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  1. Before I discovered Toytown there were a few times when I really needed help navigating  German bureaucracy and had difficulty finding accurate information or good advice.     I ended up doing copious amounts of research in the areas of immigration, health insurance, and more recently citizenship law. I've since taken a few professional development courses in German citizenship and immigration laws and being able to remember my previous difficulties have tried to answer questions when I can.   In the past few years there has been an increasing number of posters asking questions as well as others answering with incorrect information. Although I believe in freedom of speech, I don't think that clueless posters should be allowed to indiscriminately post false information, especially when incorrect information can have a huge negative impact on those asking for help. At first I tried to correct all the errors, but there are too many of them and it would be a full-time job.   Eventually I stopped bothering correcting all the incorrect information on Blue Cards, then I gave up with citizenship information, now I'm considering giving up all together.   Is there anyone else who is as frustrated as me?