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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    I am actually surprised that Boris wants to be PM now. I honestly thought he would wait until Brexit is done and would then make a bid for PM. If he did it then he would have perfect scapegoats and nothing would be his fault. But by going for it now he will then be answerable for what happens after Brexit.   Yes I know us sensible people can see what a knob he is and always has been but if it goes tits up on his watch then maybe even his supporters will see it too.     When did we actually get to the point where it is blatantly obvious that the main political parties really do not care about the country and it´s citizens ? I know that`s always been the underlying suspicion that they don´t but nowadays they`re just brazen about it and don`t care that it`s known.   Labour are honestly just a fucking joke and are no more trustworthy than the Tories and I thought I`d never say that.
  2. Brexit: The fallout

    Copied and pasted from The Daily Mash as for some reason I couldn`t get a link to work.   ARE you a Brit who lives in the EU but still wants a no-deal Brexit? Here’s how to convince yourself it’s a perfectly sensible position. Ignore really fucking obvious problems Everything from your pension to healthcare will be affected by a no-deal Brexit. So just ignore it. What you don’t think about can’t hurt you, apart from big angry dogs, serious illnesses and in fact everything that can hurt you. Assume ‘they’ will sort everything out Forget that ‘they’ are Theresa May’s vindictive, incompetent government, so they’ll probably have you deported from your retirement home in Portugal to a rough bit of Jamaica by mistake.   Fail to see the irony of complaining about immigration To be fair, you’re really talking about the scary immigrants you’ve read about in the UK press. However if lots of perfectly nice German, Greek or Swedish pensioners retired to the UK you wouldn’t like them either. It’s not right them coming there and stealing all the bus passes. Learn to love paperwork In a best case scenario, Brexit will force you to do a shitload of tedious paperwork. Train yourself to enjoy it by spending every evening filling out forms for an HGV licence or permit to import machine parts to China. Just keep saying ‘Project Fear!’ Repeating the mantra ‘Project Fear’ is a form of magic that protects Brexiters against the effects of their own stupid decisions. And if you do find yourself up shit creek, just blame someone else, maybe Theresa May or, hilariously, foreigners.
  3. Notre Dame is on fire

    Yes but a charity worth an estimated 10-15 billion should be able to pay for the whole rebuild eh ?
  4. Notre Dame is on fire

    And there`s the whole reason that article was written
  5. Notre Dame is on fire

    J2 probably has some theory that she is
  6. Notre Dame is on fire

    Did the hunchback get out ?
  7. Future of Germany

    That`s because Rolls Royce is now a part of BMW,
  8. Brexit: The fallout
  9. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      Sadly for you that`s how the great majority of people see Americans now.      
  10. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      it´s not where you watch it from it´s where they get their info from.
  11. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      The same USA who don`t really think climate change is a "thing"
  12. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    Forgive the total lack of technical terms in this post... The highest measurement allowed for the pollution in town is about 46. In the workplace it is over 900.   So just think you`ll all be nice and safe in town when all those electric cars are buzzing around but just think of those poor bastards in the factories etc making the cars and producing the batteries.
  13. Car drivers bully bicycles in bike path?

      You started this thread but you do not own it and have no say on what is posted in it. If a mod thinks it is getting out of control then they will do something
  14. Seriously are you fucking 10 years old ? You know what else the UK does have ? The same group of moronic tossers who call themselves politicians who couldn`t even run a fucking bath being solely responsible for the running of a country.   And surprise surprise you couldn`t answer the question. I honestly have yet to get an answer to that question and really it`s a pretty fucking pertinent question.   I worry about global warming and how the next generation are really going to cope if the worst comes true,then I hear comments like yours and think  thank fuck the worlds ending because you don`t deserve any better.
  15. You stated the EU were playing up the bad for the UK line.   I‘ll ask you a question that no one ever answers. Say I was still a bus driver in the UK and we left the EU on Friday. When I wake up one morning in 5 years time explain to me how I will be better off being out of the EU. Will i have a better standard of living or what ? Even if the country itself ends up financially better off do you think a normal citizen is going to see any of that ? The UK made billions from privatization of various industries,are we better off because of that ? Do you really believe this is being done for the citizens or for businesses. Please not the old adage that when business improves we improve because that’s been shown to be absolute bollocks. Lets say for example that they end up paying fruit pickers or whatever a decent wage all that’s going to happen is the prices go up because those businesses are still going to want to make the same or even more profit.   What troubles me about many Brexiteers is the people they look up to and almost hold as heroes.... Jacob Reese Mogg..His company has made on avg 5m profit per year for the last 10 years yet funnily enough they’re registered in the Cayman Islands so guess how much the country has profited from their tax contributions. The owner of Wetherspoons...The man who refuses to even pay his staff a living wage. Boris Jonson...Well don’t really need to say more there Farage...Ditto Dyson..Yep i care so much about the UK I’m gonna fuck off to India.