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  1. Alternative titles of threads

    Leftover coat from former room-mate called Long Gone (Silver)
  2. MyHammer could be your friend
  3. Alternative titles of threads

    Compulsory bugs & insects at the grocery
  4. Alternative titles of threads

    Can I use a P.O. Box for my buses
  5. I've just posted a silly photo

    Gimme a "p" Gimme an "e" Gimme a "p" Gimme an "s" Gimme an "i"   What have we got ....?
  6. I've just posted a silly photo

    Just out of sight on the next table is the Mentos appreciation Society
  7. I've just posted a silly photo

    How very 1950's, we have milkmen these days.
  8. Renting long term apartment advice

    You get higher salaries in Switzerland, but then the cost of things whether rent or just eating out makes Munich look more like "bargain basement".
  9. Renting long term apartment advice

    No, you won't do any plumbing don't worry.  If you decide to take an apartment without kitchen then you go to a kitchen supplier, choose a set-up you like and they deliver and fit it for you, at a price of course.   I moved here exactly 21 years ago this last weekend and the move was with the same company as I'd worked for in the UK, but starting afresh here. Fortunately the company covered my living until I found my own place so they put me in an apart-hotel in Munich. The benefits of a serviced room but with a little kitchen so I could do my own cooking. It was so much easier to find something 21 years ago but it still took 3 months to find a place.   Edit: When I moved here the company paid me a moving allowance which I had to negotiate. I took into account the fact I'd have to buy a kitchen, light fittings ... etc and negotiated what I'd be happy with. Then came the big shock; it was paid here in DE and was taxed. OK, so in my tax return the following year I got about half of the the tax on that back ... but ..... Moral of the story being get any relocation allowances paid in the USA before you move, not here!
  10. Renting long term apartment advice

    Regarding the kitchen; if you take an apartment without a kitchen then you get the four walls, that's it. Obviously there are connections for water and electricity but all units including taps have to be bought. Sometimes apartments come with a kitchen, look for "EBK" (Einbau Küche - built-in kitchen) in the apartment description. Or of course you often get the chance to negotiate a deal with the previous tenant.   As for my search; I was renting a detached house in a large plot but in Erding outside of Munich which is usually easier than Munich to find something. I wasn't even getting viewings (I've now been here in DE 21 years, so not new). I started looking further afield and yes, it was just over 8 months of searching before I found this apartment, not a full house like I had.   A note on prices; you should find something for around €2k. I was astonished yesterday when I read a post on here about someone thinking that a 50 Sq. metre apartment was good value at €1300. Ouch!   When renting you'll see references to "cold" or "warm" meaning the base rent (cold) then the cost incl. "nebenkosten" (warm) which is for the extras like having the rubbish collected, hausmeister services ... etc. It's not usual to have the electricity included in these costs, you should be prepared to select your own electricity provider and organise a contract with them.
  11. Renting long term apartment advice

    As yesterday said; most apartments come as an empty shell with not even a light bulb, but then it's often possible to buy things from the previous tenant like the kitchen or maybe even a few fittings / cupboards they don't really want to take with them.   You say you're moving in a month, do you plan to bring your furniture / stuff with you then or later?   Munich is not only very expensive but very hard to find somewhere to live. Don't stick to looking around a single area, look wider afield. The public transportation system is brilliant with S-Bahn, bus and tram links. Do you have a "probezeit" with the job? (Trial period) It's usually 6 months during which either party can easily cancel the contract. If so then this could make it harder to get accepted for an apartment as landlords look for stability (and proven income) first. Sadly it's a landlords' market and very common not to be even granted a viewing of an apartment because there are so many applicants. If you do get a viewing expect to be one of up to 20 people to do so. Good luck.   Edit: It's not unusual to need at least 6 months to find an apartment in the Munich area. For example I moved in April of this year, not within Munich but a little further out of town where things are definitely easier and my search still lasted almost 9 months before I was offered an apartment. Fortunately it's turned out perfect but I have a commute of 50km to get to work (and 50km back again).  
  12. Alternative titles of threads

    Has the internet made us a nastier dinner?
  13. Aufhebungsvertrag, arbeitslosengeld. best choice?

    Ahh OK Jonny, I mis-read as I thought you had the 12 months, sorry for my mis-informed post in that case, but wishing you all the best for your return to your home country.   I know just how difficult it can be to get by in Germany, I was relocated here by a very large mutli-national company on a terrific salary, then when they experienced difficulties I was part of the "cost cutting". This was after 7 years here and I just didn't fancy going back to the UK so decided to fight it out here and bloody 'ell, worra fight it's been. I won't go into full details but since then I've had various jobs and lost or left them for various reasons, none of which were any fault of mine. This weekend I'm celebrating (or is it suffering?) my 21st anniversary of being here and although I love the job I'm doing, I earn around a third (brutto) of what I was earning almost 20 years ago. Having said this, the UK is no longer a place I'd like to live.   As I said, good luck.
  14. Aufhebungsvertrag, arbeitslosengeld. best choice?

    Sign it and if you're then unemployed (here in DE) you won't get unemployment benefit for 3 months so make sure you have enough savings to pay all your bills for that period.  
  15. Shop lifting and impact on residency or Blue Card

      Nah, you don't say.