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  1. Do you have another job lined-up? If not you'll not get any unemployment money for 3 months.
  2. Legal advice

    You really need to ask your (travel) insurance people what would be covered. Here in DE there's no concept of "sue the hell out of them and no win no fee".   I would guess from what you've said that you would probably win any court case if it can be proved you were totally in the right with a green light to cross, do you have witnesses? What does the driver say? What do the Police say?   I think you will have to initiate very expensive proceedings, good luck (genuine).
  3. Legal advice

    Your profile says you're in London, do you live there or here? Firstly although Germans love their legal insurance this isn't the free-for-all cash cow regarding accident compensation that the UK is.   Did you report this to the Police here? Do you have legal insurance here? Do you have the details of the driver?   Edit: You were hit by a car or you were driving a car that was hit by another? In which case it may be more to do with car insurance than personal.
  4. Three-word story

    normal folk around
  5. I'm not even suggesting you're telling lies, just that maybe unconciously you've rubbed her up the wrong way. Dstanners said it better than me above.
  6. Wondering if it's true that there are two sides to every story?
  7. I've just posted a silly photo

    Et tu Brocolli
  8. Lost and found office for trains and S-Bahns

    The Hauptbahnhof has a lost & found but you must be in touch with them within 7 days. Skip down this link for more details.
  9. "Impressum" on websites in Germany

    I'd need to hunt for the source but I went through all this about 8 years ago when I started my website. It's not commercial but has a "Friends" page with links to commercial sites / businesses.   Yes, the content of the Impressum has to be more than just an e-mail address as you state.
  10. Happy music

    You asked for ridiculous and this certainly fits the bill. I have it on 78 and love it to bits, can't help but cheer up when I hear it.   Spike Jones ... haven't been home for three whole nights
  11. "Impressum" on websites in Germany

    It's irrelevant where the website is hosted. If you're resident here you need an impressum.   Even if your website isn't a business but you have links to commercial sites / businesses you need one.
  12. I've just posted a silly photo

    Personally I'm delighted  DHL got the contract, it means I live for another day / week / month ...    
  13. Collection of a trailer to take to UK

    In Germany I believe you need a specific 'class' on your driving licence to allow pulling trailers. I remember when I converted my UK licence they asked me if I had the 'class' for trailers. But of course I may be wrong.   Personally I see your journey as being expensive (petrol, ferry, admin) as others have said.
  14. Looking for a Flat Sankt Augustin - area
  15. Alternative titles of threads

    Should've gone to Spec Cleaners.