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  1. Cat claw removal in Germany

    I really don’t have many problems with my cats with claws. I bought cheap furniture and I know what they like to claw, so they stick to their scratching posts. I trim them, but they are pretty good at keeping them kind of dull. Two are older, so their claws are thicker. My young one (5) has delicate claws and needs to be trimmed because he has pulled out his claws on his own from getting caught on something. Now he sticks to his scratching post.  Maybe I lucked out, but my three cats are very well behaved and know when not to do things. Sure I find them doing things I don’t like, but they are well trained on scratching posts. 
  2. I have been using Hello Fresh for a few years. I’ve had a few hiccups, but they have always been solved with some sort of compensation.    What bothers me most about this thread is the Local is trying to get money from people from referrals. They will get 20 Euro off their next box. Ask a friend instead. 
  3. Sprachrassismus at Work

      This.    I have a strong American accent. Is my German perfect? No. But I’ve told many times that my German is good and I lack confidence. I’ve been studying it for about twenty years, but I still lack confidence. I started in 2001 in the US at about 23. I also have anxiety, so it’s a personality thing.  I will say I’m getting really good at bureaucracy in Germany, so that’s a plus.  I can’t change my accent. I’m not one of those people. There is some study that says language learning slows down after 15. I forget which linguist said it.    The OP says he is European. I find they tend to have certain stereotypes of different countries. I have a Polish last name, I am American, and I get all types of looks because they can’t figure where I’m from with my accent and name. But they are very quick to notice that I have a foreign last name.    I wouldn’t say anything. Just save yourself the trouble. I would, however, look into getting legal insurance now...   
  4. General criteria for wohngeld

    You can’t get Hartz 4 and Wohngeld at the same time. https://www.muenchen.de/rathaus/Stadtverwaltung/Sozialreferat/Wohnungsamt/Wohngeld.html#wohngeld-mietzuschuss-beantragen-fr-mietwohnung_3 That site is helpful. Muenchen is on step 7 or 8, so it’s a bit higher. I would try out both options to see what you get. Hartz 4 will probably “give” you more money. 
  5. Employment issues

    Is your friend still in the Probezeit? 
  6. Seeking 2 room apartment in Munich

      900 cold (45-50 m2). It doesn’t need to be the center of Munich either. From what I have seen on ImmoMobilienScout, I seem to be in the right price range. 
  7. Seeking 2 room apartment in Munich

        Hi. Thanks for your link, but that is too far south of the 94. I would like to keep my commute time to under an hour. That is 1 1/2 hours, and possibly longer because of my car situation (it’s old).    I have been on ImmoScout24 for over 2 years. The problem is I am a freelancer. Now about 4 months ago my BF and I have been looking (he has a contract job), but we are barely getting leads. They don’t respond, I go to the viewing and nothing, or they are particular about the documents (must send it through their own sites and not ImmoScout24). The best was today when I brought the documents and they said no, sorry, you need to send them through our email in this format within 15 mins. Or I get called for a viewing 15 mins before.    I cannot afford to live in my apartment anymore or else I would stay here. I have nowhere to go that’s why I thought I would put out a word of mouth here. 
  8. Seeking 2 room apartment in Munich

        Hi,    Thanks for your response. I’m somewhat flexible. But I think that might too west for me. My BF splits his time in Altötting / Burghausen / Munich. I am mostly in Munich. What’s the connection like to Munich and the Autobahns? 
  9. Where to buy cocoa powder?

    I’m looking for a natural cocoa powder that has been purchased off Amazon. Does anyone have any recommendations? I need natural for red velvet cake. Thanks! 
  10. Coronavirus

      Yes, I understand the meat processing factory infections that have been happening all over. But like you said in your second point, I think it may have probably spread more than it should because things are opening up. If this happened in April, then I think the results may be different. Let’s wait and see how it plays out. 
  11. My BF and I are looking for a two room apartment in Munich. We have three cats. If anyone hears anything, let me know.
  12. Coronavirus

      Great. It started like this last time with NRW. I wonder if we will fully be back in quarantine in another month or so. I’ve been following it pretty much from the beginning because I have been working from home and probably will be until February 2021 (one uni I work at has already decided next semester’s classes will be online). I relaxed a little bit with going out to a local beer garden once last month and I finally saw my boyfriend after 3 months. But that was it. I think they opened up things too quickly. 
  13. Coronavirus

      I think they did something similar with SARS, but then it got reversed a few years after that blew over :/
  14. Where to find Bavarian school syllabus for year 4

    https://www.km.bayern.de/ministerium/schule-und-ausbildung/lehrplaene.html   This is helpful if you can read German. 
  15. You will have to pay the extra fee for applying at your new residence. And also have to do the paperwork. I did my theory, first aid, and eye sight test in Frankfurt, but then I moved to Munich. My theory test still counted, but I had to reapply at the Amt and with a new driving school. I then did a few lessons (I didn’t have to do classes), so I was able to get a feel for the exam. Then I did my practical in Munich. Unless you like tons of extra paperwork, I’d just wait the four months. Maybe start studying for the theory now (not sure if you have to do classes or not; I had already been driving for 20 years, so I didn’t need the classes).