced back out of the country.   What are my options?
  2. ALG1 and Citizenship

    I currently have Niederlassungsarlaubnis and i inquired ABH for citizenship requirement within 6 years. ABH said I can come again 2 months before completion of 6 years to apply for citizenhsip. The problem is my contract ends immediately after completion of my 6 years  (+ 3 months) and I am not sure If I can find any job that soon. Q1. Could this impact my citizenship application as my livelihood support will be in danger even if I am eligible for citizenship? Q2. If my application for citizenship is delayed by ABH and I get an appointment from them during the phase that my contract has ended and I am on ALG1 support (unemployment money), is there a problem?  I know ALGII is a problem, how about ALG1 support at the time of application for citizenship as it reflects that I might need ALGII support if I dont find job soon. Thank you.
  3. How long until ALG1 is received?

    Hey all   I'm in a weird situation.   I lost my job 4 months ago (last pay check 3 months ago), went immediately (same day) to the arbeitsamt. However, the arbeitsamt was confused and sent me twice to the auslanderbehorde for a visa change, until I finally had someone from the auslanderbehorde write a letter to the arbeitsamt explaining I'm eligible to receive benefits. Sorting that whole process took almost 2 months alone, because each time I had to go in I also needed to secure a translator. I also had to go in *often* (about 8x in 3 months to arbeitsamt, 2x to the auslandebehorde). However, because the process at the arbeitsamt moves so slowly, it's now been 4 months since I first registered and they only asked me for my Arbeitsbescheinigung last week, which I uploaded today and will send tomorrow.   Because I haven't received a paycheck in 3 months, I'm now rather broke. How long will it take me to receive my first ALG1 payment after giving them my  Arbeitsbescheinigung?   Thank you!