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  1. Charity support & donations

    I'm not really sure where this topic belongs, here ... finance ... Mods feel free to move it if you feel it's in the wrong place.   Firstly I have a general question as to whether any of you actively support any charities? Some years ago when I lived in a town under the authority of Ebersberg I actively did a lot of fund raising for Ebersberg's Tierschtz Verein which resulted in around €200 each month being raised and donated, a very worthy cause. Sadly I've lost contact with them these days although my dear Shoshanna was acquired from their cat sanctuary and she's a true delight.   Anyway, as many of you know my dear wife suffered with a debilitating disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, better know in German as Glasknochen or in English as brittle bone disease. During her lifetime she suffered more than 150 broken bones, I'll say no more.   Since she died two years ago now I've been soul searching as to how I could possibly help and have finally found a way. I'm selling certain items and the uptake has been incredible, meaning almost €2000 will be raised for a related charity which I think I've found. This isn't a post asking for help or donations, just a general discussion as to whether you support any specific charites, either in Germany or abroad?   The one question I have is whether there is any tax relief for charity donations here in Germany? This probably won't be relevant for my present round of fund raising as I'll probably request that the individuals donate straight to the charity themselves, but it would be nice to know.   Thanks in advance for any input, Malty.