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  1. Coronavirus

    I just got two appointments in March for my parents in NY and the rollout there has been so messy. 1b can now get the vaccine, but the elderly can’t sign up easily because it’s all based online. My dad doesn’t own a cell phone, yet alone know how to turn on a computer. I got them two appointments for February, but they were cancelled because it was an “unauthorized link.” The link was specifically for teachers only, so now they are picking out the parts of 1b that deserve it more. Yet, Cuomo said all of 1b is included and even made it 65+ instead of 75+. I heard other states are doing better.    It’s a total nightmare and the only way I got the appointments is because of the fact that I was able to get on the website, which is another nightmare, in the middle of the night NY time. I have also heard that they don’t have enough secured for the second round of vaccines.    IMO, I don’t think Germany is going too slow. They are just planning for what they have. I also like that you have been allocated to an area by wear you live (at least that is what I understood when I signed up on the Bayern website this week). People in NY are travelling all over to get the vaccine. I had to book my parents an hour drive away.    BTW, they have given a relaxed week this week with the FFP2 masks in Bavaria and no violations will be given out if you only have a regular mask. If you are in Munich, V-Markt on Balanstrasse has tons at 1.99€ each. Bins are places throughout the store. I picked up one because my package I ordered is late. 
  2. Coronavirus

      And to add to that, the FFP2 masks are supposed to be fitted for each individual person to work correctly. While I get the idea that using the FFP2s is a good idea in theory, I am not sure it will make that much of a difference. Hopefully, I am wrong. 
  3. Coronavirus

      This is getting expensive! As someone who lost some work due to the Corona pandemic, these masks are not cheap.   https://www.br.de/nachrichten/bayern/einkaufen-und-nahverkehr-ab-montag-ffp2-maskenpflicht,SLsWQ18
  4. Coronavirus

      I just ordered these on Amazon:   https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B08MQRGNLT/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1   10 FFP2 masks at 11.99, free shipping and delivery between Jan 15th-18th. 
  5. Coronavirus

      Where did you see this?    Edit: quoted the wrong thing, but what I mean is where did you see that Bavaria has to wear FFP2 masks?  
  6. Divorce proceeding in Germany

      No, it is not normal to use one lawyer. The lawyer cannot represent you both equally. The lawyer will represent you, but since he’s paying, the lawyer will put his best interests first.    Get a lawyer. Yesterday. 
  7. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

  8. Coronavirus

    It doesn’t surprise me about minks. I had ferrets growing up and we had to be especially careful when we had a human cold around them. I’m not saying CoVID is a human cold, but still from the same family. I just never had to worry about catching anything from my ferret, but then again, this is a different Coronavirus.    I’m totally against fur coats, but if they are going to cull minks, I hope they can at least use the animals for fur, but that may not be possible. Poor minks  
  9. The 2020 US Presidential candidates

      Wow! I can’t believe it! You know all the answers. Don’t you have better things to with your time like stalk women on TT? 
  10. Coronavirus

        Maybe this can help you? There are a few Corona hotlines you can call. https://www.muenchen.de/rathaus/Stadtverwaltung/Referat-fuer-Gesundheit-und-Umwelt/Infektionsschutz/Neuartiges_Coronavirus.html#AB
  11.   Yes, the “for now” struck me as odd. I learned the hard way about this after my divorce (ex took care of all the paperwork and failed to mention what to do about health insurance as a freelancer...). 
  12. @Taffyhereford   https://de.indeed.com/viewjob?jk=6512e1cbed9b5e1f&tk=1el7vk2gpstv1800&from=serp&vjs=3   Go on Indeed or Glassdoor and search for Warenverräumung (warehouse work). Lidl and Aldi desperately need help right now for that. Make a resume (even if it is in English) and send it out with a nice cover letter or cover letter email. They are good places to work for.    Or search for Küchenhilfe (kitchen help) or Spülkraft (dishwasher). Or go to local nursing homes and restaurants with your resume and say you are searching for these jobs.    What skills do you have? Any certificates?    If you get a job at Aldi or Lidl, then you also have the opportunity to get a Minijob, which is 450 Euro a month and that’s usually tax free.    Honestly, this is probably your best plan right now because of Corona and it doesn’t sound like you have a degree or apprenticeship that is recognized in Germany. 
  13. I teach English. I have my BA (In German) and an MA in TESOL. It is usually freelance work and there really is no money to make. I had a contract at a uni, but it was only 2 years and there is a lot of red tape with regards to getting contracts. There is also a lot of competition, too.    I would strongly suggest that you NOT go into English teaching if you think you can do it “because I speak and read English.” You need training to do that. And quite frankly it is a bit insulting to people like me who have made my career based on teaching. Plus there are two glaring errors in your post that are not autocorrect mistakes. I’ll give you a hint: one is a subject-verb agreement and one is a problem with your past participle with your use of Present Perfect. Get training (CELTA or a degree in TESOL) if that is what you want to do. You need a Bachelor’s degree at least.    Try a supermarket, DM, or even kitchen help jobs in a restaurant. Or go to Jobcenter and get put on ALG2 and get classes for German, so that you can get a job.   Oh and Bavaria is expensive. 1000 in Garmisch is normal as is three months’ security deposit.    You have to have health insurance in Germany. It’s a law. If you stop paying, you will still be covered for emergency services and that includes childbirth. You will have a lot of bills, though, because you stopped paying.    Sorry to sound discouraging, but this is what it is like here. 
  14. Geez. I’m not ignorant and I wasn’t asking you to explain yourself. I simply said that it doesn’t sound right for Germany and you should see a lawyer because maybe they know more about the laws. That’s all, relax.    You are going to get the same Mietverein reply from everyone here. It only costs 100 a year. Maybe you should pay a visit to Jobcenter in Germany and see if they can help you.    ETA: It’s Germany, so you will probably have to put some time and money into lawyers and paperwork at some point. 
  15. I don’t think the landlord can force you out like that after you signed the lease. AFAIK, it is illegal to kick someone out because they had children. If it were legal, you’d have a lot more homeless families. Go to your local Mietverein and ask.    I don’t understand about the social services wanting to take your unborn baby because of previous depression. I’d see a lawyer about that. It sounds like there is more to the story.