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  1. I'll be applying for the 6 month job seeking visa myself and had a couple questions in case anyone could help - thanks in advanced! If you could answer either (or both) of these that'd be super helpful thanks   QUESTION 1:   I need to make an appointment to get it, and though my USA tourist visa expires in February, there were not any appointment slots open until March 2019, BUT as long as I attend my appointment, and do not leave Germany after it expires in February, I will be OK.   Still, I am a little nervous since it still means my US tourist visa will be expired for roughly 1 month before my appointment! I'm understanding this correctly, right?   Here is the section from the website ( I'm referring to:   * If, when booking your appointment, your residence permit or national visa (type of visa: D) has not yet expired, the residence permit or national visa will be considered as continuing in Germany at least until the appointment scheduled today. This also applies to all conditions stipulated on your residence permit or national visa, including the regulations pertaining to gainful employment. Please be aware that this will only apply, if you attend the booked appointment! Travelling abroad is only possible within the validity of your last residence permit.   QUESTION 2:   I checked this page but I am confused regarding this section:   "Possession of a residence permit that allows pursuit of an economic activity (only in the case of previous residency)  In the case of foreigners already resident in the Federal territory with another residence permit, this permit must have been issued for an occupation or self-employed activity (sections 18 - 21 of Residence Act). Generally a residence permit for another purpose of residence cannot be issued during a stay for study purposes or family reasons, for example."   Here is my question: since I had a Freelance English Teaching permit in Hamburg (expired several years ago), does this mean I am now not eligible to apply for the job seeking permit? I currently do not hold any other visa or permit except for the tourist visa (US citizen).   Thanks so much for any advice you can give!!