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  1. What are you cooking today?

    Thank you everyone! I actually figured out how to link it through Imgur. They moved the button.    Let me try it with what I made tonight. French onion soup with an Appenzeller/Gruyère cheese mix. I didn’t have any wine in the house (Sober October challenge), so I used a splash of white wine vinegar with an equal splash of water. I prefer the wine more.       
  2. What are you cooking today?

    I made braised oxtail over egg noodles the other day.    Trying to post an image, but it won’t work.   Here’s the link:   https://imgur.com/a/8AnbquI   And if anyone can fill me in on how to post an image, that would be great! 
  3. 3G in Restaurants?

    I have been to a few places in Munich for indoor dining and they have only checked my QR code on my phone. These are small places. I went to Kennedy’s the other day and they checked my ID as well. That was the first time they matched the ID to my phone. It was kind of crowded there and I think the guy at the door said I didn’t have to wear my mask.    My work is now asking for proof of a vaccination. 
  4. Divorce while one party is outside Germany

    If your wife in in Germany and you have been living outside of Germany for two years, I think she would need to file because she fits the residency requirements. Not sure, though. I’d ask a German lawyer that specializes in family law. There is a divorce link on Toytown somewhere, just search.    Are you sure it’s easier in Germany? 
  5. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    I got a call from them again the other day. She just kept reading off the script, so I told her to get to the point and that I know she was reading a script. She then told me, “get lost, idiot.” 🤣
  6. American-German Dual Citizenship for Child

      Uh, that’s pretty much what I said. If the child is a US citizen, they have to file taxes when they get older, so the OP should consider that. I don’t know why you said FYI. 
  7. How to resign!

    What does your contract say? It usually is 3 months in written form. 
  8. Politics Gen XYZ

    What happened to all the other threads on this board? 
  9. What will my US car need for TÜV?

      Well, yeah, that’s true. I’m in Munich and I do take trips in lower Bavaria, so I need winter tires. 
  10. What will my US car need for TÜV?

    It’s a 2011 car. Do yourself a favor and sell it and buy here. TUeV will have a field day with it.    I’m going to guess that TUeV will require like 2000 (possibly more) in repairs. The big thing is the exhaust system and emissions. This is just a guess remember. Then you will have to probably pay more in tax because it is a big car. You will also need winter and summer tires. Plus shipping and customs. 
  11. American-German Dual Citizenship for Child

      I am not a lawyer, so I can’t give any legal advice. I have heard about choosing when they are 18, though. I have no experience with it. This wiki has a bit about it, I think: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jus_sanguinis. It is wiki, though, so it isn’t legal advice. You can look for a lawyer here: https://anwaltauskunft.de/magazin#ls-extended   That being said, think about where you plan to live in the future because the children will have to file a US tax return if they are a citizen. You may also need the tax reduction for your US taxes. 
  12. English-speaking driving schools in Munich

      Just take the test in manual and make your life easier. 
  13.   LOL. Can you imagine how long it would take them to get Oyster card style booths???    I see you are in Munich and Sendlinger Tor Ubahn and above has taken years….. Marienplatz took a long time as well. 
  14. They are 14,60 now. I just looked at mine and it has the date up top now. Previous years had the upper spot bigger. They almost never examine the whole card. Show them the stamp and it’s folded over and they can’t see the top. I don’t think I have used an out of date card, though. 
  15. The first time I had student housing and stayed with a friend for one night. The other time the job had an apartment. Isn’t the job offering you something?