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  1. Dear  Thanks for the email   I am working in Germany since Aug 2008. the Last working in Germany before to this was Jan 2017. So from Aug 2008 to Jan 2017 I paid social security and Arbeit verscherung as and when I worked in germany that is in total 57 months.  
  2. Dear All I am writing this email for information about arbeitslosgeld. Following are the year where paid social security. also attached same. I arrived in Germany 15th July 2019. I am paying social security since last 10 months. Apart from this I paid social security as and i worked in germany. which is nearly fro 57 months My company in India is asking me to come back or they want to terminate my contract here.in this case will I be eligible for arbeitslohngeld?   Thanks in advance for your help Regards Raavi