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  1. Today's book

      I had this assigned in an elective course I took in the US (German Professor, lol). It’s really good and there are many good points. I should read it again. 
  2.   Sorry, I was not clear. Door handles are something the tenant has to pay for. Whereas if something in the frame breaks, then you are not responsible for that. I went through this recently with the Mieterverein and certain things mean that you are responsible. My sliding door flew off the frame and the landlord tried to not pay for it and said I was responsible because the price to repair it was under the Schönheitsreparaturen clause in my contract. I went to the Mieterverein and they said since it wasn’t the handle, then I wasn’t responsible for it.   They then also went on and said you are responsible if the woven handle for your Rollladen breaks, then that is on you, but motors and switches are not your responsibility. It doesn’t matter the cost of it.    I don’t think insurance would cover this.    Hopefully, that is clearer. 
  3. I think door handles are included in Schönheitsreparaturen. Not sure if it will be covered by your insurance. 
  4. Austria to Germany - why passport checks?

    I usually have my passport on me when crossing borders. It’s the official form of ID for those who aren’t able to get the German ID cards. However, I usually don’t get checked. Sadly, certain features might flag you for being checked.   
  5. Moving kids overseas after divorce

      Sorry to hear about your struggles. I get it.    Your first post is asking for your legal rights in this situation. You need to see a lawyer. Giving legal advice when you are not a lawyer is not a good thing to do in Germany.    What a lot of people in this thread are saying is that it is his kid, too, despite you saying that they don’t have a strong relationship with their father. If he is willing to waive his rights, then so be it. But see a lawyer first or go to a Beratungsstelle in your area (some of them offer free minimal legal advice). 
  6. Length of a divorce

    You have to wait until you get a court date. Then you will go to said court date and your papers will be finalized.    My ex filed in February 2018. The divorce was finalized in July 2019 (there was one rescheduling of a court date because I could not take off work). 
  7. Moving kids overseas after divorce

      No, I thought the same thing and I was wondering if I was missing something, too. FFS, the guy is recently paralyzed. Have some common decency and go to a lawyer instead of trying to convince TT how you should be able to take the kids.    They are his kids, too. Full stop. 
  8. Switching electricity contract

    My Grundversorger (SWM) is charging about 30 cents at the moment. I am in the process of moving to another city out of Bavaria and SWM said I can “take them with me” and the rate is about 24 cents.    Edit: The Grundversorger usually gives notice if they are raising the price.     
  9. Registration without living

      If you register him at your address, won’t he have to pay health insurance? 
  10. The replies on this thread are meant to be constructive. I wouldn’t call it entitled, but rather you are stuck in victim mentality. I get it. I went through a really rough divorce. Everything seems to be so unfair.    But going to the press isn’t going to solve your problem. It’s better that you use your energy to solve your immediate problem. I really suggest you get a social worker. They have so much access to help you can get. 
  11. Have you gone to your local Jobcenter and asked for a social worker? I highly suggest talking to a social worker. They are there for people who have too much going on. They would really help you out right now. 
  12. 3G in Restaurants?

      Ok, J2. No one is talking boosters. Stop trying to deflect from the fact that you are an asshole. A racist sexist asshole. 
  13. 3G in Restaurants?

    It touched a nerve because he is a fucking racist. 
  14. 3G in Restaurants?

      Again, you are being racist and sexist right now. I don’t care if you are a Muslim or not. Your ignorance is showing. Learn about other cultures.    Shall we talk about your harassment on these boards towards women? Messaging them over and over again. Fuck off.    Shame that tax dollars were wasted on you in hospital to treat you when you had Covid. 
  15. 3G in Restaurants?

      LOL at “fucking ignorant.” It’s a Niqab, not a Burka. Your racism is showing.