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  1. More landlord troubles (kleinreparaturen)

        Thanks! I’ll go to the Mieterverein next week or call them.    I have tried keeping the peace. At this point, it is out the window. She has said some really awful, untrue things about me behind my back and to my face. The worst was that she implied I’m a slut because I have so many men around. She didn’t say it directly like that, but the way it was written it was phrased that way. FTR, I don’t have too many men around. The two that she is talking about are my ex-husband and my now boyfriend. That has been in the span of three years. 
  2. I posted last year about having a problem with my landlord and repairs being made. I’m sure you can search my name and see that post.    Background: Landlord hates me and wants me out because she says I don’t make enough money to live there (I pay the rent on time, so no problems with money there). She has been this way since I got my divorce. She lives below me (I know this is not good now).    I have been to the Mieterverein about her before and this problem actually comes from last year. I have contacted them again, but they are a bit slow to reply to emails.   The door to my balcony is strange and I have had problems with it since day 1. It’s even on the Protokolle. They have fixed it about 3 times since I have lived here (6 years). Usually the landlord’s husband comes up and fixes it with WD-40 or something. Last year they sent an actual repairman. It is broken again. It’s one of those doors that you turn the handle and the door pulls out and slides and you can get on the balcony. It won’t close properly now and that lets cold air in. I got it to close for now, but I can’t use my balcony at the moment. It isn’t a problem with the handle, but there is a piece of metal that has disconnected from the sliding mechanism on the track.    Since the live below me, they heard me having trouble with closing the door two days ago (when it broke). She comes rushing up the next morning with a copy of the bill from last year (101 Euros) and a copy of my contract. She says to call the number on the bill and get the door fixed and that I’m responsible for it because of the clause in my contract. The clause says that I am responsible for: “Elektrizität, Wasser und Gas, Heiz und Kocheinrichtungen, Fenster- und Tuerverschluesse sowie der Verschlussvorrichtungen von Fensterläden zu tragen, soweit die Kosten fuer die einzelne Reparatur 125 Euros und der dem Mieter dadurch entstehende jährliche Aufwand 6% der Jahresbruttokaltmiete nicht übersteigt.”   I have read that the highest is 120 that she can write on the contract, so that would make this clause not good, but I’m not sure. Also how am I responsible for the sliding mechanism of the door? I get that doorknobs are included, but if the actual door won’t close because of something on the track hinge thingy, how am I responsible for that? Especially when it has been a problem for years.    She also said that they fixed the things that turn the heat on and that I am responsible for that. It’s a thing on the wall that you use to turn the floor heating on. If it doesn’t click, then no heat goes on. At least one breaks once a year (I don’t know how because I barely turn the heat on). I complained that my Rollladen haven’t been fixed and I have asked for over a year. She says I’m responsible for that. The motor isn’t working correctly on 4 of them.    Last week the pipe to washing machine was leaking and she told me that I am not allowed to use my washing machine until I get it fixed. She says that it completely floods the Keller. This had been the first I heard of it. I went down to check it out and ran a short cycle and stayed down there. The leak was coming from the pipe that connects my hose to the pipe on the wall. It was nothing from my machine. I showed the landlord’s husband and he said I was correct and he fixed it for me. I sent a text to the landlady thanking her and said that that was the first time that had happened and I did not flood the Keller. As you can tell, she exaggerates A LOT.    Last week she had someone check the smoke detectors and there was no notice of it anywhere. So at 8AM someone is at my door (work in the evenings, so this was annoying). Someone downstairs was playing the piano at 6.30AM. I have been patient with the piano for 6 years as it usually during the correct hours, but sometimes it is quite a bit on Sundays. And then she said that my footmat by the entrance is too dirty and it’s causing dirt all over the hallway. It’s normal. There are a few specks on it from outside, but it’s normal. There is also an apartment above me that uses the hallway.    I’m so sick of this woman. Her coming up and ringing my doorbell, her picking at every little thing, etc. It’s really wearing me down. I’m in no position to move right now, so that isn’t an option. She also hasn’t raised the rent since I have been here. My ex-husband’s name is still on the contract, and I have no idea where he is (Australia somewhere), so I don’t even know how she would notify him.    Anyway, thanks for reading this long vent.    Is the clause in my contract good? Am I responsible for the balcony door? And all the other things? 
  3. US Citizens travelling to the EU starting 2021

    Is this just for tourists? I have residency in Germany. 
  4. Residing in Germany yet divorcing elsewhere?

