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  1. Happy new year folks!   I was made redundant by my last job. The last day of my contract was December 31st. To tide me over and make sure my health insurance was covered, I applied for ALG1 starting January 1st. This date also happens to be quite a big one for us Brits.   In the 'provisional answer' from the Agentur fur Arbeit they have said:   "Nachweis Aufenthaltsstatus ab 01.Januar 2021fehlt (Freizügigkeitsbescheinigung/Fiktionsbescheinigung)!"   I've been living in Germany as an EU citizen up to now, so don't have one. I do not yet have a 'Aufenthaltsdokument-GB'   How should I best proceed?   Can I apply for a Fiktionsbescheinigung now?   Wait until I get an email from the Berlin Immigration Office for an appointment to get my Aufenthaltsdokument-GB? The Agentur fur Arbeit has asked for proof by the end of February, so I have a bit of time.   Thanks!