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  1. Registration without living

      If you register him at your address, won’t he have to pay health insurance? 
  2. The replies on this thread are meant to be constructive. I wouldn’t call it entitled, but rather you are stuck in victim mentality. I get it. I went through a really rough divorce. Everything seems to be so unfair.    But going to the press isn’t going to solve your problem. It’s better that you use your energy to solve your immediate problem. I really suggest you get a social worker. They have so much access to help you can get. 
  3. Have you gone to your local Jobcenter and asked for a social worker? I highly suggest talking to a social worker. They are there for people who have too much going on. They would really help you out right now. 
  4. 3G in Restaurants?

      Ok, J2. No one is talking boosters. Stop trying to deflect from the fact that you are an asshole. A racist sexist asshole. 
  5. 3G in Restaurants?

    It touched a nerve because he is a fucking racist. 
  6. 3G in Restaurants?

      Again, you are being racist and sexist right now. I don’t care if you are a Muslim or not. Your ignorance is showing. Learn about other cultures.    Shall we talk about your harassment on these boards towards women? Messaging them over and over again. Fuck off.    Shame that tax dollars were wasted on you in hospital to treat you when you had Covid. 
  7. 3G in Restaurants?

      LOL at “fucking ignorant.” It’s a Niqab, not a Burka. Your racism is showing.   
  8. Own gas contract while renting?

      Yeah, it just seemed like one more thing I would have to be doing. I really don’t use heat in the winter time. I am always warm. If I ever get cold, I just put a sweater on. I love winter and hate summer.    I’ve always gotten money back from my Nebenkosten. 
  9. Own gas contract while renting?

    Haha. I’m still finishing out my Kündigungsfrist in Munich. 
  10. Own gas contract while renting?

      Yeah, I called up the local Stadtwerke twice and both times they said the same thing: 300 per month until the end of the year and then it evens out in January. Then the landlord got upset and said that was wrong. I really have no room in my budget for surprises like this. I’m actually kind of annoyed that the landlord wouldn’t leave me alone all afternoon after I said I am no longer interested. 
  11. Own gas contract while renting?

      Yes, I thought so, too, but the Stadtwerke is saying I have to pay it up front for this winter and I can’t afford that much with all the other moving costs I am encountering.    Also, I am a bit freaked out that the water is heated with electricity…
  12. Own gas contract while renting?

      It’s normal in the small town I am looking at. In fact, people told me it was too expensive. 
  13. Own gas contract while renting?

    I am currently apartment hunting and my budget is 800 warm rent.    I thought I found a nice place at 81 m2 and with 3 rooms. The landlord lives there. 10 mins from work. They wanted 585 cold with 85 for Nebenkosten. However, not included in the Nebenkosten was heating. The landlord expected me to get my own contract or take his over. I called up the local Stadtwerke and was told it would be 300 a month for October, November, and December and then it would even out in January. I would just have to pay more upfront because I would be a new customer and it’s winter. In addition, the water is electric heating and not gas heating.    I decided against the apartment because it is not in my budget, especially with the electric heating of water. I did not sign anything. I told the landlord I was not interested in an SMS after looking over the contract. Now he is calling me telling me Stadtwerke is wrong and it will only be 180 a month.    Now, I’m starting to doubt my decision. It just doesn’t seem normal that I would have to get my own gas contract.   ETA: This is in the area of Leipzig, hence why it is so cheap.  
  14. Minimizing cost of divorce without applying for legal support

      I wouldn’t be surprised if he is doing this, so he can file first in Hungary to make things even more difficult for her.    He can contest the divorce, and then it will take up to 3 years. By that time, the court orders a divorce.    She also said that her ex says he has no income, but she she thinks he does. That is important info.    She says they have no assets? But surely there must be a pension or something?   It’s time OP sees a lawyer. There is no cheap way to do this. They could perhaps get the same lawyer, but that lawyer can only truly represent one of you.    OP— see a lawyer!
  15. Minimizing cost of divorce without applying for legal support

      You have to pay. There is no way around this. You entered into a marriage contract. This is the way out. I am not a lawyer.    You have to pay the government cost of the assistance back anyway. Might as well do that. What do you mean the fees are based on how much you earn? There is a standard lawyer fee that the lawyer should follow. There is a way you can pay more (Honorarvereinbarung) and get more from the lawyer, but people who have money do that sort of thing.    I assume you are past the one year mark? Just go to a lawyer, file for legal assistance, and file for divorce. They will then go into the Streitwert (this is based on assets— not how much you earn). Pensions are included in this. Don’t cheap out on that. The Streitwert then determines what the final cost will be.    By taking out Prozesskostenhilfe, you are obligated to report to them if your money situation changes by 100 in any given month. You cannot get this help if you have more than 5,000 in the bank. They will want access to your bank account and expenses (rent, etc.). I don’t know what your rent situation is, but if they see that you are making 1,500 a month, they may very well turn you down. You are expected to change your situation immediately (social housing, for example) instead. I have been through the Prozesskostenhilfe. It’s not fun.    There is no way around this. You have to pay. It’s not pretty.    I would suggest seeing a lawyer ASAP. They charge a standard rate for a consultation. There is no way of getting out of it quickly if you don’t have money. That’s not the way it works here.    https://www.toytowngermany.com/wiki/Divorce_in_Germany