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  1. Parking in Kaiserslautern

    Does anyone have any recommendations for either free or cheap parking in Kaiserslautern? I'm going to be taking a German Integration Course at the Volkschule in K-town and it will be 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. If I park at the nearest parking garage, that would be 8 euros a day, 40 euros a week, and 160 euro a month. I'd rather not have to pay that for 6-8 months of schooling. I don't mind walking further if there is somewhere cheaper or free. Just seeing if anyone knows of a good place or at least cheaper options.
  2. Car parking in FFM

    Car parking space is available in Nieder-Eschbach close to U2, please contact if anyone is interested. Thanks, 
  3. Subleting parking spot

    In 3 months my family is moving to a Neubau and we had an option to get the spot in the Tiefgarage, which we opted for. We currently don't own the car, but since we have a baby (with a potential of another one at some point), buying a car could be an option later on. Until we buy one, we would like to sublet the garage spot, ideally at the same price we are paying, if not then hopefully somewhat lower. Since would not be profitting from it, would we need to explain this monthly "income" to Finanzamt? Also, do we need to ask for a permission from the owner? The building is from WGS , so I thinkg they would hardly care, but then again, better to check in advance.   Also, if there are contract templates that would be very useful. We would want to make it with a shorter rather than longer notice period (1-3 months).    Last thing - are there any common websites where people rent out parking spots? Alternatively we would try with Ebay KA, FB...   Thanks for any help.