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  1.   I am not sure. I am not a lawyer. All I know is the account that you share for the Kaution protects you. I know you said you weren’t a member of the Mieterverein, but I suggest you go to them for advice or the local Beratungsstelle in Frankfurt. I had a similar problem in Frankfurt and the Mieterverein helped me get my Kaution back. I was a member, though. 
  2. Also your Kaution should be in an account that has your name on it as well. It isn’t the landlord’s responsibility to put it into a second account. 
  3. Switching electricity contract

    It’s best to look at your contract. Usually it is a 3 month cancellation time. I’d call up the new supplier and see what they say, and then refer to your current contract. You will probably need to organise this with your local Stadtwerk, but I’m not sure. 
  4. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

      Ha! I said the F word and then he went in saying I was a crazy lady…
  5. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    So sorry to hear about your cat, Bramble.    I got one of those calls today. I said I don’t have a computer. Then he tried to gaslight me saying I am crazy and that’s impossible. I snapped and hung up.    My computer hasn’t been on in weeks and I only use a tablet or phone. So annoying. 
  6. What are you cooking today?

    I made Asian turkey meatballs, but with chicken. Made a big batch and froze some. So good and a diet recipe. For some reason my local Lidl has a regular supply of chicken and turkey mince.    https://www.skinnytaste.com/asian-turkey-meatballs-with-lime-sesame/   I also made Greek chicken burgers. Just mixed the mince with frozen spinach, feta, garlic, an egg, and breadcrumbs. Made 6 patties from 600g of meat. 
  7.   Sorry to go off-topic. Last one.    I have no clue how I do it. I don’t even like cigarettes very much. I just have a habit of only smoking at night and a cigarette before bed. I don’t like to smoke much in summer. Been doing this on and off for 20 years.    Back on topic and sorry! 
  8. @dessa_dangerous   No, you’re right. I have quit a few times for years at a time. It’s not easy. It’s a work in progress. 
  9.   Ah good to know, thanks! He’s in Australia if that makes any difference. 
  10.   One time I did not pay on time because ex said he would be paying his half. This was at the beginning of my divorce. I paid my half and he did not. She has tried everything to get me out of here (she lives below me). I am not even going to get into things she has said to me. Otherwise, I’m a good tenant and always pay on time and am quite quiet. The only thing I can think of is that she can’t because of the Mietspiegel.    I am actively looking for somewhere else because I don’t want to stay here. It’s too big and too many bad memories. 
  11.   But she can’t notify him and he’s on the contract. I’m just going off what the Mieterverein told me. *shrug*. I can’t open any of his mail that used to be delivered here (he left with bills unpaid).    What do you think the reason is that she hasn’t raised the rent? It’s been almost a decade and I pay a great price for Munich. 
  12.   I did talk it over with a lawyer and many Beratungsstelle. I sent the letters after the divorce as did my ex. But the landlord won’t take his name off the contract. It’s very annoying to see his name on things she sends me. She wouldn’t even take his name off of the doorbell and mailbox. I did it myself after I got permission that it was OK from a lawyer. She can’t raise the rent and hasn’t in years because she can’t get in touch with him, so I don’t bother anymore. 
  13.   This is not true because I am in this mess now.   There is something that must be worded specifically in the divorce contract (I forget the exact word). My landlord refuses to let my ex-husband off the contract. She got around it because a specific word was not in the contract. I haven’t bothered much with it because I want to move so it isn’t worth the legal expenses for me. My landlord also can’t raise the rent without notifying all parties. He no longer lives in the country. I can contact him, so when I’m ready to leave, I can have him write his part of the Kündigungsfrist. She has no idea where he lives. 
  14. covid self test in primary school.

    For a nose bleed? 
  15.   You would have had to have residency for 180 days to switch your license. That wasn’t really possible for me. I had also been living in Australia for 5 years prior to living in Germany. Stupid me didn’t bother getting my NY license changed to an Australian license (kept up my NY license instead and didn’t drive in Australia), and then Germany had reciprocation with Australia about 2 years after I moved to Germany. Oh well. 
  16.   This is an important point.   I have been driving since 1995 and in NY you renew your license every few years, sometimes depending on age (I needed a new license when I turned 21, for example). At the Führerscheinstelle, they do require proof of how long you have been driving. Since I had thrown out my first two licenses, I only had licenses dated back to 2003. Something happened with this point (I do not remember exactly), but it was extra paperwork. 
  17.     Yes, exactly. You can exchange it, depending on your country, or if you are from the US, your state. You do NOT need to apply as if you are a new driver after 6 months! Please check the reciprocity agreement with your country.    I am from NY and had a valid license in NY when I exchanged it for my German license. That was 4 years after I moved. I had to take my first aid course, the theory test, and the practical exam. I did not have to take all the theory classes because of the agreement with NY. My exH simply exchanged his license 3 years after we moved because of the (new) agreement with Australia.    You do not need to apply as a new driver after 6 months (depending on where you are from)! Karin’s information is false. Check what is required. 
  18. Help, being threatened with eviction

