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  1. New home office laws?

      Ah well, woulda been nice. I noticed this update you linked is from 2016 though. I assume no new news since then? Thank you for sharing!
  2. New home office laws?

    A fellow freelancing contact recently told me she's been in touch with the Finanzamt in Berlin and that she's allowed to write off an "Arbeitsecke", that the laws recently changed and it doesn't have to be an entire room anymore. She said she had to fill out a blueprint of her flat and mark the area she uses for work.   I've tried to research this and am not finding any information about it. Until now I always read this was a definite NO for write offs.   Can anyone point me in the direction of any official documents about this? Deutsch is fine.   I work 100% remotely as a freelancer from home. However, I work in a corner of my living room so until now have never been able to write anything off.    Just a misunderstanding or is there hope?    
  3. Need ELSTER online help

    I received an affiliate payment for only about 120€ from a friend's business based in the UK. She does not have a VAT ID as she earns under the threshold to register for VAT in the UK and maintains her accountant confirmed she does not need one even when dealing with foreign clients.   I'm not sure where to report my earnings from her in this case. Normally I'd put it in field 21, but then I'm supposed to include her VAT ID in the Zusammenfassende Meldung.    Has anyone dealt with this scenario?
  4. Apologies if this is a stupid question. I just want to be sure I'm doing this right as it's the first year I've worked for entirely foreign clients that pay me in currencies besides the euro.   I am aware of the official exchange rates from the Bundesfinanzministerium. I use these to calculate the exchange rate for interest I earned on bank accounts and mutual finds back home in the States since the money hasn't actually been paid out to be in euros yet.   However, when being paid for my invoices, I assume I can use the EUR amount I actually received in my German account, is that right? I am usually paid via Transferwise so my payouts are subject to their exchange rate.    Or do I have to use the "official" Bundesfinanzministerium exchange rate?   Thank you!
  5. Hi all,   I am currently a Kleinunternehmer providing a service and all of my clients are located outside of the EU since I started my business (specifically US, Australia and New Zealand). Last year (2018) I earned less than 17.500€. This year I will earn more than that (exact amount to be determined, here's to hoping!). I work remotely (usually 50% of the year at home in Germany and 50% while traveling outside the EU), and I setup the tech of digital marketing for my clients, things like creating websites, sales funnels, setting up eCommerce shops and setting up email marketing (i.e. not the creative stuff like ads or copywriting).   I understand I don't technically have to give up my Kleinunternehmer status until the year after I earn 50.000€, but I am trying to clarify the details of what counts as a private person and what counts as a business.   I mostly work for entrepreneurs, at most they have 2-3 people on their team. However, they all have their own companies. What do I need to ask from my clients or what information should I have ready for the Finanzamt (or my own records) to determine whether they are private people or businesses? I'm a bit confused where I stand as my clients are individual people (not big companies), but are usually registered under names besides their own (or something like "Client Name Writing & Training"). Do they count as businesses then? If so, is there certain info I need to ask from them to prove this?   It's my understanding this difference between private person and business is very important once I pass the income threshold for a Kleinunternehmer as it determines whether I need to charge the VAT or not.   ---   On that note, can anyone here recommend a Steuerberater who is able to do a Beratung virtually? I am outside Germany until mid-April and travel about half the year, but would love to have a session with someone just to talk things through and make sure I am setting myself up right to avoid any messes down the line. I speak fluent German but it would be nice to do it in English so that I 100% understand every little detail (tax German is towards the edge of my C1 level), but if that is not possible German is fine. I've hired a couple accountants in Berlin before, but caught big financial mistakes their team made on my taxes from both of them so would love to hear tried and true recommendations of people used to working with expats who have non-EU clients.   Thank you!