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  1. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Yer but the media have to stoke the fires of the Brexiteers though.
  2. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    Isn´t it at the moment with the incentives from stadt virtually a cost free exercise?
  3. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    I´m all in favour of EVs,they are the future.However I`m not in favour of those EVs being solely Teslas which a couple of people on here seem to want. When a company brings out a new EV it´s a good thing,when it fails well that´s what happens with new stuff.I want all new EVs to succeed not matter who builds them but people in this thread do nothing but destroy any new EV that´s not made by Tesla.
  4. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    What else do you expect a CEO to say? Notice MM didn´t quote him but merely said they need to let go many tens of thousands,which shows where MMs tendencies lie. MMs whole post is saying what VW need to do to make yet more money.   Now I presume you´re going to use the usual profit is everything answer about needing profits/shares to be high because people live off the dividends they get from the shares.If you honestly believe that then you need to look at who the VW shareholders are with only a very minor % being private shareholders and who knows what % of those are actually people who live off the dividends.   The attitude of profit tops everything is exactly why in trickle down economics it´s only shit that trickles down.Do we ever get to the €10bn profit in a year is enough rather than always trying to make even more even if it means ruining peoples lives? Let´s get rid of 30k people and put the onus on those 30k livelihoods on the govt.So let a company (1 that channels some of its profit through Luxembourg)make more profit while putting more financial pressure on a govt and we know where govt funds come fro m. The profit is everything attitude is the sort of attitude that leads to workers rights being eroded.What´s the next step you would like to see after the layoffs to further enhance profits?    
  5. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    Nothing at all to do with the  fanboy thing which I find laughable rather than detestable. What I detest is his throw away comment about VW needing to let go of tens of thousands of employees. Notice he doesn´t say they will because they want to improve profit etc but actually says they "need" to get rid of tens of thousands.Because in his mind those tens of thousands don´t matter merely the profitability matters. After all VW only made nearly €10bn profit last year and we wouldn´t want that taking a hit would we,much rather tens of thousands of people take the hit.  
  6. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    And this is why I detest you and your ideology. All that matters to you and your ilk is profit/money,nothing else matters.
  7. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Yer but hes talking about the dumping actually being legal whereas your article states until now it has been an illegal practice.
  8. Nintendo switch

    Many games you can play on PC as long as it reaches the min system requirements,whether you´d actually want to play them at that level is another matter entirely.     The quality of using a PC compared to a console is never in doubt but that´s not the point.You´re on about the educational level of games on one platform vs the other which until now you´ve produced absolutely no evidence for. Sometimes kids want to just have fun.That means doing stuff that they consider fun and not what you may class as fun.      
  9. Nintendo switch

    And there he is with his daily shot of arrogance.   What people need to do with their kids and PCs etc is let them play,watch them and you´ll get to know when enough is enough for them.Make sure they do their homework etc first but then why limit them to 2 hours or whatever. Also nowadays if you insist on your kid going outside then you may find that your kid is spending most of his time alone because there doesn´t appear to be that many kids outside playing nowadays. My mum always used to moan at me because I spent every conceivable minute playing outside with kids and when dinner time came she couldn´t find me.You can pretty much guarantee her parents and your parents were moaned at by their parents for not spending their free time how the parents think it should be spent.  
  10. BREXIT positives and negatives

    The worst vilification albeit with toned down language comes from MPs towards other MPs so I think they need to put their own house in order as well.   Also do you know who the PM is?  
  11. Politics Gen XYZ

    A very disturbing campaign ad... Seriously what is wrong with you Americans and your politicians.He wouldn´t make such an ad if he wasn´t sure it would impress people.
  12. Bundestagswahl 26th of September 2021

    Then it´s you´re own fault. I have no problem with it being legalised but if you take it nowadays then don´t fucking whine if they find it in your blood while driving.
  13. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Ooh yet again the Tories.   There seems to be a theme running through this and that theme is not the fucking EU.    
  14. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Read what you wrote again. I´m all for wage rises and people actually earning a decent wage.But the cost of living will go up so really people will not be any better off as in they'll have more money but it will be worth less.Also if wages in this case rise then will the promised land be reached and no foreigners "stealing our jobs"?     So once again where is the Brexit benefit.
  15. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Are you saying it was because the UK was in the EU? I can´t see any other reason for this than the govt of the time.