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  1. Nikon D60 DSLR house only (no lens) 115€ (ONO)

    Bump. I can negotiate a better price if needed.
  2. Rowenta Air purifier

    Bump. I can negotiate a better price if needed. 
  3. Apartment problems/Landlord

      What? How am I suppposed to control the other person and how they react to a divorce? It’s messy. He’s also a lawyer and never divorce a lawyer. I have tried to be amicable and even my lawyer says that he is making it very difficult- in fact suing me for harassment, which did not happen, and he lost the court case for that. Then he wouldn’t pay the court fees and that’s when the Mahnungs started. I was advised that I am not to open his mail by my lawyer. I didn’t even want the divorce at first. This was his idea. If you only knew the extent of what I endured (things that there are no excuses for in a any relationship, you know one of those things where they say to leave, but it’s hard to leave), maybe you would a clue. So don’t sit here and say that I could have prevented what I went through.    If you ever have the unfortunate experience going through a messy divorce, then get back to me.    Until then, stay on topic. I’m not going to waste my time with someone like you. I came here for advice about my landlord. 
  4. Apartment problems/Landlord

      You act like I don‘t know how to be an adult. I am an adult, thank you very much. When someone leaves with all the paperwork and you are not allowed to open letters addressed to them, then what do I do? You seem to be one sandwich short of a picnic.    I‘ve been able to deal with a few things, but getting bills for stuff that I didn‘t pay for comes under another topic. Also getting bills for services I did not use is not really fair.    I‘ve already mentioned the Mieterverein and that‘s in the thread. stick to the thread and stop trolling. 
  5. Apartment problems/Landlord

      Ah, what?   We both paid the bills. He did the paperwork. We both contributed monetarily to the household. Stop being so sexist and redpill.    When someone leaves you to deal with all the bills, then get back to me. Until then, you can go away. 
  6. Apartment problems/Landlord

      Wow. I can‘t believe what you post. It‘s not odd and I hope you never have to go through a divorce, so please shut your trap. When someone leaves you and leaves you in a foreign country with the fact that he stole paperwork and refuses to answer you, then maybe you will understand. Why I should be paying for his bills when the ex left? I could go further into the reasons why he left, but that is none of your business.    The bills were all in his name. He did not pay them; he skipped town. He did the paperwork in our relationship, which he stole. The landlady doesn‘t want to renew my contract because he was a lawyer and made a lot of money.    I‘m doing the best I can, thank you very much.  Yes, we are still married, but if you understand how German law works in divorce, then you can come back at me troll.  
  7. Apartment problems/Landlord

      My landlady said she will not do a contract in my name because I do not make 6000 netto per month.    Going to Mieterverein next week. 
  8. Apartment problems/Landlord

        They are not. Please read over what you are saying.
  9. Apartment problems/Landlord

        I just shot her off an email asking about this. I don‘t want to ask his lawyerin because I don‘t want too much in writing with his lawyerin. He has already tried to sue me for defamation for something I posted on FB. He lost and then I got a bill for his court costs (addressed to him), which I did not open. My lawyerin said the best thing is to collect all the letters and mail them to him in Australia and then request a bill for postage. That‘s all I can do.    I have sent him screenshots of the envelopes.    It‘s just a pain.    I‘m venting. I‘m sorry. But I would like to thank all of you all for your responses. They have been helpful and I have learned a lot. I‘m going out for a nice beer with friends tonight. I‘m going to relax and enjoy. 
  10. Apartment problems/Landlord

      I could, but there is no room really. It is also two hours away from my job in Munich. 
  11. Apartment problems/Landlord

      Yes, I have somewhat talked about it with my lawyer-in. The thing is that I am not allowed to open his mail. Ex said that I can open his mail, but I‘d rather not take that chance. I just know that the letters I get say Mahnung on the outside. I have tried my best to send emails to the return address after searching on the Internet. It‘s exhausting.    The latest is a bill for what I believe to be the winter tire storage. I called up BMW and addressed this, but they said that it may come down to the fact that I have to pay.   
  12. Apartment problems/Landlord

      BF has offered to pay for a new key and even gave his Hauptversicherung or whatever that insurance is called. We went down there peacefully and said that insurance will pay for it. She said it was a security concern because the key was lost. She said she wanted to get the locks changed and she refuses to give me further keys. My ex lost his key and the key they had replaced doesn‘t work correctly. There are three keys in total. I only have one key that works and the other only works half way. This was months ago that I put in the insurance claim. Still nothing.    That‘s interesting that you say that if his name is taken off the mailbox, then he (ex) is still liable for costs. I have asked a few times to get his name taken off because I keep getting ex‘s Mahnungs. Like I said he just left and doesn‘t want to take care of his debts. I‘ll get further info from the Mieterverein. I sent her one last response and said I‘ll be in contact with a lawyer. That‘s the best I can do with this situation right now, as uncomfortable as it is. 
  13. Apartment problems/Landlord

     What is your point here deadsoul? I don’t get how you are connecting the two quotes you have above.    I don’t want his name taken off because then I will have no place to live until I am secure in finding something. My landlord refuses to give me a new contract. Since all three parties (landlord, me, ex) need to give permission that the lease is changing, then I wouldn’t have anywhere to live until I get a new apartment. 
  14. Apartment problems/Landlord

      To answer the above.    The key to the flat was one of those ones that works for the main door and my door. You know those expensive ones. Is that a problem?   I’m getting my butt asap to the Mieterverein. I just realized that it expired, so I renewed it this week.    Ex and I are both on the contract. The divorce has been super messy. I refuse to take his name off the contract because I do not want to be responsible for things legally.    I’ve taken on board the things I need to talk to about lack of heating in one room and the balcony door. I’ll see what the Mieterverein says. I know my LL is trying to push me around. I’m not even sure if I am going to respond to her last message for a while. I mean at least until I see someone at the Mieterverein.    Can I get money off my rent for the heating not working and the balcony door not working?
  15. Apartment problems/Landlord

      Thank you for that. He doesn’t have a name on the mailbox, and he has never stayed continuously for 6 weeks. I think the most was a month, but he went to visit his family on the weekends. I don’t know how it could be proven that he has lived here for 6 weeks +.    I did mention to her that I was getting help (financially from family and friends). This is when I was friendly with my landlord. But help can mean many different things. This is also when I was doing very badly; I’m much better now.    She really does not like my bf. I have no idea why. I think because I will ask questions and bring him as my translator. I don’t think she likes that very much at all.