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  1. Why are you happy today?

    Aye, nice one @emkay!!!   Meanwhile ...   Should a 30+ year wish or dream really come true?   I bought most of my HiFi components back in the late 80's and spent as much as I could afford at the time. My favourite components were my KEF Q90 speakers and my Technics (SE A50) 2x mono block power amplifier. Sadly I couldn't afford a second power amp to build a Bi-Amp system. The power Amp has served me well and still runs extremely well and over recent years I've kept looking to see if this could still be bought, obviously not new but used from ebay. Yes, I've occasionally seen them but they often sell for more than I originally paid in the 80's. They're good and surprisingly sought after. Over recent weeks I intensified my search and became a little disillusioned when they were being offered for upwards of €600, especially as my new price was more like €400 (when converted from GBP). Well last week I finally found one which was supposedly in great condition and for a price of just under €500. It arrived a few days ago and today I finally got the chance to rebuild and re-wire my system to not only Bi-Wire but also Bi-Amp it. The original sound from just the one Amp was excellent but the difference to my newly Bi-Amped system is quite anazing. The depth of sound quality is much better and on classical pieces the instrument separation is much more pronounced. Who'd have thought that an old vintage 30+ year old system could (still) sound so good? I'm happy to say the least.       Quick edit: FYI Technics pre-amp now 2x Technics SE A50 power amps Myriad CD player Rega P3 turntable - the only new component which I bought last year.
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    Finding a stolen cycle
  3. Nebenkosten - What garden costs?

    Sure, that's how it should be and how it was in my last place. Sadly the landlady wanted to demolish the place to build apartments so I had to move. If anything I prefer this place even though it's an apartment not a detached house, but my last landlady was so much better. Even though she lived next door if she wanted to come into my garden for anything she'd phone and ask if it was OK.
  4. Nebenkosten - What garden costs?

    Hopefully this is in the right sub-forum, if not feel free to relocate it.   Before anyone gives the obvious advice or reply of "Mietverein" I know and will be consulting them, but this an advance question which some of you may know the answer to: As I've posted over the last year I've found an almost perfect apartment in an idyllic location and I'm so happy with it, but sadly the one thing I'm not currently so happy with is the landlady. She's getting awkward and snotty about any little thing and in some cases I believe she's doing things quite incorrectly, maybe even illegally. This is a small complex of 3 apartments in two buildings, I have the ground floor in one building with a young couple above me in the second apartment. There's a small house built onto the back of me which has two young couples, one upstairs, one downstairs. These couple are related, but that's irrelevant here.   Firstly, we have two driveways, one used by me and the couple upstairs, then a second for the house behind.   It now transpires the landlady is sending people (locals because she lives on the other side of Munich, I'm north of Landshut) into our gardens to photograph the areas, find faults then send her the photos and she immediately e-mails any of us to say "sort it immediately". This has recently included moaning about a few weeds growing in the driveways when she or someone else sneaked into the gardens, photographed and even measured them. BTW we're talking just a few at 13cm high, so she says. She's also had someone go into the private back garden and complain about things to the families behind. I don't think this can be done without advance warning / request?   Now she's saying the garden fence needs re-painting (wood coloured protection paint) as does the balcony above and that we all have to share this cost in the nebenkosten. This is my main question as I thought maintenace like this was at her expense, not ours?   There are a few other problems but minor ones which are just bloody stupid. Regards, Malty.
  5. Nebenkosten - What garden costs?

    Mostly by snotty e-mails although she occasionally turns up unannounced, although in person she's much more pleasant than in her mails, almost normal.   I'm not 100% sure but I believe this is the first place she's owned and rented out. She has her own immobilien business which mainly sells places for people although her business obviously rented these properties on her behalf. During that process she was fine, almost charming but she's totally changed now. All of the tenants of the 3 properties feel the same way as I do about her.
  6. Nebenkosten - What garden costs?

    No nothing like that in the contract. My neighbours are not swaying me, they're getting even more grief than I am and they have an appointment with a mietrecht anwalt tomorrow.
  7. Nebenkosten - What garden costs?

    Also, she has openly stated that she has friends who continually travel past on the autobahn (nearest junction actually about 12km away) and she's getting them to come here and take photos every week so she can see if it's still as untidy as my photos above show.
  8. Nebenkosten - What garden costs?

    Yes, of course that's correct but so far I've never come across a situation where the tenant has had to pay for what amounts to building renovation. I just read through the contract and the only mention of garden is the usual Gartenpflege and as it happens the landlady hasn't even employed a gardener or hausmeister, we have to do it all, which I don't mind.   Now, so you can see just how unkempt and untidy things are I've just taken a couple of photos of the two driveways which the landlady is totally annoyed at for their untidiness.       In the first picture you see the fence on the right and the balcony which my original question is about.
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    Living in Vietnam
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    Hateful clinic
  11. You know the other day I was walking along the street and a passing car just happened to scratch another parked one. I saw what happened because I was walking past but the owner of the parked car wants to hold me responsible. What should I do?   Nah, come on, as others have said it's nothing to do with you, at worst you could be asked for info as a witness (if you saw it happen).   It's an issue between the driver or his company and the building people. Give them the driver's (or company's) contact info and let them argue about it.
  12. Parcel Forwarding Scam

    You're asking an internet forum if you'll be sent to jail? Try asking the judge.
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    Suing employer for desiccation and wrongful frying
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    Ordering Taxis from USA to Munich
  15. No.   Some years ago I had a bad Schufa score and I tried to order something online. As I tried to complete the order I just received the message that they could not deliver to my address. Later I ordered the free Schufa check and saw that the company had done a search at that time, obviously seen the bad score and refused to take my order, but there was no other contact or message from them.    
  16. From my experience mail order companies check Schufa before agreeing a sale, they want to know if they'll be paid or not.   Don't worry, a search like that does not affect the score. Or so I believe but I'm no expert and may be wrong.   I've not come across "G" in Schufa before, is it Geoscoring? If so this link may help
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    Blind date; UK gas BBQ meets German gas bottle
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    Smoking a pipe
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    Strange behaviour by douche bag
  20. Why are you happy today?

    Weltenburger on offer at my local suipermarket for €11 a case, just gotta be happy with that.  
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    Cat rentals in Ingolstadt
  22. Today I did something stupid

    Meanwhile, I did something totally bloody stupid today too.   When I'm working I have two branches of my bank in MUC airport, no problem. During Kürzarbeit I'm permanently at home and my nearest branch is 25-30km away, so a 50-60km round trip which means I only currently visit the bank occasionally when I really must, today was one of those days. I had a few things to do there, one of which was to do an urgent bank transfer.   You guessed, I did all the other jobs but forgot to do the transfer. Back again tomorrow methinks. No, I don't want to change my bank before you suggest it.  
  23. Today I did something stupid

      Ouch, my eyes have always been very sensitive and with red hair (when I had some) my skin was equally so, therefore I've always needed loads of sun cream. I know the same will always happen to me, but I have to use the cream ... you know the rest John.  
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    Bosses on my back, surely getting me fired
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    Strip joint washer