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  1. Don't go thinking angling is a sport here, it very definitely isn't This is one big thing I miss from the UK, it's so different here I just don't have the will to pursue it, for example ...   When caught, fish must be immediately killed. How many you can catch is also controlled. You can't use any form of net (keepnets) to hold them whilst you continue fishing. Where you can fish is strictly controlled, it's not enough to have a permit / license, you will also be told exactly which spots you can use.   The rules are continually controlled and the fines for breaking them, such as putting fish back, can run into thousands of Euros.
  2. Sounds like MyHammer.  
  3. Newcomer - Sankt Blasien

    Lovely area but very out of the way and inthe sticks. I know the area quite well but don't expect the locals to come to you.  
  4. Why are you happy today?

    Aww come on FF, it's easy ... Bi=2 so ... One control amplifier, two separate power amps, two speakers and all double wired (cabled) so each amplifier powers just one speaker.   Now if I also told you that each of my powerr amps has two mono blocks, then we get a little more complicated but that's the advanced lesson for sometime later.
  5. Nebenkosten - What garden costs?

    The neighbour behind has a couple of flame throwers just for that purpose. We already removed them, flamed the roots and then used salt water on the area.  
  6. Nebenkosten - What garden costs?

    In what must been a bit of light-headedness she already hinted that the company doing the fence will send her a bill for whatever she wants. I'll be clearly looking at the next abrechnung with a lawyer to search for strange things like garden arbeit ... etc ... from that particular company.
  7. Nebenkosten - What garden costs?

    Sorry Fraufruit, she seems to think the fence repair will be be split across the three tenants nebenkosten, which we all know isn't going to happen, or at least she won't get away with it.   To be honest I don't really have any problems with the nebenkosten abrechnung, I got about half of my payments back and from what I can see there were no strange costs, especially for March. She's done the same with all three tenants and one has already had a lawyer look at theirs, no problems found there. I just find the dates strange especially as the radiator reading were done early this year!
  8. Nebenkosten - What garden costs?

      I moved in a year go (last April) and my landlady paid the costs, all included she forked out about €15K.   Trump? Is he Polish?
  9. Nebenkosten - What garden costs?

    Hi ATL42, Sadly she's not about to fall over and kick the proverbial bucket. Also sadly her son is part of her business (as well as having a good consultancy job with BMW) and if anything, where she's 2-faced, he's got at least 3 and is even more obnoxious.   Things escalated even more yesterday evening with a very obnoxious call from the son. I've saved the message just in case a lawyer would like to hear it.   Apparently they have 2 current problems with me: 1. Although not in my mietvertrag (sad, but they wouldn't include it) there a room in the keller with the only connection for a washing machine that's available to me. Also a 'pipe' thing to connect the dryer to. She openly stated that this room is for me to use for the washer & dryer. When I moved in she gave me tin full of keys for the apartment. I checked a few weeks ago and found the right key for the washer room so locked it. Someone tried to get in and instead of asking me for the key they apparently reported me to her for locking the room.   2. Yesterday some workers turned up to re-paint the garden fence. Yes, I delayed them for a whole 5-10 minutes whilst I sorted out where they could get electricity. Why didn't they bring tools with AKKUs? Anyway, I was pretty impressed with the quality of their work, they sanded the fence then dismantled it and sanded it again ..etc... then re-painted it. They worked until about 7.30pm then left. They only managed to complete about 2/3 of one side of the garden. At that rate I reckon they have another full day or a bit more to complete the fence before they even start on the balcony above. Yesterday evening at about 9pm I was in bed and got a phone call from the son, positively angry and raising his voice "Why did I hinder the workers? Because of me they couldn't finish yesterday and have to return..." He also moaned because when they arrived I was wearing my dressing gown and not fully dressed. Aye, can you believe that one? I've double checked my contract and nowhere does it state what I must wear and when. The workers are claiming I hindered them all day long preventing them working ... absolutely not true but the son told me he now has to decide what to do with me.   He's the sort of person I really couldn't hit .... just once.   Just one other question (which I'll also be asking a lawyer): If the apartment hasn't been sanitised, painted .. etc before I move in, or perhaps more accurately if it's all done at my (previous landlady's) cost for me, do I still have to re-do it all when moving out? Basically my old landldy paid for my removal, the apartment re-decoration, another large room in the cellar which neither I nor anyone else is allowed to use and two bathroom in the adjoining house which is nothing to do with me.
  10. Why are you happy today?

    Thanks ATL42, I know she's a F+++Wit but honestly I don't think she has any idea what Bi-Amped even means, let alone Bi-Wire.  
  11. Why are you happy today?

        Vinyl ... vinly ... vinyl   Just to add to my vintage HiFi post(s) above ... Earlier this week I ordered a small unit / box to store (vinyl) LPs, 230 of them. It arrived a couple of hours ago and is now assembled and already filled. One half is filled with only classical LPs, the other has a mixture of easy listening, jazz, blues and a few of what I can only describe as Cat Stevens, John Lennon and the like. Admittedly 85% of these were Sabine's.   Now I'm waiting for a second box to arrive (just 100 LPs) to stack on top and fill with all the rest of my LPs. The Queen LPs already have their own small extra box to keep them separate as these are pretty valuable and not often played. I'm talking about the original 1980's (I think?) Queen boxed set from the UK of all 14 LPs that were recorded up until that time, including tour dates, itinerary and even a packing list for the shipping company. I've recently seen one of these on ebay sell for €350, I paid much less, somewhere around 70 GBP I think. I also have some Queen picture discs which could be valuable, I've not seen the ones I have being sold for years.   Sadly I still won't have any space in these for my 200+ 78's, they can stay where they are for now.   I'm guessing I have around 400 (vinyl) LPs, I know I have almost 400 CDs and just over 200 old 78's. I could almost open a record / CD shop? Speaking of which the ones in Munich seem to have closed, sad, I used to love browsing around them. Online just isn't the same. Damn this is the 'happy' thread, should I copy to the 'sad' one too? Nah, don't worry ...     Yes, I know, I'm just a sad old git, but don't tell anyone.
  12. What made you smile today?

    A memory made me smile today as I checked through my cupboard of model vehicles and found this one from the days when Corona was delivered to your door, but then it was a fizzy drink (pop to the Brits).  
  13. Nebenkosten - What garden costs?

    A bit of an update: I decided against the local Mietverein because of freports that they're not so good. Instead I'm awaiting a recommendation for Mietschutzversicherung that will allow me to select my choice of lawyer, should the need arise, which I fear it will sooner or later.   In the meantime my neighbours at the rear have received an abmahnung for not keeping the garden tidy enough (in the landlady's opinion) and you see from my earlier photos just how untidy it is, or isn't in our opinion. The abmahnung also cites them leaving children's toys in their garden at the back, which is theirs and not for use of everyone!. Also for having a trampoline in the back garden which she claims is ruining the hedge... etc etc...   Slowly she seems to be finding faults with me too so I fear I'll be needing the insurance sooner rather than later. Oh well, I should have the insurance sometime next week.   Edit: The workmen are here repairing the garden fence as I write, they also plan to renovate the balcony for the apartment above, all of which the landlady still thinks she'll charge to us on the nebenkosten. Just as an aside, I finally received the nebenkosten abrechnung at the beginning of June for last year, or so I thought but it was from 1.3.2019 to end of October 2019 even though the apartment was mine from 1.4.2019, which is clearly in my contract!
  14. Alternative titles of threads

    Smirking in public places
  15. Why are you happy today?

    Too late to edit my post above for another photo, so it'll have to go here... The KEFs have their covers on here but I remove them to listen.