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  1. I've just posted a silly photo

    How did I get up here? Easy, see that ladder ...
  2. Three-word story

    Nineteen Ninety Nine
  3. Why are you happy today?

      Aye you're right SP, JE is in LL, I'll be in LA and that's 11 letters away ;-)
  4. Why are you happy today?

    I just got the switchover appointment confirmed so that gives me a target moving date too. Can it really be this easy?
  5. Why are you happy today?

    A small village just outside LA. That's Landshut not the LA across the Pond.
  6. Why are you happy today?

      I'll not be that far away, maybe just an hour.
  7. Why are you happy today?

    For almost 2 weeks I've been told I'll get the new place to live, but today I finally got an appointment for Friday to sign the rental contract. I've also spoken to my telephone & internet provider and received a provisional appointment for service to be switched to the new place.   In the next couple of days I expect to have a firm moving date too. Also, after initially insisting she'll pay for nothing my landlady has agreed to pay all costs of moving plus much more. That saved her a large lawyer fee for a possible court case. I never wanted to move but she's knocking the house down to build apartments.   Finally, the new place might not be a detached house just for me, but it's a very nice apartment with as much room as this current house (155 Sq. M.) The outlook / location is also a dream for me; just farms & meadows. So many mice for my dear cat. Happy Malty for a new start in life.
  8. Three-word story

    & varicose veins, very
  9. Three-word story

    giving Grumpy & Gropey
  10. I've just posted a silly photo

      Humps; the Mongolian remake of Jaws.
  11. Lufthansa's Miles & More program

      You can use them but the Finanzamt are craking down and taxing the hell out of people using their business-earned miles for private stuff. Not only flights but also goods bought in our Lufthansa WorldShops. For example a customer came into the shop a few weeks ago, I checked the miles on the card and there were about 1.5 million. They bought something not so expensive and I asked if they wanted to pay with their Miles. The answer took me back "No, I don't use the miles for anything, I just let them expire as I can't be bothered arguing with the Finanzamt about what's for business and what's for private use".   Edit: Also if you use Miles to 'pay' for a flight then you still have to pay the airport taxes. I've spoken to a couple of people who used them for flights to USA & Canada and still had to pay around €900 in 'taxes'.
  12. I've just posted a silly photo

    Sunglasses, 1940's style.
  13. Rules regarding tree removal

    Yes and when you follow the link above you get to a pdf which gives the times to cut down trees in Hanover; between 1st October and 28th Feb.   Although the subject is trees being cut down, the relevant thing here is the Bundesweit law under Vogelschutz.   My house used to be very secluded and totally surrounded by trees, overlooked by none of the neighbours. Sadly my landlady will demolish the house to build an apartment block and although lawyers were still discussing things, I had to allow them to cut all the trees down before end Feb. Bloody 'ell.
  14. Rules regarding tree removal

    I've just been through a similar thing. There's a Vogelschutz rule / law in Germany that any (large) trees must be cut down before the end of February and then no more chopping down until Autumn. The idea that after end of March it's allowed again is rubbish. Here's a link for you   Edit: It does seem to be a "Bundes" thing, here's another link for Niedersachsen.
  15. Office Chauffeur / Driver

    Thanks for the heads-up SP (and also Metall). I was indeed a First Class chauffeur for a few years and just a year ago this would have been very interesting but sadly I've let my P-Schein expire and not sure I want to renew it at the moment.   Good luck on finding someone OP. I know another couple of people who may be interested so I'll pass on the details. Malty