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  1. I do believe those "predictions" were based on if Trump would not transition power.But of course you knew that but you just wanted to use your new favourite emoji while actually looking a clown yourself.   So I wonder if you`ve accepted the fact Trump lost yet because a few pages back you were saying that I and others when Trump won would hang on to every excuse to believe Trump cheated ?
  2. If they`re knowingly involved in voter fraud in a Presidential Election then I think the above would be a minor problem.   And now I`ve read the executive order and it pertains to foreign interference in an election. So are you now saying it`s foreign interference or the Democrats in the US commuting the fraud ? Yes I know you`ll bring up the server seized in Germany but we all know thats bollocks. PS I have a sneaking suspicion that Soros is going to come into your reasoning here.
  3. Some reason can only see this post if I quote it.  
  4. US Presidential Election Fallout

    Set aside that it`s Giuliani but is he actually doing anything that a lot of lawyers wouldn`t do ?
  5. Conspiracy theorists

    So once Trump is gone and Biden is sworn in what will the next big conspiracy theory for J2 be or will it be back to what it was before Trump with just many small theories such as flat Earth etc. The bloke even admitted publicly that he hasn`t paid taxes for 8 years. But nope that`s not why they arrested him obviously,it must be to do with rigging the election.
  6. US Presidential Election Fallout

    Probably,but there again he is at fault for a lot of it. I just hope it doesn`t give the Democrats free reign to do what they want.
  7. Do you understand sarcasm ? Obviously not.
  8. President Donald J. Trump

    And Trump has proven himself to be a good leader right ?
  9. Conspiracy theorists

    Our resident  PHD in Google has googled this article but not actually read it. Nowhere does it state in this article that everyone was wearing masks only that those involved in the study were wearing masks,it also states many of those involved in the study didn`t follow protocol with mask wearing.This is even in the 1st line of the article it linked..."but did not examine whether the wearer protects others by using the item." The whole idea is everyone wears a mask thus slowing down the spread of the disease. Wearing a mask will not prevent you catching Covid but it will reduce the risk,how much though no one knows. You`re the sort who would link the number of people killed in car crashes while wearing seat belts to show that seat belts don`t help. No one is claiming masks will kill covid but merely they`re a way of slowing down the spread and reducing your chances of catching it but there again everyone has to wear one and you don`t want that do you.   Lockdowns don`t help,masks don`t help.I guess in a couple of weeks you`re going to be on the "Vaccine bad,mind control" train.    
  10. Brexit: The fallout

    Hmm yet always an anecdote when someone mentions any other place,happening etc     
  11. Same time as when the Republicans produce any evidence I presume.Oh wait they had a press conference that`s enough for gullible idiots to believe everything.  
  12. Brexit: The fallout

      But as I said the lucky charms comment was a jibe to get a rise out of murphaph,and the only humour in it was the kids giggling behind the adults back type of humour. I was merely pointing out to johng where murphaphs racism comment came from as he was to blinded by his "good on both sides" mentality to see how murphaph could take offence to it.   I just really wish you had had the bottle to take the bet though.    
  13. You have the nerve to say that. The person who thinks neger is still a perfectly acceptable word as long as it`s not said in front of them.     Ok I`ll give you the benefit of the doubt and let you explain why Trump supporters and defenders should not be abused. When I have your list of reasons I`ll give you the list of reasons why they should be.Although you`ll find many reasons in this thread 
  14. Brexit: The fallout

    There`s an age old racist stereotype of black people and chicken and waffles and I presume Murpaph is referring to the Lucky Charms and the Irish being along the same lines. But hey johng we know "there`s good on both sides" eh.