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  1. The "UP Side" of Quarantine

      Do you have a good recipe for that (I’ll use white)? I like the way they make it here. It isn’t too thick. Is that what your recipe is like?    Spargel Zeit is not even going to really be here this year. I always treat myself to a nice Spargel meal out every spring. It’s expensive, but I do it anyway. Won’t be doing that this year. I then do it on my own usually. 
  2. Coronavirus

      Thinking of yours in Westchester.    Thanks for the article. LIke it says, Trump was a big donor to Mario and the Democratic Party so he could get by with his real estate. And it worked. But now Trump has this entitlement that because he donated so much that Andrew should just do what he is told. He was a donor to the Clintons as well.    Trump doesn’t seem to realize that his money will not save him this time. 
  3. Coronavirus

    @fraufruit   I thank God for Cuomo. My whole family is in NY (NYC and LI area) and I’m so happy that at least he is in charge. There is a lot of history between Trump and the Cuomos and so much backstory that it gets muddled up in what they really should be doing—leading. Cuomo is doing his job, but Trump is just being vindictive. I wonder if it would have been different if it were Mario and not Andrew. 
  4. The "UP Side" of Quarantine

    I have cleaned out a lot of stuff that has been on my list. I have so many papers (freelance English teacher) and I let them pile up for an embarrassing amount of time. I have a desk that I never used because I always did my work on the dining table. That desk is now cleaned off and ready for my online teaching this semester (that’s daunting in itself, but at least they didn’t completely shut down the universities).    I have learned to be really resourceful with food prep and going through my pantry to use stuff up.    I also haven’t been drinking as much, so I’m really happy about that.    Just general things around the house.    I have also been a homebody to begin with and I always felt bad about it and lazy. Now it seems normal, lol. 
  5. Coronavirus

     Ah that worked! Facepalm.
  6. Coronavirus

    Can’t read the article— pay wall.
  7. Coronavirus

      I don’t know where I saw it. I think it was an NBC live stream. NBC is OK, not as bad as Fox, so hopefully it wasn’t fully true. If I come across it again, I’ll send a link. I’ve read so many articles, but I usually check for bias. 
  8. Coronavirus

      I think it will be at least 2, at least. I read something about a second wave that other countries have been experiencing (not reinfection). I hope this is one of those Coronaviruses that doesn’t do well in warm weather. Saw something about a study someone did with four different Coronaviruses didn’t do well in warm weather conditions and one did OK in warm weather. Not sure the sample size is big enough for it, but I’m pretty sure scientists aren’t really sure what kind this is.    I wish they would get the supermarket problem sorted out. I have enough things as I am one person, but eventually I’m going to need more. I did not hamster kauf at all, I just tend not to eat when I’m very stressed. Like I had a half bag of nuts and a small slice of pizza all day yesterday.    They are going to have to do something. Wuhan set up times that people could order their food and pick it up (delivery would be better). I would be more than willing to do that, order it and have it delivered a few days or a week later. This way they can get caught up. They would have to ration as well probably. 
  9. Coronavirus

      Yes, I believe the testing part is *now* free, but it wasn’t free if it was negative (something like a bill for 1000). It does seem like they are doing a lot of testing there now (at least in NY). I saw a video of people lined up for tests, but it didn’t look like proper social distancing, ugh.    I don’t think they are doing enough testing here. I read on the health website that they will only test you  if you have symptoms and have been exposed to someone with it. But maybe that has changed. Our death number still looks low to me, but I think I read (maybe on here) that has to do with how the death certificates are filled out.   
  10. Coronavirus

    @lisa13   I didn’t mean it as a bad thing, and I have said that I didn’t mean to offend him. I can’t take back what I wrote, so this is the best that I can do.    I am not singling him out. He just happened to be one post that I quoted.    I honestly meant it as OK, you sound like a good landlord, so don’t turn bad. That was all. 
  11. Unpaid leave during COVID-19 crisis

      Ok I just reread this, and I don’t think their excuse is silly. You have to inform your employer of vacations, especially for health insurance purposes.   At one of my contract jobs that I had here, it was quite cushy. In between semesters you were able to work from home, but technically, you were supposed to be in the office. Some universities require that you come in during semester breaks, and some are lenient about it.    Anyway, I told my boss I was going X country skiing during a break and asked her if I needed to file for vacation time (she was very lenient). She said in that case I would have to because if I fell and something happened, it would create an insurance mess.    But again, I’m not a lawyer. 
  12. Coronavirus

      I don’t mean to offend you, but if you do a search on landlords in Germany, there are many, many reports of bad landlords. There are bad tenants, too. But when you have a good tenant who pays the rent and doesn’t cause many problems, being treated like crap by a landlord sucks. 
  13. Coronavirus

      Hopefully you won’t call them a whore because their boyfriend stays over, knock on their door often, and play other psychological tricks to get them out. This has all happened to me, so I expect the crazy to increase. 
  14. Coronavirus

      You must be one of the good landlords then. My experience with landlords in Germany (2 of them) has been hell. One did the standard let me try to take your Kaution when I moved out. The current one is giving me all sorts of problems. I wouldn’t put it past her to raise the rent soon. 
  15. Coronavirus

    @Keleth Can’t quote you sorry, but yeah, I don’t think they will raise rents *right* now, but when things start getting back to normal they will. There needs to be a rent freeze put in place for a good 1-2 years. Hopefully they are working on that.