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  6. I've been here 21 years now and fortunately never suffered problems like those often reported on TT.   For the first few years I was with Telekom and lived just outside Munich. I hated Telekom, not for lousy service as it was reasonable, but I didn't like their prices and felt I could do better. When we moved to Erding I swapped to 1&1 and the only problems I experienced were two outages in 11 years; one for about half a day, the other for just a couple of hours. This April I had to move again and the place I found is in a small village of 300 inhabitants a few km north of Landshut. Obviously I asked if 1&1 could supply service here and two weeks later, just 3 days before I actually moved in the engineer came to connect the service. after half an hour all was running smoohtly.   My neighbour had been there for around 6 months and was still without internet. They'd tried so many companies and none could supply an internet connection. Telekom had supposedly tried a few times over 3-4 months and still no internet. I recommended 1&1, they got a contract and within 2-3 weeks their internet connection was up and running. I know many people have bad experiences with 1&1, but for me only positive.   As for MNet; I've only known one other person with them (in Erding) and they were never really happy. When they moved back to UK, cancelling the contract was a real pain and expensive.   Currently, VDSL with 1&1 is fast enough for me and so far totally reliable. When I upload changes to my website the speed is faster than anything I've had previously so all I can say is that my experience with 'German internet' is pretty good bearing in mind my website currently has about 200 pages some of which are quite large and loads of photos. Overall the site has 4500 files and around 250MB.
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