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  1. Alternative titles of threads

    Raising children in quadrangles
  2.   Sorry if I misunderstood, but this is why I talked about check-in procedure. If one "sends" then one doesn't usually travel with it, oder?
  3. Of course there are airport shuttle buses from town to the airport and yes, there are trolleys at the airport where buses and taxis arrive. How would you get someone else to take them for you? I'm thinking about the check-in procedure here.   You could order a taxi van easily or gooooogle the independent limo services who also run vans and are typically a bit cheaper than taxis.
  4. New DHL shipping rules

    Just goooooogled and yes, you're right. I hadn't heard of this until just now. Only documents as international letters   But it doesn't have to be a "Paket", up to 2kg can be Päckchen for €8.89
  5. I've just posted a silly photo

    Simply Blue
  6. You're not a firm of builders specialising in walls by any chance? If so I might worry, if not then good advice above.
  7. Luggage lock

    No, you start at 000, then 001, 002 .... etc ... at worst about 15 minutes should do it.   I sell those locks at work and to be honest they're the most difficult things to change, as in turn it through 90° when opn, then push in and turn through another 90° (so now 180°) then change the number. It's a TSA lock so the key element is for USA Customs.
  8. What have you learned today?

    Today I learned I don't have A2DP, in fact I'd never heard of A2DP before today.
  9. I've just posted a silly photo

    Where's that effin' Andrex puppy when you need it the most?
  10. I've just posted a silly photo

    I always wanted a Royce but settled for Rolls.
  11. Three-word story

    . Meanwhile moronic Mark
  12. Sell old vehicle for parts?

    Sell it on Ebay as sold as seen. To scrap it would probably cost you money.
  13. Alternative titles of threads

    Making welding radioactive, is that a thing?
  14. Alternative titles of threads

    Things you can say during sex at a job interview
  15. Alternative titles of threads

    Strange fax that you never wanted to send