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  1. President Donald J. Trump

    @balticusSo please then tell me why Trump,Pence etal are doing a good job with the pandemic then. You asked me to post it in this thread so I did,I even gave you a few days to get on your google machine so you can copy and paste all those right wing sites you like so much.
  2. Coronavirus

    Nah people took the piss out of Bush but there was not hate for him as there is for Trump.Even if Bush wasn`t the sharpest knife in the drawer he let his people make decisions whereas Trump is as dumb as a box of bricks and takes absolutely no notice of his advisors. Oh and there was no hate for Obama from the Republicans and the right wing.Oh wait Trump was one of those dishing out the thinly veiled racism and hate towards Obama.
  3. Coronavirus

    Why not reply to it in one of those threads then. You`re ceaselessly telling people to not go off topic or post in correct thread so stop being a damn hypocrite. Oh wait you had to quickly bend over for Trump didn`t you,not even time to go in the right thread.  
  4. The "UP Side" of Quarantine

    Furlogh means a leave of absence or that`s what my dad used to call his leave.
  5. Coronavirus

    Yer its like the saying that canabis oil kills cancer cells in a lab but there again so does a gun.
  6. Coronavirus

    Keep an eye on Sweden they went the herd immunity route and it now looks like it may have started to implode on them.
  7. Coronavirus

    Maybe but there are already a few vaccines in human trial at the moment. Same as your link which states that drug would need human trials (and funding) to find safe dosage etc.So it would probably be a bit quicker than waiting for a vaccine as it already exists and would make producing and distributing easier.  
  8. Seen many strange conspiracy theories on the internet about the virus and one of them is how it is caused by 5G.But this one really goes whacko...    
  9. Yep it`s how many deaths Trump will consider a "success".
  10. Yer sorry meant pandemic crisis.
  11. I`m sorry I didn`t realise your investment was altruistic,I assumed you were doing it to make money that`s the way your post comes across. It`s not the investing it`s that you consider the number of dead when you decide to buy. Mass school shooting,good time to invest in Heckler and Koch ?
  12. So do you think 100k dead is a good time to buy or should he wait for a higher number,he`s looking for advice.
  13. Fuck me just admit you want to make money don`t even suggest it will help the poor people.
  14. Going back to my rant from a couple of pages ago this is a couple of posts in the Tesla thread....       We`re in the middle of a crisis not seen for a hundred years and people are already thinking about how to make money (And we`re not talking about money needed to survive)after it`s over,and even discussing whether they should buy when there`s been enough deaths or when testing etc comes in. FFS people and @fraufruit it looks like I may have been right.