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  1. Expat Prime and TV Mucho

    No you didn't misread.  He asked about services that do not need VPN or IPTV.
  2. Dog on the leash or not?

    Great, no problem then don't have a dog under these conditions.  It's a choice you can make.
  3. Dog on the leash or not?

    Makes not a jot of difference to someone who is scared of dogs to what the dog loves to do.  Just let dogs run around where they want then? If you're in a public place with the general public, no dog should be running free.
  4. Nebenkosten - What garden costs?

    Are you not, you disregarded a post about people not earning or having enough to buy a place as "opinion". So how does a family with parents working earning minimum wage buy or find someone to live with? You're not half as clever as you think you are, hence not having valid answers to any questions that challenge your ridiculous stance.
  5. Nebenkosten - What garden costs?

    Ahh a troll.
  6. Nebenkosten - What garden costs?

    It's not mere opinion, there's facts and figures for those in poverty or low wages vs house prices. I think people, in the meantime, have been feeding their family and other such frivolous expenses.  
  7. Nebenkosten - What garden costs?

    OK, I'll bite...what are the alternatives?
  8. Nebenkosten - What garden costs?

    Good question, why should they? People will buy, money can be made but why are renters seen as an easy mark? If it's a long term investment to provide good accommodation to everyone then why not get your returns over a long term and not try and get it back in 10 years? Like I said, it's unscrupulous landlords who see a quick buck.
  9. Nebenkosten - What garden costs?

    People are not "willing" people are "forced" to pay such high prices, then people who can afford them decide there is money to be made off the back of those who can't afford to outlay a purchase.
  10. Nebenkosten - What garden costs?

    Until people started seeing home ownership as an easy way to make money, rents were much lower/fairer and you weren't in many cases throwing money away but paying a fair market rent.  Now that landlords just see dollars and are not particular scrupulous about how they treat tenants the logical shift is to buy, which is shit if you can't afford to.  I hope the rent caps come in everywhere and put a stop to renting as a profit making exercise.