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  1. Problem with Zollamt

    I do get it but this is the notorious German authorities we're talking about who just want you to jump through their hoops. Garching is also easy for me if you really want to go down the vollmacht route.
  2. Problem with Zollamt

    Is it the Zollamt in Hallbergmoos? I know them well from 6 years of collecting whisky from them. It's only 10 minutes for me and if it's them and they'll accept a vollmacht then no problem.  
  3. Problem with Zollamt

    You know it has no value, they don't. You've been going round in circles here when all you had to do was go along, let them open the parcel / envelope / goods and see it was only letters at which point they'd have sent you on your happy way with nothing to pay.
  4. HuggyBot

    I hope that wasn't tested on humans.
  5. I've just posted a silly photo

    Is it a Pit Bath Terrior?
  6. I've just posted a silly photo

    No I don't stand to pee, this'll do just fine.
  7. I've just posted a silly photo

    Evil Knieval sets new record for launching a car off a mountain.
  8. I've just posted a silly photo

    The driver was just a bouy.
  9. Why are you unhappy today?

    As my e-mail address reflects the web address they could have said something earlier if that was the case. The one thing they kept going on about and asking for more info about was the Schufa rating. They wanted the Schufa report, then came back asking for more details from the "private - for your own records only" section, then more ....   I've had a few rejections from others due to my age, they even said in some cases "we're a young team, you wouldn't fit in" and in one case "Sorry, but yesterday my CEO told me to only employ younger people". All illegal but they do this anyway.   The job had nothing to do with driving but they also insisted on a Flensburg (points) report. OK, I have no points and a 29y accident-free record too.   Yes, it could have been for any of a few reasons but their repeated insistence on more Schufa data makes me suspect this.
  10. Waiting for a ticket after being caught speeding

    As Krieg says it will get the speeder, not you. Three cameras usually means pointing at different lanes but when one goes off pointing at lane 2 it can appear to you (in lane 1) that you're the target. I've had this happen a couple of times, the last was in some autobahn road works where they were monitoring space between vehicles (abstand) when someone overtook me very close to the vehicle in front of him. The blitz went off and I thought it had blitzed me even though I'd left a suitable gap to the vehicle in front of me.
  11. Three-word story

    , Johns, Joannes & Jonas
  12. Why are you unhappy today?

    Oh dear, now my main hope of a job bites the dust. I had two interviews with a company who have the contract across Germany for all US building security. They wanted me to join their team to provide security for the US Consulate in Munich. The paperwork I had to complete was unbelievable but it was necessary to gain US State Dep't clearance. After them asking for more and more documents they finally went quiet last week and today I was informed that they (US Consulate) have not approved my application, so no security training, no weapons training, no job. They haven't specified why but I have the feeling they refused me due to my credit rating. This was something they kept questioning and asking for more info about. I have no debts! I'm truly solvent. Sadly some years ago I had to go through a private insolvency which in Germany is a 6 year process overseen by the courts. For me it ended in late Sept. 2016 but the German credit agency (Schufa) keeps it on record for another 3 years, hence giving me a lousy credit rating which they describe as "untrustworthy and very likely to default on payments". It was a bad time in my life, a one-off and it's now over, but seemingly not so as the US Consulate apparently consider my credit rating important for a job that has nothing to do with money, payments or anything similar. I repeat; No debts, no defaults, nothing for almost 2 years now but I'm considered untrustworthy for a job even though for the first time in around 40 years I don't even have a loan.
  13. Traffic violation fine without commiting it

    I find this totally mind-blowing and incomprehensible, I do hope you get full resolution. Good luck, Malty
  14. I've just posted a silly photo

     Fixed that for you
  15. Alternative titles of threads

    Rules for air transport of kitchen within Germany