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  1. Hello Fellow Toytowners,    I am in a bit of a pickle here.   My employment contract is getting over by this month end. It was a limited contract of 3 years (a contract with a university for the position of a research associate).   I have been applying for jobs since July'19, but didn't hit any luck as of now. So, in case if I do not find any job as per my plan A, then my current plan B is to visit my home country in September '19; stay for a month; return back to BRD and search for a new job. I am totally burnt out for the moment with my research and PhD work. Completely toasted. So I really need a month to unwind.   Now, recently as I have been looking here and there for information regarding Agentur für Arbeit and boi I am in stress. The information that I have gathered so far is as follows: (a) one must register 3 months prior to last working date, (b) one is legally obligated to do so, (c) proactive registration helps with ALG-I.    I have my savings and I do not really wish to receive ALG-I. I can sustain without receiving doles. So, what should I do now? I really want to go home for a month, and I do not have any energy to fight bureaucracy anymore.  I can register now. But, I want to go home, return back, and then look for a new job. Will that work? Or will I get a beating from them? I have a Niederlassungserlaubnis. Will they snatch that away from me, if I register now and then look for jobs once I return back from home?   I am really confused, and I have been searching all over the internet for some clue. I would really appreciate some help from my fellow TTers.    Happy Weekend!    Regards,  H. Bee