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  1. What would you like to say before you die?

    I thought that the most common were "Hold my beer"     I think I'd stick with "All is well" to leave those that are behind with a bit of comfort. ( a shame that can't link to the Ollabelle version of the song from Germany)
  2. Winter Boots in Berlin

    Wow, nice shoes ... let's hope for a colder winter so you can put them to great use.  Just remember that since you've chosen GTX stuff, keep the waxes (like Sno-Seal) away from them so you maintain the porosity of the membrane.  Have fun.   One can also order Vasque from but @Ben Borgman I can't swear to their durability ... I've only had my leather hikers (Balance) since 2005 - so far, so good.
  3. Crossroads in Life - Career vs Family

    Do you like the prospect of biz dev or do you prefer the management / execution side?  I've seen more than a couple of IB managers get tasked with client generation and go from being happy, motivated people to being completely miserable just do to the amount of (what they saw as pointless) networking and being "forever on", let alone the travel requirements.   Since you've got a pretty good amount of execution / management experience, I'd think that a good compromise would be the part-time job route of helping your clients know what to expect from the IB machine and positioning them for success on the path since there is a need for that kind of service
  4. The last I saw from June of this year - here - was that Uber was only available in Munich and Berlin. ("Uber versucht es trotzdem weiter in Deutschland, wenngleich derzeit nur noch in München und Berlin."   When I cycle in Berlin, I'm more and more being pressed to bend the rules to get to where I'm going.  Between weirdly timed bicycle / pedestrian / traffic lights on Schönhauser Allee, cars ignoring signals around Alexanderplatz and Kottbusser Tor, and double parked delivery vehicles  / cars trying to door you on Sonnenallee and Hermanstrasse, I sometimes have to get on any flat surface available just to keep going.   I do agree though that at least in Berlin over the past year I've seen the cyclists take many more liberties with regards to sidewalk / wrong cycling direction / overall crap traffic flow management . 
  5. Moving out check list

    Hi Mike,   I've not seen a comprehensive list but to add to yours (from a recent move in Berlin so all may not be pertinent )   - City Hall / Bürgeramt was within 14 days of moving - Internet - once you know where you are going to, check if they can provide the service.  If not, transfer is not an option and they will probably want to see an Abmeldung to get you out of your contract - Internet - ask specifically for transfer times.  Some new tenants in our building are being told that April 2018 is when they will have service (yes, they are having a spirited discussion with Telekom about that!) - Deutsche Post cost around 26 Euros to forward mail for 12 months and you really needed to do it at least 5 days in advance (they said 2 weeks but the form said minimum 5 business days) - Review your current lease and see what terms / restrictions are included (number of keys returned, do you need to paint the place, etc.) - On the day of the Abnahme (not sure if the English equivalent of turnover is totally correct), go with the person and take a picture of your electric meter - ours got a bit dyslexic when writing the numbers on the form you will sign - No idea on how you are moving but at both ends you may need to have a Parkverbot so that you have room to get cars or a moving van in and out.  If you're using a company they usually take care of this but if  you're doing it yourself you'd need to contact (and pay) the Ordnungsamt.  If it's just you and friends, park in the street and hope. - As soon as you know your new place, contact the Hausverwalterung and let them know what name you want on the buzzer / mailbox (apartment move only).   - Buy a case of your favorite tipple and have your friends haul it to your new place - moving is stressful!   Good luck. 
  6. Winter Boots in Berlin

    Pretty much any mid-weight hiker would fit your needs.  For more waterproof, I'd probably go with something like this one and just wax the crap out of it.  I agree with Engelchen - coming from East Coast US, Berlin winters are usually mild, not a lot of snow and just damn grey.  For example, I've made it through the last 2 winters here with Scarpa Gore-Tex approach shoes (and micro-spikes for Teufelsberg hikes) without problems.   I can say that Sorels are definitely overkill - while they are comfortable, they're a bit clunky and the lacing pattern doesn't let them fit as nicely as one would like ... good for plowing in snow but not so much walking in city streets (that and they pick up the grit that Berliners use on the sidewalks like you wouldn't believe).
  7. Is this the right way forward?

    Nope  ... unless the expression of the sexuality of the person has started / led to gender modifications that are germane to treatment, I don't see why treating a person of a specific bodily gender is any different than any other, regardless of sexual orientation.  Maybe for counselling on specific matters but that doesn't seem to be the point of the article.
  8. Haircut - 10 Euros

    @Thormein I love Turkish barbers, but they keep wanting to give me tea during the haircut and I'm unsure of the custom ... do I drink it direct, keep it out of the way of the hair cuttings, or just let it cool and then have it afterwards?     Normally, I go to the nice old German guy on the back street and listen to 70's music but he is on vacation until next week so I honestly don't know.
  9. What are you cooking today?

    @robinson100 Jay has it exactly right ... breaded, cheese filled, fried and if you leave the seeds in, a really nice mild heat.   ETA: John, I think you could also use them that way but I'd be loathe to try it
  10. What are you cooking today?

    This evening, totally unplanned cooking.  Since we have been getting 100+kph winds in Berlin today, most of the balcony plants were taking a beating so I figured it was time for a quick harvest.  Basil and leftover garlic from next year's planting became pesto, red and green jalapenos are cooling as poppers and the habaneros are currently being made into a Belize hot sauce .  I guess it will be pasta and pesto for dinner and the poppers will be  frozen for future football games.
  11. Freelance invoices from USA to Germany

      Someonesdaughter clarified the German case and the difference between the numbers so just for completeness, here's the US part: IRS EIN information ... a while back when I was working there, I filed for an EIN as a sole proprietor (my choice) and there was no problem with getting the number.
  12. Songs that make you cry

    This time of year ...  
  13. German integration courses in Berlin

    @schweineloeffel - what level course did you sign up for?  The TELC series that you mention runs from A1.1 thru B1.2 so which book that you need to buy will depend on what course you're in.  If the teacher has said that you are in an A1.1 course, then that's the book you will need to buy and they have determined that this course is the best fit for you.   I started the integration course at A2.1 but with the Menschen series books and only after both a written placement test and an interview with my local VHS person.  They wanted to put me in A2.2 based on my speaking but I knew my grammar was utter crap so I chose the longer but easier route.  On Monday, I'd ask the teacher why they chose this level for you since I don't understand the gap.  (it may also be that BAMF wants some subsidies that I don't know of too)
  14. What are you cooking today?

    Today - misc. mushroom tarts based on a medieval recipe while I wait for the UEFA qualifiers to start up again.  Results so far in small muffin forms - all with a butter sauteed mushroom base:   - Blätterteig / Emmenthaler and Rohschinken - way too puffy for the crust and need to cook the Rohschinken longer in the pan to not have a greasy mess - Pizzateig / Emmenthaler (or Cathedral Cheddar - yellow) and bacon - decent ... need to bake the dough blind a bit longer to get them to stay crispy - Pizzateig / Emmenthaler (or Cathedral Cheddar - yellow) - just the cheese - a bit better since no residual grease ... still need to blind bake the dough even longer to get them to crisp - Pizzateig / Emmenthaler (or Cathedral Cheddar) and Rohschinken - best of the lot though a bit salty and the crust still isn't quite right.   Next time, I think I just need to go ahead and make some proper pastry crust from scratch and try again.  These make nice finger foods but they need to be a bit lighter for my tastes.  Oh well, off to watch some football.
  15. Well, if poaching is considered illegal, how 'bout a simple boil -  I've got the Zatarain's