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  1. Tipping policy at hair salons

    I have no idea what the haircut costs (and don't really want to ) but my girlfriend gives  € 5 to the person who washes / colors and  €  5 to the person who cuts and does whatever else with it.  Maybe Berlin is catching up with the prices in this respect ...
  2. World Cup 2018 goes to Russia

    This only problem with the France match was that they picked up a couple of yellows at the end for absolutely no reason.  As they advance, this could very well come back and bite them.  Otherwise, an absolutely great comeback and a nice see-saw match to watch.  Great to see some younger players have such an impact. 
  3. Can't help on recipes (personally hate the stuff) but a couple of years back I picked up one of the 750 Watt Bosch Stabmixers will 2 sizes of blender attachments and it's wonderful.  It's not cheap but it will puree pretty much anything, chop nuts and make a mean pesto.  I hardly every use my large food processor anymore since this little thing is more versatile and easier to clean.
  4. Only in America...

    What?  She finally got sick of all this crap and decided to walk home?  Can't really blame her...
  5. World Cup 2018 goes to Russia

    Crushing for Iceland ... they had plenty of chances and just couldn't convert.  Great heart and hustle though.
  6. Describe your worst sexual encounter

    I think it started with: Friggin in the Riggin, then it went to Let me put my love into you and ended with You keep it all in.
  7. American would like to move to Berlin

      I'm glad that you've been here before and experienced a variety of seasons - it starts to help you understand what you are getting yourself into.  From 5 years of NYC area / Berlin commuting, I can tell you that 3 weeks / 1 month is a vacation ... 2-3 months here is a whole different story in winter.   Since you're here, probably not working and may have some time in the day free, why not take a couple of online tests at the local Sprachschule and see what your level is?  Many offer a free lesson to see if you like the school so you can learn some stuff just checking them out and they typically even offer 1-2 week courses if you're testing above the A1 level.   Also, just to get a feel of what some other expats have / are experiencing in terms of visas / stays and the like, I'd suggest you try to attend a couple of Meetup groups while you're in town.  The "German - How Do You Learn It Effectively?" looks promising and the Tuesday meetup at Travolta in Kreuzberg usually has a pretty good cross section of expats that have figured out how to do just what you're trying to accomplish. (normally, I'd say we could just meet for a beer and chat but I'm in the States at the moment).   Anyways, enjoy your time in Berlin and good luck.
  8. American would like to move to Berlin

    I agree with the others that marriage is the best option.    Even before contemplating that though, since you're from New York, I'd delay my next visit until early winter 2019 and if time and funds permit, stay for a couple of months and take an intensive German course.  This serves 2 purposes: you get to really accelerate your German learning / get more acquainted with the German culture and way of doing things and it gives you a taste of the German winter to see if you can tolerate the change from cold yet clear to not too cold but cloudy.    I wouldn't worry about the moving / visa stuff just yet ... come for a while and try out the city to see if it fits you first.  
  9. I've just posted a silly photo

    You gotta switch it from suck to blow first
  10. Oh, I wish I was closer ... for just a little more effort, he could turn all the excess into mead and have great time just a year or two later.
  11. Anthony Bourdain - quite the loss on the culinary scene.
  12. A bit of a necro-post but I thought the article fit best here (and it is starting to happen to me with all my language tandem partners)   Can you lose your native language
  13. Don't know the particular bike but the v105 groupset is usually found on the lower end bikes (Ultegra and Dura-Ace being more expensive).  i agree with Krieg on the price range
  14. Things to ponder

    The combination of John G's post on Interesting Spam Mails and Wulfrun's here ... if you lock up a sextortionist, do they eventually become a contortionist (and thus are far more difficult to contain)?
  15. Today I did something stupid

    @swimmer - if the cut's clean, sounds like it's time for a little Super Glue   And I've got to actually slow down and read a bit better  ... Oranienburger Straße ≠ Oranienstraße, and leads to all sorts of confused meanderings thru Berlin.