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  1. Dear All,   I have a German citizenship, and have been studying / working here for the last several years. At some point, I've decided to move to Portugal where my girlfriend is also is.     My questions are following:  1) I am employed with a large organization (which I am about to quit), working online during last 4.5 years. The notice period is 3 months, but I believe I'd have to negotiate it down to officially spend less than 6 months in Berlin. Afterwards I'd like to apply for ALG (60% of net salary) related to reallocation and change of residency.  2) I've made some capital gains in February (25% already collected by trading broker). Assuming I move away to Portugal now, can I claim them back (since for 2021 I am tax liable towards Portugal, not Germany)? And if yes, when shall I do so - now with broker, or in 2022 with tax declaration (FA Germany)?   3) Most important - how to make Abmeldung properly? I am not in Germany, and will prefer to do it by post if possible. Any hints on the forms to submit? 4) I still have a rental contract in Berlin, and would like to keep the place on my name (Ferienwohnung) which I can visit for a couple of months per year. Is there a way German FA can make a trouble out of it?  5) What are the 'hidden' things to watch while making sure I am properly 'abgemeldet' from Germany? Shall I terminate mobile phone line, internet and electricity contract as well, or is it not obligatory (to be honest it's a time investment assuming I have a few flats in Berlin, which I'll rent out of course officially).     What's really important for me is that for 2021 I am the tax resident outside of Germany for tax reasons (and after checking a few places in the EU, Portugal appeared as a first choice to me - I am here since December already and love it).     Thank you in advance big time!