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  1. I guess it's also silly to ask if you have any health insurance?
  2. I never needed an Apostille, in fact I'm not even sure what it is. My birth certificate wasn't sufficient, as I mentioned as it is a small one, or what the Germans call a short one so I had to send off for the long one which is basically A4 in size and contains details from my parents. As for translation; ask your local Standesamt as they require them to be done by officially certified translators, not just anyone. In my case my wife had been a professional translator but she was not accepted because she didn't have the official stamp / authority for legal documents.   Otherwise you'll need to show your anmeldung & passport.   Go talk to your local Standesamt ASAP to get things moving otherwise you might suffer delays.
  3. I married a German woman here in DE and my biggest problem was with my birth certificate. They insisted I get a copy but I had what I thought was good enough, however it wasn't. Apparently it was a 'short version' and I needed a long version which included details of my parents. I had to apply to UK authorities to get this which took a few weeks, then of course it had to be translated by an authorised DE translator. I ddin't need anything to do with apostles as has already been stated.   In Germany there's this Family book concept but that doesn't exist in UK so also no problem there.   As for your point No.2 they want to know your status; single or ... Again as mentioned ou can fill out a form to swear you're single / already married / divorced ... etc.
  4. I've just posted a silly photo

    What a nutter I have to pose with .....     Said the Easter Bunny.
  5. Three-word story

    of that film
  6. German car insurance

    No, I got  new insurance recently andwas surprised how competitive it was. HUK.
  7. Three-word story

    Hilary, meanwhile, wanted
  8. Well, after professionally driving (mostly autobahn) over 200,000km in the last 3 years in 10 or 11 different cars (BMW 7, 5, Phaeton & Mercedes S-Class all with CC) I know I don't like it and also that I can drive better and economically without it. I first tried it in a new Volvo I bought some 35+ years ago.   There again, if it works for you then fine, go ahead and use it.
  9. I honestly hate cruise control. I can drive better and certainly more economically without it.
  10. Have to agree. What I see very often is I'll be driving along at the speed limit or just under and someone's tailgating behind me. They overtake in a rush then pull right in front of me and continue to drive at the same speed. Not just for a few seconds, but constantly.
  11. Three-word story

    , meanwhile, tried to
  12. Hairdresser open on a Sunday / bank holiday

    Then you open a 24h salon
  13. Definitions game

    occupy - baking with octopus   baking
  14. Three-word story

    to the legend
  15. I've just posted a silly photo

    I've got a lovely pair of muffins.