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  1. Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help me on this. I've had six wonderful years here in Munich but I've been offered a great opportunity back in the UK. My wife is Canadian and currently living (and working) here on an EU Spousal Visa. Given UK immigration requires spouses to apply from outside the UK and the process can take up to 3 months, she wants to continue working until the point where her visa has been accepted and then she will move over to join me (with our kids who have british passports). I assume I would need to abmelden when I leave for the UK, but I am wondering if my wife will need to change her visa, or if there is a "grace period" or similar that allows her to stay on her current spousal visa pending approval of her UK visa. Any advise, or previous experience of this would be greatly appreciated
  2. I know this question has been asked before, but I want to refine the answer at it is not clear to me that proposed solutions are true. Situation: Lived in Germany for 2 years and payed that silly tax. Now moving out of germany and wonder if I need to de-register from the Rundfunkbeitrag. Most previous answers point to this online form to de-register: But it seems to me that this form is only relevant when you actually want to de-register an apartment (in case you move abroad and leave the apartment vacant) , no ? In my case someone else will take over my apartment so I don't want to deregister the location , just my person. The text reads "Ich möchte eine Wohnung abmelden, weil..." > or am I reading the word "Wohnung" too literally. I always assumed that the Rundfunkbeitrag was attached to a home, not to my person. So if I dont have an address/apartment in Berlin anymore, they would not send me letters anymore and they will just change the name on the letters to that of the new tenant, no ? Danke