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  1. We recently purchased a home in Germany and it has several DIY projects that need to be accomplished. One of these is a short, out-door wall that divides part of the property from our neighbors. It is probably about 10-15 years old and some of the plaster is crumbling off it. Our new neighbors notified us that the plaster was crumbling off on their side as well. The plaster was applied in a circular/swirl pattern. I don't have experience with re-creating this type of plaster pattern. Does anyone know what this technique is called in German and perhaps how I can repair this wall? I'm assuming that I need to remove all the old plaster before re-applying the new plaster. but, I'm not sure how to replicate that pattern. I've tried looking on Youtube, but most videos I find are for indoor walls and none are doing this swirling pattern. Thanks for any help!