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  1. Side job/Flexible work

    I'm also the sole importer into EU but I need your help to tell me how to run my business.
  2. Buying a used car

    You need to look at what cars are in the class you're considering and then look more closely and even test drive a few. The idea here is to find the car right car for you and not what someone else, either on an internet forum or even in real life considers is right for them. We all have different personal preferences, so look for something you like.   Once you find something you like, or even a selection of models you're considering, take the details to a few different insurance companies and see how much they typically quote for insurance. Do you already have documented driving history, meaning previous insurance and proof of it? There's a system of discount based upon how many years of accident-free motoring you've had and this will help reduce premiums greatly.   Most dealers will help you with registration or even do it for you, but if you buy from a private person you'll have to do it yourself which means after you have organised insurance you go to the local fahrzeugzulassungsstelle to register it and get your number plates. For me this office is at the local landratsamt. Insuring the car will automatically kick the finanzamt into life and they'll send you the bill for car tax.   I suggest firstly you find where some local dealers are in Düsseldorf and look around their plots, don't let them pressure you into buying something you don't want, but this will give you a good idea about the different cars and you could even test drive some if they think you might buy. Afterwards you could look at sites like autoscout24 or ... etc. If you buy from a dealer as opposed to private person you have more chance of getting a guarantee.   Finally, when it comes to cars I think you'll find €3000 is not a lot of money and people will offer you some iffy ones, try to take someone with you who knows what to look for when you go to look at vehicles. It can save you loads of aggro later.
  3. I have a blunt old rusty pen knife, can I do the surgery bits please?
  4.   Then go to a doctor / specialist not an internet forum.
  5. Definitions game

    bifocals - calories gained from reconstituted beef   reconstituted
  6. I've just posted a silly photo

    But that is parallel parking.
  7. What made you laugh today?

    As part of the month's training for my new job I had an English lesson this afternoon. With test at end. The afternoon was actually very light-hearted and quite enjoyable, but not so much so for a few of my new colleagues who were struggling.
  8. Definitions game

    playtime - always ruined by bedtime   ruined
  9. Employed expat wants to sell digital products online

    First ask your current employer if you're allowed to do this. For sure you have to ask, most will allow it, some not, especially if there's a conflict.
  10. Where to print custom save-the-date cards?

    If you want (almost) immediate service there are (or at least were and are hopefully still there) a couple of print shops on Barer Strasse, not far along from Shelling Salon.
  11. Therme Erding

    Public transport to Erding on a Sunday isn't the easiest. Erding is close to the airport and about 35-40km from Munich.   Normally I'd say use the airport-Erding bus No.512 ... here's the timetable Skip down to page 5 (of 6) for Sundays from airport to Erding. This doesn't go to the Therme but to the middle of Erding by the S-Bahn. The closest S-Bahn to the Therme is altenerding, one stop on the S-Bahn and then it's a 10 minute-ish walk to the Therme.   If you can convince a taxi to take you there from the airport the cost should be around €35-€40 but they're not usually interested in this shorter journey than into Munich. After the Therme go back to the S-Bahn and take the train (S2) into Munich.   Not sure what your expectations would be for the Therme on a Sunday, but it will be totally packed and overcrowded to the point where there will probably be queues to get into the car parks. I know, you're not travelling by car, but just to give you an idea. A weekday would be much less crowded.
  12. My employer declared bankruptcy (Insolvenz)What to do?

    Sorry you've suffered this and hope you find another job soon. Sadly you may lose everything you're owed as you'll be just one more person in the (possibly long) list of people he owes money to... but ... As mentioned above; find out who has been appointed by the court to oversee his insolvency, contact them and let them know exactly what he owes you. If you're lucky you may get something back over the next 6 years.   Basically insolvency is a legal process which lasts 6 years, during which time any payments he makes are shared among the people he owes. These payments are dictated by law and his insolvenzverwaler where he's allowed to earn so much each month and any more is automatically taken from him and shared out. Good luck.
  13. Pleeeze help me - no chat, just entitlement

    I've bought a Lamborghini which looks and sounds great but I can't afford new tyres. Does anyone have some old horse & cart wheels that I can use instead of buying expensive new rubber?
  14. Where to buy used winter tires/tyres in Berlin?

    Sadly it's too late for me to edit my previous post so I have to add another ....   I hope 'your country' which you say has controls doesn't happen to be The UK? This is only 18 minutes long, please take the time to watch it and then hopefully you'll realise the risks and what I'm talking about:     Finally 245/40's are quite serious tyres, wide and low profile which probably means you have a car with decent performance that needs all the grip it can get. I'll say no more.