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  1. Why are you unhappy today?

  2. Why are you unhappy today?

    I guess there are so many places i could have posted this, but here seems the most relevant right now ...   Dear colleague, I'd almost managed to forget that today is the last day of my life when my age begins with a "5" so thanks for reminding me, you really don't know how much that means to me.
  3. I've just posted a silly photo

    One fell out of the cuckoo's nest
  4. Three-word story

    nay, never 'nowingly
  5. Three-word story

    Does Donald Duck
  6. Alternative titles of threads

    Freak accents
  7. Three-word story

    One 'orny Ostrich
  8. Bought counterfeit clothes

    When you say counterfeit exactly what do you mean? Is it a case of designer labels but not from that designer? Is it look-a-like / trying to appear to be ..?   The reason I ask is that if this is the case then the people to talk to are the Zoll, not Police, especially if copyright is being breached.   However, as RedMidge has suggested above .... If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Hint hint; fleamarket stands are not too expensive.
  9. Interesting spam e-mails received

    Dear spammer of the day, thanks for three mails within a half hour period. It was three wasn't it? I now know you have all the blasted drones I could ever not want, but do you happen to have one with effective air to air missiles so I can blow all your effing annoyances out of the sky? Shall we take that as a 'no'? Then sod off and shove your drones where they'll do the most internal bodily damage to your kind self.
  10. Moving out - how much do I need to renovate?

    What does it say in your contract? You must be prepared to rectify any damage you've done. Is the floor actual wood / fake wood / carpet? I'm guessing it can be sanded and easily re-coloured if wood, maybe.
  11. I've just posted a silly photo

    For sale: ...just one previous (old lady) owner ....
  12. I've just posted a silly photo

    Garten-frame as opposed to Zimmer-frame?
  13. got a parking fine

    Aye, in Germany you haven't parked but just stopped unless you've been there for two (or is it three?) minutes. This also prevents traffic wardens giving you a ticket immediately, they have to give you the 2-3 minutes to go to the ticket machine and pay.
  14. got a parking fine

      Sure, easy, don't park there in the first place.
  15. How about the fact that a few years ago they supposedly delivered over €1000 of whisky to me, supposedly signed for by me, but which was never traced and supposedly my signature was nothing like it should be and the name of the signatory or anything like it doesn't live anywhere in the town where it was supposedly delivered and received.   Someone (from DHL?) had a nice Christmas party and it certainly wasn't me.   Because it was (supposedly) signed for and received I got no recompense.   Edit: Sadly there aren't too many other choices and the ones that exist are in my opinion much worse.