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  1. The Christchurch mosque massacre

    This attack will send the right wing gun nuts into a state of confusion. Normally they would go on about how if the victims were armed they would have stopped it. But in this case can you actually see these people saying that Muslims should be armed as these are normally the people they think they need the guns for to protect themselves from.  
  2. The Christchurch mosque massacre

    How long until your first deep state conspiracy post on this ? Surprised you left it a day.  
  3. The Christchurch mosque massacre

    You seem to think mentally ill just covers someone who is in your words "crazy". You don`t think that someone who can come up with these ideas and then carry out such an attack has some sort of mental illness ?
  4. I did read the damn article and a couple of others on the same subject. Which is exactly why I said there is more to this than the selfies which you seemed to think are some sort of evidence against her and Trump. They mean fuck all and are just a distraction from the real story. Theyre  the sort of shit the Natl Enquirer prints to slander Trumps opponents. When Trump slept with Stormy Daniels the whole thing got overtaken by the married man narrative and the fact hes got a mushroom shaped dick while everyone forgot about the actual illegal stuff.
  5. Those selfies prove absolutely nothing,I`d imagine many politicians of all sides have had their photos taken with undesireable people. People posting this sort of picture just take away from the real story.
  6. Let`s be honest here though selfies with famous people have no meaning at all. There is much more to this story than selfies and I`d hate to think how many politicians or celebs have had a photo with dodgy characters who they didn`t know from Adam but just asked them for a pic.
  7. Amazing how when unvaccinated children become ill the families always turn to that "evil big pharma".   Watched an interesting docu on the flat earth movement on Netflix about someone who is a bigshot in the flat earth movement and something he said really showed how gullible some people was along the lines of ... "The reason we`re so successful and science isn`t is because science uses maths and science as examples to disprove flat earth but we just say things like "look at the horizon and how we can see things from miles away so how can the earth be a globe"". In other words people are too stupid to understand so better that they accept the unproven and stupid statements.
  8. NM I see someones already called you out on this bullshit.
  9. Verdi - terrorist union

    Yes take it away from them because they shouldn`t need to have that option.Invest many billions that is made by companies in profit and invest it at home and abroad in ways that will improve everyones lives. Bah but those firms won`t see any returns on that so why would they because the number 1 priority is keeping shareholders happy.
  10. Previous owner feels he can enter my home

    Some of you must have lived in some strange villages. Living in a village means being part of a community where everyone knows everyone and yes often doors are left open but if you visit someone then you stand at the door and shout hello or whatever. You certainly don`t go jumping over a complete strangers locked gate,enter the house and rummage through stuff ffs. There is absolutely no excuse for it and if the people who live in this village if they are a community wouldn`t even dream of doing this.
  11. Verdi - terrorist union

    Wages for employees and the owners are not profit,they are part of the running costs.Once they`re covered then the profit starts. When a company announces profits running costs are already taken into consideration. I know you`re a super duper engineer but perhaps you need this... profit noun  UK  /ˈprɒf.ɪt/ US  /ˈprɑː.fɪt/ B2 [ C or U ] money that is earned in trade or business after paying the costs of producingand selling goods and services:   This as well..
  12. Verdi - terrorist union

    Yes I often wonder how much the CEO and other executives suffered when they went bust. Once again though it was only the normal workers who belonged to a terrorist union who suffered. Do you think it went bust because they paid their workers too much or because those running it had ideas for the Airline that weren`t really possible ?
  13. Verdi - terrorist union

    Of course they "chose" to return.They have no other option. You remind me of people when England had an empire and would go to foreign lands and think that by them paying some local a bit of copper to shine their shoes that they were improving those peoples lives. If I said to you "Shall I kick you in the bollocks or punch your arm" If you were sensible you`d go for the arm punch but wouldn`t it be better if you could answer "neither of those". Yes you`re giving those people a choice but it`s a choice made out of neccessity not the fact that they want to work for less shitty money.
  14. So you`d be quite happy with people having to legally do something that they`re totally against ? A black baker must bake a cake celebrating white separtism ? A muslim baker must bake a cake with a pic of mohamed on ? And many more examples.  
  15. Verdi - terrorist union

    I assumed deadsoul was being heavily sarcastic but you seem to believe that shipping old people off toe foreign lands is a viable idea. ffs next you`ll be suggesting euthanasia for anyone who gets to be a burden because it`s cheaper.