    You can only get divorced in the US if you live there and meet the residency requirements of the state that you want to file in. It probably won’t work and you’ll have to file here. It doesn’t matter where you were married. 
  5. I am already a member of the Mieterverein, but they can’t help me with this one issue because I would need a family lawyer, which I have but I am not ready to pay for yet until I save some money. Landlord lives below me, grrr. Thought I would come here to ask if anyone has had experience with this.    ExH and I got divorced last year. Both of our names are on the contract. He no longer lives in Germany. After the divorce was finalized, both our lawyers instructed us to send a registered letter to the landlord saying that because of 1568 we would like to continue the lease with my name, which the landlord has rejected. Her lawyer said that an exception to 1568 is that the court never said that I can have the lease in my name and the court only said that the divorce was granted. The lawyer further added that this lease in my name is a private matter between my ex and me and it has nothing to do with my landlord. Therefore, she will not take his name off the lease.    I know that all parties have to agree, but my lawyer said that with 1568 the landlord does not have a leg to stand on. Ex and I have no more contact.    I have paid the rent on time since ex and I agreed to. At one point both of us were splitting the rent, but he decided to just stop paying his part and didn’t tell me one month. I then started paying it on my own on time. The landlord has refused to take his name off the mailbox and doorbells, which has caused problems for me because I got his mail (collection notices) delivered to me. The Mieterverein said that I can cover them up and notified her by letter that I am allowed to do this. I covered his name up on both doorbells and mailbox, but she took the cover off on one doorbell. I then took his name off as instructed. I have yet to hear about that one as the landlord has been away. The landlord has tried everything to get me out of this apartment (in a previous thread somewhere). I have been looking, but it’s difficult because I am a freelancer. TBH, I like this apartment and my bf stays with me a bit, but not 6 weeks in a row at any time. She seems to think he is my Mitbewohner and that I am subletting, but that isn’t the case and he has never been here continuously for 6 weeks or more. The most is usually M-F, depending on his work schedule in Munich.    What does the landlord gain by having my ex’s name on the lease if he isn’t even in the country and no longer a resident at this address? The landlord has said many nasty things about me in letters and text.    Thanks.    ETA: After looking through emails with my divorce lawyer, she said that since we both sent letters, and that means that the contract is automatically continued with me. That just doesn’t sound right.   
  6. Bulky waste disposal

    Put it on eBay Kleinanzeigen and list it for free. You will have it gone in hours. You can try to sell, but it seems you want to throw it out. I got rid of an old bed frame, a mattress, and sheets for that bed within two hours on eBay Kleinanzeigen. Apparently it’s a big business in Eastern Europe or something. 
  7. English-speaking dentists in Munich

      Yeah, no. A dentist shouldn’t make you cry and tell you how bad your teeth are; she was not understanding at all. And they aren’t bad. I brush them like I should. Some people just have it in their genes. The dentist I go to now makes me feel good and said they really aren’t that bad.   And if a dentist refuses treatment, do you really think any problems will get better? That’s like someone being diagnosed with an illness and being told go home and come back when you are better. I wouldn’t want to be told that by a doctor! I would have been really upset at my last mammo if I was told, oh you have a lump (which I did) and then they refused to check it out and told me come back if it gets worse. Sorry, but no. It’s their job to help people. 
  8. stairwell terror

    Exercising on the stairs is strange. If you need special exercises for steps, then buy one of those step things they use at gyms. Then you can use it in your own space.    5.30 in the morning?! That doesn’t fit in with noise ordinances. I’d be angry if someone was outside my door making noise early in the morning, too. I wouldn’t film you, but I’d probably go to my landlord to complain about you.