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  1. Nope didn`t miss it. I just avoid whackjob sites.
  2. Coronavirus

    Fucking hell I`d hate to be your doctor or someone doing work for you. You really come across as an arrogant arsehole who knows better than people doing the work. I tend not to have a problem when blood is taken ever when an arzthilferin does it and can`t remember the last time I did have a problem.    
  3. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    I`ll start by saying I´m very ambivalent about the Royal Family.I wouldn´t fight to get rid of them but equally wouldn´t fight to stop them being getting rid of.From what I know there is many more millions pissed up the wall every year by the govt than is spent on the Royal Family.   However this obsession with what those 2 are up to is beyond a fucking joke. Last week when the govt minister (forget which one of the dickheads it was) was found guilty in the High Court of giving PPE contracts without any oversight etc the papers led with headlines of Meghan and Harry.ffs. It behooves the govt to have the Royals in the spotlight 24/7 because it keeps any shit from coming their way. In the middle of the Royal Family right at this moment there is a man who the law in the US would like to question about his relationship (relationship is a very generous word in this context) with an underage girl who was maybe procured for him by a now dead Epstein. A couple of days ago there was an outcry because Markle wore some earrings she received from some Saudi Prince or someone and how it was a scandal and disgraceful.This Prince happens to be from a country that the UK seems fit to sell weapons to but that´s not important,what is important is a pair of fucking earrings.   Yes but lets not forget they´re not supposed to be treated like humans more like objects to be inspected and held up to a certain standard which standard is decided by the Royal Family and the media. Let`s also not forget that Harry was all of 12 when he was made to walk behind his mothers funeral cortege in front of the prying eyes of millions.What 12 year old would want to do that.  
  4. Coronavirus

    You may get the usual "rent a quote" mob decrying it but I think a good % of the population of those countries can see the need for something. We keep reading about the anti maskers/vaxers,covid fake mob but don`t forget these people are only a very tiny % of the population,they just have much bigger mouths and click hungry media wanting their quotes. The media doesn`t report on the millions of people who have had no reactions to the vaccine they just make a big splash about the very few who have had a reaction. Yes people will complain and it will be splashed all over the media but it will only be a very small %  
  5. Coronavirus

    Haha The same USA that had a plan for pandemics but decided to rip it up as soon as Trump took power. The same USA that values $ above everything including human life. The same UK that has totally fucked up it`s response to the virus and only got their fingers out because they did actually realise how shit they were. No comment on the EU because looking at the way they`ve gone about vaccinations says it all really. You really believe these govts will invest billions in something that may never be used ?
  6. It will speed up but unless they lighten their love of bureaucracy and "correctness" I don`t think it will get as quick as other countries.  
  7. You`re right. However she says it was ruled unconstitutional for homes to make tests mandatory which using your analogy would be like the govt saying delivery firms are not allowed to make their drivers wear brown shirts and trousers and UPS still making their drivers wear them. I`m not sure if she understood the ruling or whether she`s posted wrong on here but she does have a point.   Edit..Ok just seen her link and she does have a point. Although the ruling was only brought in today.
  8. So basically he wants only the right sort of people to vote and he wants to decide who the right sort are.  
  9. Unfortunately it`s twatts with views like yours that stop places reopening etc etc because they refuse the vaccine.  
  10. Brexit: The fallout

    Holocaust deniers should not get airtime because it is an undeniable fact that the holocaust happened.You may as well give airtime to someone who believes the Earth is flat or that the sky is a shade of mauvey russet. However peoples views should be allowed to be aired if they can find somewhere to air them as long as they don`t constitute hate speech. To me personally someone saying they don`t like blacks,homosexuals,women etc etc is not hate speech,hate speech comes when they say those they don`t like should be treated differently to others. We have a few renown trolls on this thread but most of them don`t tend to go to the level of hate speech.Only J2 as far as I`m concerned is in the hate speech territory.   I don`t like cancel culture taken to extremes but if someone has far right or far left views they have to understand that people have the right to protest those views and also that companies have the right to deny them access to their platforms to espouse those views. Someone being kicked off of Twitter or losing an acting role or whatever is not their free speech being repressed that is actually showing how companies have to right the employ or allow access to whoever they want.Don`t get me wrong I don`t for a minute believe most companies do this for  moral reasons but merely they know if they employ these people or give them access then they`re going to lose customers. Governments denying free speech is a whole different kettle of fish.    
  11. Brexit: The fallout

    The BBC is not bad as in bias. Right wingers complain it is left leaning and left wingers say it is right leaning. People see bias in many things whether it is there or not.
  12. Brexit: The fallout

    Massive difference between being given a ministerial post after being elected an MP (which is supposed to show the electorates faith in you) and being given a ministerial post when you have not even been elected as an MP especially when it is given absolutely no oversight. Also I believe in the US that ministerial appointments have to be approved by the Senate.
  13. Brexit: The fallout

    The Cummings "incident" The govts virtually persistent lying. The govt being found guilty in the high court over PPE contracts. The list could go on and on.   So I`m not at all surprised there is no blowback over this at all. Brexit gave the govt licence to do what it wanted and they`re taking full advantage of it.  
  14. You ever thought that maybe masks,lockdown and social distancing have reduced flu cases. Or are you joining your friends who are on the "Covid is no worse than the flu" path ?   You don`t post a comment like you just did without there being a meaning for it. What was your meaning behind that comment ?