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  1. OP, why not do exactly as your username suggests? Stay there "in situ".
  2. I've just posted a silly photo

    Doggies like advent calendars too.
  3. Three-word story

    is surely a
  4. Is Germany as cheap as Balkans foodwise?

    Because he (or she?) is planning to move here to study, buy a house and car and is now worried he (or she?) won't have enough money to buy basic groceries. Maybe he (or she?) will decide to open their own supermarket selling Balkan style food at Balkan prices. Surely a money maker?   My tip; join TT Balkans and move there.
  5. I also get those spam mails but it's obvious they're spam as I haven't ordered anything and the company name doesn't mean anything to me. The OP has stated "work for 30 minutes" and online registration. My money's on the fact that they haven't read the T&Cs or just don't agree with the amount on the bill in which case they need to speak to the company and not an online forum. But of course I may be wrong.
  6. I've never known any person or company to send an illegal invoice so maybe that's just your opinion and I guess you probably haven't read the T&Cs. You talk about online registration ... T&Cs?   So to answer your question of what will happen: Basically they'll probably send three reminders (mahnung) with each incurring some extra admin costs. If you ignore the third expect an inkasso company and eventually the bailiff to pay a visit.
  7. Three-word story

    of distorted sexuality  
  8. Three-word story

    his jailhouse rock
  9. Need Help to Call Deutsche Post

    DHL owns Deutsche Post and if there's tracking possibility I'm pretty sure it's DHL division even though it's delivered by what you see as the "normal postman/woman".
  10. Need Help to Call Deutsche Post

    You keep saying Deutsche Post but you do realise the people you need to speak to are DHL? They can say who signed for the package and even send you a scan of the signature by e-mail, but as I suggested earlier and as Willow repeated; it's more than likely in Customs and you'll get a letter inviting you to go speak with them in a day or three. If you do, be prepared totake along all details of the Ebay auction to prove what the item is and how much you paid. You'll possibly have to pay VAT and if relevant Customs Duty.
  11. Enforced break time during work (exception needed)

    30 Minutes break after a maximum of 6 hours work is the minimum legal requirement and is written in EU law which Germany enforces quite strictly. If a company doesn't enforce this they can get into serious trouble. As has been suggested the only legal solution I see is for her to work only 6 hours per day. She can ask the Doctor but I'm not sure he can really help in this point of law.
  12. Need Help to Call Deutsche Post

    Sounds like it could be in Customs, give it 2-3 days and see if you get a letter from the Customs people. DHL is one company who have English-speaking people on their helpline.
  13. Definitions game

    snollyguster - ambitious and boastful but can't resist the expulsion of aromatically challenging clouds of methane.   Aromas
  14. Three-word story

    with oodles of
  15. I've just posted a silly photo

    Now we just need to Christmas wrap it.