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  1. Food outlet - catastrophe

    @yesterday   Not at all! I was down there to go to Fressnapf and also look at plants and saw it and stopped and asked for a card. Then when I went back after shopping and feeling hungry, he was closed (it was 19.30). 
  2. Food outlet - catastrophe

        I was by there today. It’s called Fisch-Insel and the number is 0151 53 17 41 23 and email is marcell-pichler@arcor.de. It’s in the Pflanzen Koelle parking lot on Fridays and Saturdays.
  3. What are you cooking today?

      Ricotta, mozzarella, and lemon zest
  4. For Berlin, I would use an additional security device.    I do not have a motorbike, but I have a bicycle that I used in Frankfurt. It was fitted with all sorts of security devices (seat lock, front wheel lock, handlebar lock, etc.). I also had a great regular lock that was highly rated (ABUS folding locks). When I got to Munich, I noticed no one used these things.   I imagine Berlin would need these things. Better safe than sorry, IMO. 
  5. Can I work as freelancer next to a fulltime job and how ?

      Don’t forget taxes and payments into the German pension. And you’ll need to hire an accountant. That 100,000 a year can easily turn into 50,000. 100,000 is probably taxed at 45% and with that amount your health insurance will be about 900 a month. And then you need to pay into the German pension system. I am not sure what happens to your full time job and if they take taxes out of that or not.    Also if you become unemployed in both jobs, you will only get 60% on ALG1 of your full time job. Freelancers don’t qualify for ALG1. You would then go onto ALG 2 and that’s miserable. So I would count on putting a lot away in your savings.    Freelance isn’t worth it unless you are a millionaire. Personally, I would aim to keep your freelance amount below 50,000. But then you still will have to deal with taxes. 
  6. Can I work as freelancer next to a fulltime job and how ?

      That’s what I thought. As a resident of Germany, you have to disclose all worldwide income. Then depending on tax agreements, you have to pay tax on that or not. If his friends are not residents in Germany at the moment, then I don’t think they have to file a German tax return, unlike in the US where all residents have to file regardless of residency.     
  7. Scam calls, Ausweis/Residence Permit problems

    I keep getting calls on my Handy and no one says anything. The number is sometimes there and sometimes it isn’t. I got one yesterday and then a half hour later got a message that I have a message and to click to get the message. I deleted and blocked of course, but I am really getting sick of these calls! 
  8. What are you cooking today?

    I made fried stuffed zucchini flowers. Yum! 
  9. Can I work as freelancer next to a fulltime job and how ?

      I am not an accountant, but I think your German friends are supposed to be reporting that money? I don’t know. 
  10. Can I work as freelancer next to a fulltime job and how ?

    If your freelance income goes over what you make at your full time job, you will be responsible for ALL of your health insurance payments. That can get very expensive. If you are making 4000 freelance and 3000 your full time job, then you are responsible for paying about 700 to your Krankenkasse per month.    Edit: I use public health insurance. At my age (45) it is not worth it to go to private now, IMO. I have heard private can be good for young people.    Freelance is not worth the hassle, IMO.   
  11. Food outlet - catastrophe

      I do not have the number. I’m sorry. I don’t have it too often. 
  12. Food outlet - catastrophe

      It’s only there sometimes. I don’t know why. It’s in the V-markt lot but closer to the Baumarkt. Across from the Hendl stand. You can probably find it on Fridays? I have only seen it a few times.    I found really good Steckerlfisch at Edeka Simmel in Unterhaching. It’s in the Haugebaumarkt parking lot. (Fridays and Saturdays)
  13. Food outlet - catastrophe

      Is it turkey? I just don’t like lamb. I’m by that area next week, so I’ll give it a try. 
  14. Food outlet - catastrophe

    My local is 6€ at V-Markt parking lot on Balanstrasse. They have turkey. I don’t eat lamb. 
  15. Food outlet - catastrophe

      Kebabs and Imbiss in Germany is a hit or miss. Just do a google search for Best + Döner (or whatever food you want) + city you are in. There is so much out there for reviews that you should find something good. After awhile you get the sense of what is good or not when passing by one. I hate wasting money as well, so I spend a little extra time doing a search on my phone.    Or just make your own food more.