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  1. Hi all,   I moved out of my old address 4 months ago and was contacted by my former landlord today asking to pay the utility bills for 2020. I have reviewed the sum and it is VASTLY higher than the first year I stayed there, somewhere in the region of 600 euros.   I asked her to clarify why the cost was so high and she explained she had made a mistake regarding the water bill and the company is now seeking to claim back for 2019 also, though I have no proof of this via documents, merely her word. Apparantly she had carried a decimal point in error as the bill was for "36,6 m3 nur 36m3".   Am I obligated to pay this? Or as it was her mistake is she liable? We ended on amicable terms but I don't know enough about the laws on this to respond to her yet.   Many thanks for your time.