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  1. I've just posted a silly photo

    That bloody chicken escaped so I'm making sure you don't.
  2. Alternative titles of threads

    Moving into a new apartment and ending contract with Vauxhall
  3. I've just posted a silly photo

    Setting out for Chick Island which apparently is not too far from Hen Island   Decisions decisions
  4. I've just posted a silly photo

    Tiger's den No.10
  5. I've just posted a silly photo

    Chorus line in the background singing "I'm forever blowing bubbles".
  6. Singer Who like to sing Jamming !!

    Aye, what it says on the tin ;-)
  7. DSLR camera or point and shoot?

    Although he does tend to favour Nikon, Ken Rockwell does some great reviews, in respect of how he tests cameras, not that he always just praises Nikon. Here's his review of the D3400
  8. DSLR camera or point and shoot?

    Ahh OK, then get a reasonably-priced DSLR. I'd suggest just one lens to start with, perhaps a good all-rounder which would be a zoom covering a good range. My 'standard' lens at the moment is an 18-200. Obviously I have others for more specialist shots.   Edit: As for whether I'm happy with Nikon? Yes, very. The D200 & D300 are quite old now but were at the level just under 'Pro' for serious hobby photographers. The one you're looking at should do the job nicely.
  9. DSLR camera or point and shoot?

    Nikon D200 used to be my main camera until I bought the D300 (used) so the D200 is now my back-up.   As for your dilemma; if you intend to eventually give this to Lily then I might suggest a simpler point and shoot would be better to get her started. It's easier to use and also to carry around.
  10. Scottish people in Munich?!

    You could also get in touch with the Munich Scottish Society
  11. I've just posted a silly photo

    Reminds me of an old joke with the punchline "my big hen's gone".
  12. What made you smile today?

    Yet more tossers join in the "unfair NK" thread and now I'm not only a racist but a melon head too. Oh what fun, especially from the 12 year old in Madrid.   Should I be annoyed? Not at all, I find it excruciatingly funny.
  13. not 'fair' raised nebenkosten

    If you mean me, because it's fun watching a headless chicken .... Looks like another joined in too.
  14. not 'fair' raised nebenkosten

    Dear fuckwit (if the name fits then I mean you), even if the whole bloody forum agree with you it really doesn't help in your situation. The only people who can help you are the Mietverein, unless you want to pay for your own private lawyer.   As Leon just explained above, it may be that your landlord used dirty tactics to initially make the apartment look cheaper than it should have been, but again, you need legal help (Mietverein) to get any possible help, or just to be told you've been shafted. As for your constant accusations of racism, methinks you have a rather large chip on your shoulder about this and it's a problem you have, not the people of the forum being racists. Just in case it escaped your thoughts; we're (almost) all foreigners around here.     There again I suppose you could try going to your landlord and telling him he should reduce your NK because random and anonymous people on an internet forum think he's wrong. Maybe that will work, who knows the secret power of TT?
  15. Paying a contractor

    That's really a discussion to have with the contractor. Some larger firms may be happy to be paid after the work is done, some (smaller) maybe not.   Ask them, not an internet forum.