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  1. I must have been lucky, I exchanged mine in Erding and took an internet print explaining the classes, they immediately gave me 7.5t on my German one, but that was before CPC so no 95.
  2. That's right, I always said "commercial".
  3. @snowingagain it did as mine did, but not any longer, in the UK you also need the '95' (CPC) now.
  4. Then I don't  believe you need any renewal stuff after 5 years, it'S onthe CPC which has a 5y limit, or so I believe. It's not exactly a test to get the CPC, just 35 hrs of 'training'.
  5. A question to @dstanners & @snowingagain You both speak of driving larger or heavier vehicles such as 7.5t. My UK licence also had this group and I had it from the beginning when I converted to a German one a few years ago now. However I now see that's pretty useless in itself. I can drive 7.5t but not commercially. Since I exchanged the EU came up with the money-spinning '95' clause. In order to drive any HGV (incl. 7.5t) for a job you need the 95 extension on your licence. This should be printed to the right against the relevant class(es). It's this 95 clause which needs renewing after 5 years. BTW, whilst the UK is still in EU this also applies there.   I just double-checked on gooooooogle and it seems this is called CPC in the UK. and C1 no longer exempts from this.
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    My advice - Stay where you are.
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    Not really sure if this is the correct place to post this, but it certainly is odd and news although I think he really meant Novel hair piece prize
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    Hopefully someone like @johng will come along to explain how things work and whether this is correct. I only know things can be complicated when trying to switch Health Insurance providers, especially between private and non-private.  
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    People with tattoos are stupid
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    I don't have one, will the one at work do instead?   Signed; miserable old sod.