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  1. Coronavirus

    Watch this post be spectacularly ignored by Balticus while it replies to ones where it can extend the argument without looking as much of an idiot.
  2. Coronavirus

    He`s the one who made lots of predictions trying to cover all bases. In Feb he predicted China would have roughly 1000 deaths from Corona. Then a couople of weeks after that was proven wrong he then predicted the correct figure of just over 3000 deaths. You can guess which one his supporters use when holding him up as the worlds leading expert.   Amazingly though what his supporters cannot see is that he is walking proof that no one could predict how this virus was going to behave as happens with any new virus.
  3. Brexit: The fallout

    None. But your criteria for anyone to post on the US or any other country you have apparently lived in is that they must in the very least have worked there but lived there is better and if they don`t meet these criteria then they should stfu about that country basically. However once again you don`t see fit to use those rules on yourself.
  4. Conspiracy theorists

    Oh yer don`t get me wrong I know they`re total bollocks basically. However with no hard evidence that they`re not true,ie you cannot prove someone is not a lizard person you can see why the gullible fall for them. However with flat earth there is so much hard evidence proving it is round that you would think absolutely no one would believe it is flat.
  5. Conspiracy theorists

    Flat Earthers. Can anyone give any reason why this could be at least plausible. 911,Lizard People,Q etc etc,these theories could be true because there is no evidence as such against them because you can`t disprove them no matter how crazy they may be. But flat earth ffs,there is so much evidence that the earth is round yet somehow some gullible idiots believe the earth is flat.The flat eath theory to me is the craziest conspiracy theory ever because of how easy it is to disprove yet the followers won`t believe the evidence,real hard evidence,put before their eyes. Hell if they had enough money they could go up there and look for themselves.
  6. Conspiracy theorists

    Eh what,no never.  
  7. Brexit: The fallout

    How long have you lived in the UK ?
  8. Brexit: The fallout

    You maybe ? Now run along like a good little boy out of this thread because I don`t know what right you have to post in it. Or are you going to tell us that you have also lived in the UK same as apparently you have lived in nearly every other country in the world.
  9. Coronavirus

    It`s idiots like Balticus who cause these sort of problems by having the everyone should look after themselves type of attitude.
  10. Coronavirus

    A bit hypocritical don`t you think. Coming from the person who sees no problem with people not wearing a mask.
  11. Coronavirus

    And your solution is ?
  12. Coronavirus

    Everyone brings the US into the argument because it is supposedly a world leader yet it is the biggest fuck up in handling Covid in any developed country. If they hadn`t made such a royal fuck up at the beginning (don`t give me your "well he stopped travel from China" lie ) and actually did something constructive to combat it maybe they would be in the same state as Germany or most other countries now.   How much has lockdown really affected people in Germany. We had a lockdown in name only with many more people unaffected than we affected by it.As for the wearing a mask what the fuck is the real problem.You must wear a mask when you go shopping etc but how much of a problem is that really ?    
  13. They mean as in work for him personally.He uses mail in voting himself.
  14. Brexit: The fallout

    Because the decision to give the people a vote was not made because the people wanted it. It was made to try and quell Tory infighting. As the Tories aren`t ripping themselves apart over hanging then why would the Tories decide to let the plebs vote on it.
  15. Brexit: The fallout

    Have you noticed it say they will be able to negotiate their own return deals not that they will be able to send more back. And if it`s anything like their attempts at Brexit negotiations then there will probably be less sent back than before.