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  1. Improving your German

                      Latinum Berlin Goal: Learning 20 Transitional German Words. Time:2 Hours Participants:20 Who: You are from France/Portugal/Italy/Romania You are over 27 You live in Berlin Where:  Creative Office , Finowstraße 5,10247 Berlin When: Thursday, 26.4.18 ,19:30-21:30 How Much: Free Entrance , Pre-Registration required:  In 2 hours with 20 participans we have the goal of learning 20 important German tranaction words. We will do this in special techniques using all of the 20 people and our latin languages, so shyness out . By the end of those 2 hours you will know the words with their transactional meaning : Außerhalb, Innerhalb,Zeit,infolge/dank,Anstatt, dennoch,ungeachtet, anschließend,laut, mangels, irgendein anlässich, mittels, samt, zugunsten,hinsichtlich, jenseits desen, abseits, zumal,kraft, sowohl. What do you need to bring? yourself, teamwork,a lot of motivation and your Latin mentality.