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  1. Hi everyone, i would be so grateful if i could get a legal opinion on the following matter. Well, first of you need to know that i came in Berlin as an Erasmus student from Italy (though i am semi-originated from a non-EU country, so i had a student visa) and i never did the Abmeldung since January 2014 when i left Berlin. I was not renting the apartment i was staying because i was hosted by friends. My original plan was to go back to Italy and obtain my degree and EU citizenship and return to Berlin searching for a job so this is why i was so stupid and did not do it. Though life happened and i never returned. And i kept being stupid procrastinating dealing with it. I recently have come to realization i may have to pay a fine for that. Anyhow, my dilemma here is the date i should write on the deregistration form i will send to Bürgeramt is better to be a current one or the one from 2014? Because my visa had been expired you if i put a current date i may have to explain or pay another fine for supposedly staying in the country without a permission. However, since November 2014 i own EU citizenship. So i don't know, i guess from a point on, my staying in the country wouldn't be illegal. Another thing i wanted to ask is whether or not i should include in the deregistration process some document form from the person who was hosting me (who was also the owner of the apartment). Thank you so much in advance for anyone who would bother to try to help me. Have a nice week and a great April.  
  2. Abmeldung - how early?

    Does anyone know how long before moving you can do your abmeldung when leaving Germany?   My apartment contract officially expires in April, but I will move back to Sweden before that.   Thanks!