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  1. "Re-read the article and note that the term "against migrants" was added by the Journalist and not in quotes. " I don´t see where I said that she said that.     "The area along the border is not the safest of places.   The residents are not necessarily afraid of or hateful towards migrants, but rather the shadier enterprises which operate in the vicinity with impunity due to porous borders.     See this nice overview from the FBI. Narrator: The U.S. border with Mexico extends nearly 2,000 miles. And it’s along this expansive stretch of territory that drug cartels and their street gang enforcers ply a dangerous and costly trade. Drug trafficking. Human smuggling. Extortion. Murder. Corrupt public officials. All these crimes represent a multi-billion dollar industry and they pose a threat not only to communities on both sides of the border, but to our national security as well."   So she wasn´t trying to get citizens to attack migrants she was merely encouraging them to grab their guns and take on drug cartels. FFS I guess that´s fine then.    
  2. Not exactly what she said. She said " "I guess they better arm up and get guns and be ready, and maybe they're going to have to start taking matters into their hands."   Legally there may be a difference but to us normal people there is no difference.She is encouraging them to stop the migrants with the use of arms.
  3. Nope the fact you're a racist is a fact. 
  4. He doesn´t mean the wrong sex on profile though but its posting history in the same way its recent one indicates it has a family. Also Balticus is known for bending the truth to suit itself.
  5. Yep but its not saying is nothing to do with wanting  to be gender free but something along the lines of none of your business type of thing.
  6. Which I explained why I accused it. Also no one knows if it is a male as it stridently refuses to say. Sorry I assumed the way you answer it and tend to say "there´s good on both sides" about it that it was a friend.
  7. You´re right but you decide to make it so by sticking up for your friend.
  8. Because it is quite happy to call other liars when they talk about personal experience or family etc. So I do not believe a word that comes out of its mouth especially when it´s personal experience happens to exactly fit the narrative it is trying to push.  
  9. "My family and i know two families here in Germany whose kids did not react to the lockdowns very well and needed inpatient Psychiatric treatment.   You have consistently shown yourself unwilling to engage in anything but moralizing and simplistic, binary thinking."   You´re lying,you don´t have a family.    
  10. Brexit: The fallout

    Many reasons,among them is that they signed a deal and can say that.They knew when it came down to it that they would ignore parts of it but would blame it on the EU which is blatantly a lie but their followers would believe it and that´s all that matters to them.They don´t give a fuck if the UK goes to hell in a handcart as long as they can blame someone else for it and be believed. All the time they have the lowest common denominators as their followers they´ll be alright.
  11. You read this then you think of the utter wankers on this board who pretend to care about peoples mental health and want absolutely no restrictions on anything and you really have to wonder what their motivations are for being ok with these people suffering and others dying as long as their own lives are not affected. Then they say masks etc don´t work,we all need to catch it so that we get herd immunity that way,doesn´t matter if some really suffer or die as long as "I´m alright Jack". There are no after effects of having Covid apparently because there has been no studies on it and why should we take a vaccine that might harm us even though millions of people have taken it safely. Anyone who suffers badly or even dies from Covid must be fat and unhealthy because fit and healthy people don´t die or suffer,despite evidence to the opposite. I really do wonder what makes these people tick. The only time they change their minds is when they´re either dying or suffering really badly from Covid.  
  12. The laws about employees and Kurzarbeit

    I´d try answering if I knew what that was  
  13. The laws about employees and Kurzarbeit

    Yer like he says,weekend is yours if  its not a normal working day.
  14. The laws about employees and Kurzarbeit

    Is the weekend a normal working time for you ?
  15. Only in America...

    If she´d only just abused children then the Church would have hushed it up,but touch their money and may the wrath of god descend upon you.