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  1. Why are you unhappy today?

    Thanks for the tip but no thanks ... I think I'll stick with exercise for mood control and try to avoid going down a path that may not end well. - that or just take a break from TT for a while while the two of you trade jabs and site bans.  Best.  Chooyo
  2. Why are you unhappy today?

    And, if there's even more snow (as it appears to be indicated on both and Ventusky), will this friend stop and lend a bit of a hand or are they just being the standard Youtube / WhatsApp tourists?  I'd be really unhappy if one of your buddies had to swing out of their way for something so trite. (and yes, this squabbling between the two of you, longstanding members of this board, does currently make me unhappy and slightly sad ...)
  3. Ok, now the question I'm ACTUALLY afraid to ask:  @jeremytwo, why are you and your wife out there doing this yourselves?   You've said: - You have a collection of neighbors who you could platoon with to do everyone's houses and share the work - You know that it is dangerous but don't seem to be taking many precautions in the process (working when tired, working hard and unergonomically that you're snapping a shovel on your roof, not mentioning that you're up there with a harness and line to keep you and the missus safe for the kids, etc.) - You acknowledge that things will probably go from ice to snow just increasing the chance that conditions are ripe for a mini-slab avalanche that can take both of you off the roof and bury you - You've got a brother-in-law that just visited (I'm assuming from somewhat local since the roads near you are not the best right now) that collects houses ... does he not have contacts that take care of his houses that can come and help you?   Heavy snow is not fun to move - especially several times - so you're increasing your risk of serious injury or something like a heart attack.  Not calling you a bullshitter at all - just a little concerned that you're wading into dangerous territory in this case.
  4. @Metall I believe they are called Dachschneeräumer but sometimes there is a hyphen between Dach and the rest of the word. There's a bunch of them online.
  5. Snow rakes are these handy things that are designed to clean roofs of snow.  The ones I've used come with a minimum of (3) 7 foot extension rods - that double as paint roller rods if you're painting the upper walls or ceiling of a Altbau - and are very easy to use.   As you say, roofs are designed for a specific snow load and the recent snow has been wet and may exceed the tolerances ... if that is the case, then I do question the sanity / safety of people adding point loads (their shoes) onto an already precarious situation.   Not sure if you've skied too much but hitting a pile of wet snow from any height - say, the mid-point of a roof - is no fun at all and can potentially break bones and do ligament damage.   I'm pretty sure that you don't want to heat the roof tiles and turn the snow that can blow / melt off into solid ice that has the same weight and then needs to be carefully monitored or it can cause all kinds of problems with your eaves.   @lisa13 - yep, for flat roofs you've just got to clear them ... nothing else works and if they are on just a slight pitch, the icicles that form are scary!
  6. I'll respect your mother's opinion but I think that comparing Paul Harvey to Sean Hannity (aside from political leaning) is like comparing Roald Dahl to a carnival barker ... one was a storyteller and the other is a simple shill. 
  7. Just a question as a tangential follow-up to SP and J2's recent exchange on the Happy thread ... in a part of the country that regularly experiences snow (and where schneestops appear to be sold and used), why would people go tromping around on an already heavily loaded roof full of snow and take the chance of slipping or going through rather than just using snow rakes and clear things from the ground?
  8. Lord of the Flies - 2019 ?
  9. Hand workers: help! Need advice

    Ok -  (one where the umlaut is somewhat important (at least for - without the definition is a twit, with, a screw anchor).  As AlexTr said, probably best if you can get some outward / forward pressure on it.    Easiest way would be to take another screw or dowel, stick some SuperGlue on the end, join them for a bit and then pull while unscrewing.  I like hooperski's idea of using a Dremel but you need a bit more clearance - even for a flat blade and if you have that much, then just a pair of cutting pliers will do.   Alternately, if there is just enough room, pull it a bit with pliers and use a hacksaw blade to get thru most of it - then you can bend / snap the head off and you're set.
  10. What are you listening to right now?

    Nostalgic for "The Channel" club in Boston and some wisdom from songs ...   "Wide open falsehoods the clandestine truths rival to the end in a series of duels ..."       and just pure sound:  
  11. Didn't he say somewhere on one of his more recent posts that he had just received another 6 month extension on life? Maybe that was (unfortunately) a bit optimistic ...
  12. What are you listening to right now?

      I don't know ... agreed that it's totally bizarre but the visuals just make me shudder.  I guess I prefer the slightly more sedate in this genre.    
  13. Odd news

    Indian scientists against Einstein In 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told medical staff at a Mumbai hospital that the story of the Hindu god Ganesha - whose elephant head is attached to a human body - showed cosmetic surgery existed in ancient India I've probably seen worse results in the Yahoo's US entertainment section but this is a bit over the top
  14. @dessa_dangerous (sorry for the target but I don't know if any other mods are looking at the boards these days) since this topic is becoming a spirited discussion, do you think a topic split from hooperski's original post on the last page is in order so that we can get back to discussing the title in proper?  Just name it something pithy like "to pee or not to pee, where, is the question?" and I'm sure people will find it.  Just asking.
  15. Neighbour made mess

    I'd guess that based on the picture of the dust, that they weren't using a full-on chainsaw but some other type of motorized saw (like a Multisäge) since all the chainsaws that I've ever used create much coarser (and easier to pick up) shavings and not so much dust per se.   You could vacuum this kind of dust up with a Shop-Vac with a cloth bag around the foam filter (like many wood hobbyists use) but if you're using a normal vac, you're just asking for bag /  filter clogs and as lisa13 says it can damage your vacuum very easily.   If I were to have to clean up this situation, I'd only do it with a brush while wearing a painter's mask that catches particulates (since I have no idea just what type of wood she was cutting ad some are worse on the lungs than others).