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  1. What made you laugh today?

    Just email her the old Don_riina / Mr. Nosey thread - I'm pretty sure there was a recipe or two in there.
  2. Best Celebrity Chef of all time?

      Only heard of Keller in passing but most of my time in the States was in the South where it was more Paul Prudhomme or Emeril Lagasse.  I love Pollan dearly, but he's much more of a writer than a celebrity chef (although both Cooked and In Defense of Food were good reads).  If we're reaching more towards celebrity than chef, should we include Julia Child?
  3. Best Celebrity Chef of all time?

    Tough question ... For the Indian / veggie side, I'd have to go with Madhur Jaffrey Curry Nation .  Being American, I'd definitely second Rhulman - both for Charcuterie and Ratio.
  4. Only in America...

      Yep (The crinkly ones in the middle of the pic).  Once they start, they are easy and yield 40 or so peppers per plant in the first year.  I started with mild stuff - Scotch Bonnet, Red Savina habaneros for sauces, moved to Ghost (one of the sweetest and best tasting peppers at around 1.000.000 Scovilles), tried the 7 Pot Douglah's (wouldn't recommend ... tasted like bitter green peppers then non-subtle heat) and Scorpions (much nicer tasting but not as good as the Ghost or even the Reapers).     They take a long time to mature though ... start inside in early February get outside as soon as the nights are above around 40+ and hope they turn beautiful colors before the frost.  And from personal experience, dry them in a well ventilated area since even the smell of them drying is "interesting" and grind in a dedicated coffee grinder outdoors - preferably with gloves and after you've remembered to pee - or you will be in a whole world of hurt
  5. Only in America...

    I hope only in America ... Man in hospital after eating world's hottest chili .  I've grown them (mostly for use as deer repellent) and eaten just a little and though the pepper is nice and sweet, the heat makes it an unbelievably unpleasant experience.
  6. Only in America...

    Nah ...they're just Turning Japanese (sorry, off topic but I couldn't resist a Vapors reference)  
  7. Premier League 2016/17 in Germany

    I have DAZN and I'm pretty satisfied.They have pretty good EPL coverage as well as a lot of other football and tennis.  Some of mid-week days can be a bit sparse in what they show (since I'm not into championship darts) but overall they have a good selection.  The annoying parts for me are the German announcers for the EPL games and that for the EPL coverage, many times they only show the early and late game (not the one that starts around 3) or delay the less popular matches until late if better teams are playing.
  8. What are you cooking today?

    Thanks for the links!   Yep ... for the first one, I followed the technique from the first video exactly but my mango was a nice, ripe and juicy variety (not the tarter, sourer one that he's using) and trying to hold the sweet, slimy thing after peeling the skin off was dangerous and darn near impossible.    The second try, I followed the advice of some of my Costa Rican friends and I did better with the vertical slice method around the pit and used the skin as the base to make the cross cuts but it seemed to leave a lot of mango at the end.  Oh well, it's the season for them so I have lots of time to practice (and smoothies to make if I mess up the cubes!).
  9. What are you cooking today?

    Pecan and coconut encrusted fish with pineapple mango chutney.  I so have to work on my mango slicing skills!
  10. Cool stuff worth sharing

      And that's the problem ... people have used honey since ancient times to do the same thing 
  11. What are you drinking right now?

    Sixpoint Resin ... I'd have gone with the Hi-Res but with jet-lag I'd not appreciate it before falling asleep.
  12. What are you listening to right now?

    Been trying since Tuesday but the US storms have not cooperated so I can only hope early tomorrow will work for once ...      
  13. Maybe it's just me getting older but the multi-gear option was a must.  I like the ability to smoothly start from an Ampel and keep up with traffic rather than having to power my way thru the start and if you're planning on touring around Wannsee or other lakes then the option to not fight too hard thru the winds is really nice to have.
  14. I'll second going to Stadler so that you can take a look at the bikes (and feel the weight since that's important to you).  I've only been to the one across from Storkower Straße S-Bahn but I hear that the stores are similar.  I never bothered with panniers (don't like their performance in the wind) but fenders were a must to avoid getting skunk striped when it rains and unfortunately, I've used the bell more than I ever thought I would.  Once you have a handle on what you'd like, I'd also recommend checking out an online shop like to compare prices.   I ended up going with a cheap Serious Rockville bike since my bike parking options at the time were limited and it's done great over the last 2 years.  I wouldn't recommend it for you since it's heavy though.
  15. Camping stores in Berlin

      @kirakay - I tend to agree since they do carry a variety of brands for bags but Camp4 is worth a look since you're closer and the people are mostly nice.  Yeah, a decent sleeping bag can cost some coin and I've spent that on both 0 and -20 bags ... but only after trying each.  Throw in a close to 100 Euro Thermarest to have some insulation and a bit more comfortable night's rest and things get pricey very quickly.