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  1. Alternative titles of threads

    Strange behaviour by douche bag
  2. Why are you happy today?

    Weltenburger on offer at my local suipermarket for €11 a case, just gotta be happy with that.  
  3. Alternative titles of threads

    Cat rentals in Ingolstadt
  4. Today I did something stupid

    Meanwhile, I did something totally bloody stupid today too.   When I'm working I have two branches of my bank in MUC airport, no problem. During Kürzarbeit I'm permanently at home and my nearest branch is 25-30km away, so a 50-60km round trip which means I only currently visit the bank occasionally when I really must, today was one of those days. I had a few things to do there, one of which was to do an urgent bank transfer.   You guessed, I did all the other jobs but forgot to do the transfer. Back again tomorrow methinks. No, I don't want to change my bank before you suggest it.  
  5. Today I did something stupid

      Ouch, my eyes have always been very sensitive and with red hair (when I had some) my skin was equally so, therefore I've always needed loads of sun cream. I know the same will always happen to me, but I have to use the cream ... you know the rest John.  
  6. Alternative titles of threads

    Bosses on my back, surely getting me fired
  7. Alternative titles of threads

    Strip joint washer
  8. Why are you happy today?

    Today I'm happy, or more accurately content, thanks to my most productive day for quite some time thanks to some website update stuff and also laptop updates and reconfiguration after not even switching it on for almost a year. My operations control centre is once again fully functional...  
  9. Why are you happy today?

      Skinny dipping?  
  10. Alternative titles of threads

    Has "Fart is beautiful" gone too far?
  11. Things to ponder

    I just saw an article from t'Local on t'front page that parents in Germany are to get up to 20 weeks pay for having to stay home and look after their kids.   Can I claim similar for staying home to look after my cat?
  12. Three-word story

    Dumbo declares dyslexia
  13. What are you cooking today?

    Pork filet, baby carrots, green beans & Mage tout.   Hungry, can't wait - but I have to.  
  14. Three-word story

    Meanwhile, morons & mathematicians
  15. Three-word story

    pure personal pleasure