      Talk to the Mieterverein. I’m not sure about your rental contract, but it sounds like you should have each received a letter if you do have three separate contracts. But if you all signed on one contract, then Ms. Y shouldn’t have to leave. You and Mr. X, however, owe money.    I’m not a lawyer, but if he sent it to all three of you and you have individual contracts, then that could mean something. Mieterverein.      https://www.mietrecht.com/wg/#das-mietrecht-zur-wg-der-mietvertrag-fuer-die-wohngemeinschaft     Alle WG-Bewohner sind Hauptmieter: Eine weitere Variante ist der Abschluss eines einzigen Mietvertrags mit dem Eigentümer, den alle WG-Mitglieder als gleichberechtigte Hauptmieter gemeinsam unterschreiben. Für die Mitbewohner hat diese Vertragsform den Vorteil, dass alle die gleichen Rechte an der Wohnung haben und keiner dem anderen eine Kündigung aussprechen kann. Allerdings bedeutet dies auch, dass die gesamte WG eine gesamtschuldnerische Haftung eingeht. Das heißt: Gerät eines der Mitglieder mit der Miete in Zahlungsrückstand, kann der Vermieter die Schulden von jedem beliebigen Mitbewohner einfordern.   Separate Verträge für alle WG-Mitglieder: Es kann auch mit jedem WG-Bewohner ein eigener Mietvertrag geschlossen werden. Eine dritte Möglichkeit besteht darin, dass jeder WG-Mitbewohner einen eigenen Vertrag mit dem Vermieter abschließt. Dieser kann das Nutzungsrecht für das eigene WG-Zimmer und die gemeinsamen Räume wie Bad, Küche und ggf. Wohnzimmer beinhalten. Diese Variante hat den Vorteil, dass die Bewohner eigenständig ein- und ausziehenkönnen, ohne den Rest der WG um Erlaubnis fragen zu müssen. Allerdings können sich bei dieser Form des Mietvertrags die WG-Mitglieder ihre Mitbewohner nicht selbst aussuchen, da es allein im Ermessen des Vermieters liegt, mit wem er ein Mietverhältnis abschließt. Zudem erhöht sich für den Vermieter der Verwaltungsaufwand.
  19. Help, being threatened with eviction

      What do you mean you weren’t informed? Was the letter dropped Einschreiben? If you have three separate contracts, you should have each gotten a letter. It doesn’t matter if you weren’t there. 
  20. Help, being threatened with eviction

    Oh, it’s a WG contract. Well if you pay your part now, then I think you could probably stay? I don’t know. You have no contract with your sub letter, so there’s nothing that can be done there.     
  21. Help, being threatened with eviction

    According to this website: https://mieterengel.de/abmahnung/   Auch, wenn die Abmahnung noch keine Kündigung ist, sollten Mieter die Abmahnung unbedingt ernst nehmen. Insbesondere, wenn der Vermieter im Abmahnungsschreiben mit Kündigung droht, kann bei erneutem Fehlverhalten tatsächlich eine fristlose Kündigung folgen. Einer fristlosen Kündigung muss nämlich in der Regel mindestens eine Abmahnung vorausgehen. Je mehr Abmahnungen ein Mieter erhält, desto höher ist auch sein Risiko, bald eine fristlose Kündigung im Briefkasten zu finden.   He sent a previous letter on June 4th. Why was that ignored? 
  22. Help, being threatened with eviction

      You mean these people are on the original contract? Not a subletting contract? So there are three names on the original contract if I understand you correctly?   Because you said that you are subletting to someone else, but you didn’t make a contract with him?    So is that 3,700 split between the 3 of you?    It would be wise if you got a lawyer between the 3 of you. That money will need to be paid back and it sounds like you guys can’t pay it back. It will go back and forth with lawyers and all the while the future rent won’t be paid, I assume, meaning more to pay back.    Your unemployed friend should see about unemployment, depending on his residency status.    Talk to the Mieterverein or a lawyer. Something tells me you can’t be kicked out on that date, but I am not a lawyer. Regardless, you need to pay that money back. 
  23. Help, being threatened with eviction

    You are going to need a lawyer or the Mieterverein. I don’t know if they can throw you out that day or not. You would have to speak to a lawyer about this.    The subletting without permission is also a problem.    You are going to have to pay that money back. Whose name(s) is/are on the contract? 
  24. I like the area around Implerstrasse. There’s a great taco place there (it might have moved).    I wouldn’t consider it dangerous. I don’t consider a lot of parts in Germany very dangerous. I feel slightly uncomfortable around Bahnhof areas, but I’m from NY, so nothing seems bad here at all. Just use common sense and try to avoid places at night alone. 
  25. job offer

    This is a good question and I’d like to add a spin on it, so I can get an answer.    There are no job offers, but I’m just wondering because 50% contracts are quite common.    Let’s say you get a 50% contract job offer. There is nothing else at that moment on the horizon. You would supplement the 50% with freelance work, but that’s not always steady, or possibly another 50% job if an offer came up (tax nightmare, but you need something).    A week later you get a 100% job contract offer.    What do you do then?    The job searcher has been looking for a contract job for over 4 years and has been doing freelance work (English teacher is the career; not one of those teachers who just came over and decided to teach English; they actually did a degree in it and have over 15+ years of contract and freelance work experience).