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  1. Hi all,   I recently filed an application for ALG1 months after losing my job due to not knowing that I was eligible for it earlier. The agentur fur arbeit just denied  my application on the grounds that my prior 30 month work history didn't fulfill the 12 months employment. Does the law specifically say that the prior 30 month history begins when one files the ALG1? or is it on the last day of employment? I will definitively be appealing their decision if it's the latter, but I looked around and couldn't what exactly the law states. Thanks for any help! 
  2. I'm a non-EU citizen (American) and Blue card holder. I lost my job last September during probation, and I have been working in Germany in total for 13 months. I already informed the Auslandebehorde about my job loss. Until very recently, I didn't know that I was eligible for ALG 1, as I had always thought if I apply for any kind of unemployment assistance (ALG1/2) I would lose my residence visa. I've already spoken to a lawyer about my legality to stay in Germany and I was assured that isn't a problem. I know that the Agentur für Arbeit requires one to inform them within 3 days of any job loss. Does anyone know what would happen if I were to go to them now,  6 months after job loss? Am I simply ineligible for any benefits or would I get into any other trouble? This is in Berlin.