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  1. Being the outsider in a village

    You took over an apparently much loved / needed village pub which was probably central to community life and you intended to turn it into an English tea room? Oh dear.
  2. I've just posted a silly photo

      Don't put all your flats in one basket.
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    As I didn't find a "What did you buy today" thread I decided to post here, although I could also have used the "happy" thread.   Anyway, I'm just trying to decide which will be my first choice to try out my very early birthday present from me to me. Favourite at the moment is probably Lamont Dozier's Black Bach album. Played on this lovely device:     As opposed to being played on this possibly even lovelier device:       There's just a mere 90 years between them ... 2019 vs 1929
  4. Good Auto Mechanic in Munich??

    There's a small AGIP filling station on Haager Strasse in Erding, just around the corner from the S-Bahn station, it's run by a chap called Martin Anzinger who employs a mechanic and between them they can do pretty well anything with cars in their small adjoining workshop. Obviously I'd prefer a main dealer for a new car in order to maintain the service history, but if your car's a few years old and you don't need dealer stamps then I'd certainly recommend them.   Much more reasonable prices than main dealers too.   Sadly they don't speak very much English beyond a few basic words.
  5. Good Auto Mechanic in Munich??

    How far 'around' Munich? I know one in Erding but he speaks no English, just Bavarian.
  6. I've just posted a silly photo

    The founder of meals on wheels before he could afford a bicycle.
  7. Alternative titles of threads

    OK, nothing like the original, but I just couldn't resist ...   Honey, I shrunk the business
  8. Alternative titles of threads

    Dogs getting pensions in the Freiburg area
  9. Alternative titles of threads

    Car con specialist
  10. What have you learned today?

    Four weeks ago today I moved house and finally after those four weeks of commuting I think I'm just starting to understand some of the unique traffic rules of Landshut. For example, a traffic light turning from green to orange means - nothing happened. A traffic light that has turned to red means - just 5 more vehicles (preferably HGV) to go through.   Insert feeling confuddled giffy smiley thing here ...
  11. Alternative titles of threads

    A permanent solution to prevalent pregnancy - Berlin
  12. I've just posted a silly photo

    Chernobyl chick
  13. Alternative titles of threads

    What's the time for a car accident?
  14. Questions you have been afraid to ask... in case you look stupid

    Today's spammer informed me that they now accept C.O.D. for all orders from their shop.   As I don't have any C.O.D. I wanted to ask if they also accept H.A.D.D.O.C.K or even P.L.A.I.C.E. But I didn't in case they'd think I'm stupid.
  15. I've just posted a silly photo

      Ahhh a lovely memory, thanks.