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  1. Three-word story

    speaking without pause
  2. I've just posted a silly photo

    Beanz meanz prostate check-ups
  3. Three-word story

    revealing a brace of     (sorry, an extra wee word there)
  4. RIP Uncle Nick

    April 1st? Fake news?   Sadly it seems not and as I've been away for a few days I've only just seen this. *Shocked, stunned, upset*   Dom. was a friend in RL and often messaged me asking about various whiskies. He also visited me a few times for a dram or three, the last time being a few months before he moved to Greece. He also worked for me for a while in The Arc's kitchen, he was an excellent cook. RIP Dominic.
  5. Buying apartment I live in (rent)

    I doubt you'll get an apartment in Hadern for a low price, especially an inherited one where money is probably the only thing the inheritee(s) are interested in.   You've declared your interest which is the first thing to do, I guess you should now be prepared to wait and see how the inheritance pans out. If there was a will then it could be relatively quick, if not then you may have to wait some considerable time before things are sorted. Battling siblings can delay things for ages, maybe years, especially if some want to sell and some don't.
  6. Legal movie and television download/streaming

    So someone in Tokyo replies to a thread more than two years later .... Gee thanks.
  7. Cheap flights to Edinburgh from Munich

    Time for a little update methinks: For the last few years the only direct flights I could find from Munich to Edinburgh were with Easyjet, but now there's an alternative with Eurowings.   I'm flying in a couple of days and managed to get a flight with Eurowings for a total cost of 71.39 GBP including taking one case along, plus hand baggage. The best deal I could find means returning with Easyjet for a cost of 61.49 GBP (also fully incl.) so a return trip for just over 131 GBP isn't bad at all and certainly cheaper than my previous trips where the only choice was Easyjet, and they knew it, hence higher prices.
  8. Three-word story

    which is always
  9. Probably just got geblitzed, but moving soon

    2-3 weeks is quite normal.
  10. Three-word story

    are not so
  11. Alternative titles of threads

    Beast feeding and baby swearing counselling
  12. Three-word story

    just let it
  13. UK car registration in Germany & Other details needed please

    OP, you're welcome to PM me but I'm not sure how I can specifically help, although always worth a try.
  14. UK car registration in Germany & Other details needed please

    Those headlamp stickers are a short term bypass to prevent RHD cars blinding oncoming traffic during their short visits to the continent, such as holidays, business trips .. etc.   The OP is talking about living here which means he has 6 months grace before having to register & tax the car here. In turn, to get registration he needs a TÜV (DE equivalent to UK MoT) and he won't get this with stickers on the headlamps, he needs to retro-fit DE-compliant headlight units. Failure to register and tax the car after 6 months is running foul of the Finanzamt and will be prosecuted for tax evasion.   DE Police are often on the lookout for foreign registered cars and constantly check them, as do UK Police for the same reason.
  15. UK car registration in Germany & Other details needed please

    In reply to you; yes, my comments are from personal experience. Car parks are the worst, as a driver you're sitting on the wrong side of the car to put a ticket into the machine.   Autobahns and especially "B" roads (equivalent of UK "A" roads) are tricky, you just need to leave much more distance than normal between you and the car in front to give you the possibility to safely overtake.   Now as others are telling you; it isn't just the cost of re-registering. You will need to get a TÜV (OK, so technically a HU) which is like the UK's MoT. In order to do this you'll need to change a couple of things like lights which will be expensive.   So, you get the TÜV, then you need to re-register as you've been told. Costs will be for 1. Getting TÜV compliance (things like lights ... etc) 2. TÜV itself including emissions test 3. Car Tax   Then you come to the insurance scenario which has been talked about above. You either need a UK company to insure you for Germany permanently and not as a tourist or you need German insurance which possibly means a few problems getting UK NCB recognised in full.