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  1. Songs that make you cry

    This time of year ...  
  2. German integration courses in Berlin

    @schweineloeffel - what level course did you sign up for?  The TELC series that you mention runs from A1.1 thru B1.2 so which book that you need to buy will depend on what course you're in.  If the teacher has said that you are in an A1.1 course, then that's the book you will need to buy and they have determined that this course is the best fit for you.   I started the integration course at A2.1 but with the Menschen series books and only after both a written placement test and an interview with my local VHS person.  They wanted to put me in A2.2 based on my speaking but I knew my grammar was utter crap so I chose the longer but easier route.  On Monday, I'd ask the teacher why they chose this level for you since I don't understand the gap.  (it may also be that BAMF wants some subsidies that I don't know of too)
  3. What are you cooking today?

    Today - misc. mushroom tarts based on a medieval recipe while I wait for the UEFA qualifiers to start up again.  Results so far in small muffin forms - all with a butter sauteed mushroom base:   - Blätterteig / Emmenthaler and Rohschinken - way too puffy for the crust and need to cook the Rohschinken longer in the pan to not have a greasy mess - Pizzateig / Emmenthaler (or Cathedral Cheddar - yellow) and bacon - decent ... need to bake the dough blind a bit longer to get them to stay crispy - Pizzateig / Emmenthaler (or Cathedral Cheddar - yellow) - just the cheese - a bit better since no residual grease ... still need to blind bake the dough even longer to get them to crisp - Pizzateig / Emmenthaler (or Cathedral Cheddar) and Rohschinken - best of the lot though a bit salty and the crust still isn't quite right.   Next time, I think I just need to go ahead and make some proper pastry crust from scratch and try again.  These make nice finger foods but they need to be a bit lighter for my tastes.  Oh well, off to watch some football.
  4. Well, if poaching is considered illegal, how 'bout a simple boil -  I've got the Zatarain's  
  5. Racism in Berlin and Germany in general

    I'd guess it's a bit of a combination of both, the second driving the first.  Since you feel like you're always looking over your shoulder, you may just be sending out the impression that you don't want to be approached which then makes people react in a less than friendly way.  I agree with naberlin ... depending on what I'm wearing (both clothing and a smile versus a scowl), I get differing levels of treatment.     Just a couple of experiments:  1) When you're out with your boyfriend / German friends, try to totally relax and adopt their attitude for a bit and see how you are perceived.  2) Come down here to Neukölln and do some shopping on Hermanstrasse or Sonnenallee and see if you get a different vibe.   Can't comment on the "pretty" part ... I'm an old, slightly rotund American so lots of conversations from Germans start with "junge Mann" and then the only barrier to friendly conversation is my not quite yet B2 German.  Overall, I wouldn't sweat it, and ignore (or smile at) the people that annoy you.
  6. What's got you flummoxed today?

      @Tap  the sharp pain will fade rather quickly but the first bit sucks - after a week or two it's not so bad.  For some reason, it doesn't hurt as much if you're vertical when you need to sneeze / cough so I'd suggest just rolling onto the good side and trying to get up if you can delay the inevitable.  A little Sherry / Port also helps  .   This may sound strange but you might want to watch what you eat for a little bit ... anything coming out in a hurry really hurts (in either direction).  Wishing you a speedy and less painful recovery.
  7. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Tap - Rippenprellung is just nasty ... it usually takes 6-8 weeks of bad sleep, delicate coughing and almost no good laughing (the 3+ times I've had it) to go away but it does fade.  I've not found much of anything that makes it better and you may even have some clicking (kind of like costochondritis) as it all heals.  Hope you heal fast.   Flummoxed?  The band that I've bought tickets to see in November has so far changed the venue 3 times - larger (local), even larger (farther away), and now tiny (great venue but annoying to get to) ... I wonder just how long I should wait before asking for new tickets / a refund or at least where the heck I should show up.
  8. Things to ponder

    If all the headstones are dug up and removed, will future generations of archaeologists think that they've stumbled upon large areas of well organized mass graves?
  9. Describe yourself in song titles

    1. Choose a band/artist: Neville Brothers  2. Answer ONLY using titles of their songs   3. Are you male or female: Brother John   4. Describe yourself: Bird on a Wire   5. How do some people feel about you? Primitive Man   6. How do you feel about yourself? Fear, Hate, Envy, Jealousy   7. Describe your ex boyfriend / girlfriend: Washable Ink / Everybody Plays the Fool   8. Describe current boyfriend / girlfriend: Sweet Little Mama   9. Describe where you want to be: Down by the Riverside   10. Describe how you live: Day to Day Thing   11. Describe how you love: Whatever it Takes   12. What would you ask for if you had just one wish? Rock with Me   13. Share a few words of Wisdom: Tell it like it is   14. Now say goodbye: I bid you Goodnight
  10. What are you cooking today?

    @lisa13 how about making a conserve with mirabelle?  I use a recipe similar to this but cut the sugar down by almost a third (to taste) and walnuts rather than pecans (cheaper).  I do end up canning this though so if you're looking for something quicker, going the rum / brandy route and starting a rumtopf and adding other fruits are they are in season is always a good idea.
  11. First World Problems

    I guess I'm way too prudish but I'd be Googling just how / where those particular toys were used too  
  12. If you have any regional food preferences, I'd have her bring them.  For me, it's tough (or expensive) to find real Lipton French Onion Soup mix, MIO Water flavorings or Tiger Sauce, Tony Chachere's / Slap ya Mama seasonings.  Granted I could make decent substitutes but it's just easier to have someone bring them across.
  13. As 2B says, it's almost impossible to know the validity of a license or if you can get another copy.  I can only give you anecdotal evidence from the state next door to you (LA).  Traded in my license for a German one which took about 2 months to process.  They took my Louisiana one and, as 2B also said, they had no idea where the license went to but they couldn't give it back to me. I went back home a few months later and told the DMV that I needed a replacement license.  They asked why and I told them that the original was somewhere in Germany.  $35, about 5 minutes and 1 very ugly new picture later, I got the US license. YMMV but good luck.
  14. Shipping stuff from the UK to Germany

    We used these folks - Eurogroup International - as out transfer agent since we cleared customs in the UK and they were great ... good communications, knowledgeable and very nice people on the delivery end.