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  1. Three-word story

    . Meanwhile, back at
  2. What souvenir best represents Germany?

    Sossidges or stupid white sandals that must be worn with socks.
  3. Asian Foodies

    Try looking at the existing meetups, there's already a Wednesday curry night which will introduce you to quite a few TT'ers. You can also suggest something yourself, just pick a suitable date (for you) and see if anyone else is interested.
  4. Three-word story

    and clothes off
  5. What made you smile today?

    On my way to work yesterday a pigeon flying down and then running across a zebra crossing defintely made me smile as thankfully the traffic stopped for it.
  6. I've just posted a silly photo

    Baumküchen meister shows off.
  7. Why are you happy today?

    Had a lovely afternoon and evening at my favourite Chiemsee restaurant today whilst treating a friend to a birthday treat. Good food and fantastic setting made us both very happy.
  8. All-time favorite movies

    Big Wednesday. Not just a surfing movie but all about life in the US in the 'Nam era.
  9. Mobile phones in Munich

    I've passed this shop a few times and always thought it had a good name, but no personal experience of them. Opposite the 1860 stadium-ish Second Handy   Then there are various others near the Hauptbahnhof.
  10. Aufhebungsvertrag and vacation days

    Sign it and just don't expect any unemployment money for the first three months, if you're going to be unemployed that is.
  11. International student gets caught shoplifting

    Ask them that question when they're having you locked up   Criminal record? Probably as long as your arm   Now seriously: you can listen to the more sensible answers above. As has been said, it's a first offence, you seem to be showing remorse, just take the hit and apologise and all should be forgiven.
  12. Three-word story

    blond wigs are
  13. I've just posted a silly photo

    The wombles of Greenham Common are we ....
  14. Three-word story

    over spilt milk
  15. Why are you happy today?

    As you know I have a new job at t'airport and I've had lots of new things to learn. I've been doing the job for real since 1st July so for a month now. During the "School" phase in June we were told that when we start for real it should take anywhere from 2 to 6 months before we're considered good enough to work alone. Until then we work with experienced colleagues and aren't allowed to do things on our own. After just 3-4 weeks I've already being given (easy) jobs on my own and today I found out that secretly, in the background, I'm already being assessed for working alone. Might not sound much, but I'm feeling kind of proud and also hopeful that it works out so quickly.