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  1. An axe to grind about what? So the Pfizer/Biontech vaccine wasn't included in the number of "vaccines supplied by the EU" to the world?
  2. We back to the "EU" have give away vaccines.  Load of bull. Private companies with global logistics have exported a final product on a contractual basis to buyers.  The EU have not exported anything and are being supplied on a contractual basis the same as other buyers.   Next we'll be getting told Biontech/Pfizer is a EU product, when it relies upon global logistics to be created.
  3. Will my UK covid test be accepted in Germany?

      You need proof that the test is yours so document (digital or paper) will need independent proof that is was you who took the test and what type of test  ie a declaration which I don't think you will get from the standard free testing in the UK unfortunately.
  4. Will my UK covid test be accepted in Germany?

    How do you plan to prove the result to the border control agents?
  5. Not sure I follow.  The vaccinations use two slightly different methods to train your immune system to identify the protein spikes on the virus. While it's not recommended to mix the first vaccinations as the second reinforces the first's "information" then going forward the boosters are most likely to deal with variants ie those that show different or new protein spikes so unless the virus becomes a totally different virus then all your doing is providing new information to your immune system about variations in the spike proteins from the baseline.
  6. ...more than 37 died 4 weeks from now due to not being vaccinated   Think AZ have reported 37 in 17 million and Pfizer 25 in 11 miliion.  Hmmmm.
  7. We all know why.  EU is being criticised, claim credit for Biontech and point fingers at Oxford. The mess they are in is not due to vaccine suppliers.
  8. Germany now seeing the benefit of halting vaccination vs critiscm of the program and halted vaccinations No evidence but yet another nail in the non EU vaccine rollout.
  9. Smuggling becoming a standard...

    Ghetto food?  haha we're not all *insert ex-soviet state refugees
  10. Smuggling becoming a standard...

    Most Indian shops stock PG tips at least.
  11. Well it is, as it's stll no quick enough.  IF you haven't been vaccinated then it's an issue timewise.
  12. Thanks for the link.  I don't think it's fair to say people are overreactin, if you're in a risk group, it's important to know what the plans are.  As it is, the plans are vague at best and downright incompetent at worst. Meanwhile it's easier for the EU to blame the actual companies who will get us out of this mess rather than address the issues of their own making.
  13. Police commissioner, top health fella...all came out swinging about Oxford when they would have been better leaving ito the actual scientists.
  14. We are you getting these figures as the last released figures were a average of 175.000 per day - working day - nowhere near the 1.4m doses mentioned I think that may be the supply numbers but it's not what's going into people's arms.  
  15. Smuggling becoming a standard...

    Befriend an Irishperson and get it from there, it's exactly the same product in any case.