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  1. The legacy of Merkel.

    So I had a debate with a German today and we got onto politics, in 16 years I can`t think of one policy Merkel did which made life any better for Germans.    In 16 years Merkels accomplishments (not good)   1) Nord Stream 2 even after the annexation of Crimes 2) Giving the keys of Germans economy to Putin. 3) The 2015 Refugee crisis 4) Stop Ukraines membership to Nato 5) The Financial crisis, austerity in Ireland and Greece but allowing Italy to live beyond its means.    - ECB won`t lift interest rates even though inflation is at 7.5% to stop Italys economy from crashing. 6) Brexit. 7) Thuringan Government crisis.FDP was voted in as Thurigan president. Merkel decided to over turn the vote. 8) Ditching all Nuclear Plants and giving all energy power to Putin.   Would be good if there was one thing that she managed to accomplish in 16 years.